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Frank Scott, a wealthy American, crashes his plane into the Caribbean. His two teenaged sons, Karl and David, survive, only to find themselves castaways on Dinotopia. Karl and David are constantly at odds, even as they struggle to adjust to life in their strange new world where talking dinosaurs live side by side in an uneasy alliance with humans.
Based upon the book series and the TV miniseries.
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  • great aventure on a island where man and dinosaur's living together.different world with great adventure and cute dinosaur's

    omg this was great! my children and family love the dinotopia we would love to see more and have it back on tv everyday :0) lovely fantasy and aventure all in one with great cast and story lines,we love the dinos big and small,really cute little ones :0)we sad to not see it on tv here now in the uk all the people i know here loves it and would love for it to be back!just an excitment joy to watch and cant wait for the next episode's would be great to have a come back here in the ukmoreless
  • Dinotopia is a tale of two brothers,Karl and David Scott,that got stranded on an uncharted island where dinosaurs and humanslive in harmony,but despite this the magical sun stones that power dinotopia are dieing.So they must go to the World Beneath.moreless

    Dinotopia is a fabulous movie.It's very action packedand at times can be quite scary,but that makes it all the better.Altough it is a fantsy[I'm guessing here with the fantsy thing,well you know]it could easly be believed that there really was a Dinotopia.wouldn't the little kids love that.

    There is one thing that really brings Dinotopia to life-the special effects[i mean have you seen them!!!!!!!!].The dinosaurs look really real.the actors really acted in with it and it lookedlike the dinos were really there,if you know what I mean.the noises the dinosaurs are really[have I said really too much]well realalistic and fabulous.moreless
  • Welcome to Dinotopia....O wait you have never heard of this place? Don't wory your not alone.

    Welcome to Dinotopia....O wait you have never heard of this place? Don't wory your not alone. So Scott, David, and Carol crash from a storm into an uncharted island in the ocean. This place is Dinotopia. There is people living side by side with real life dinosores. But this place is far from perfect there are outsiders led by Le Sage and there are sunstones that keep them safe. Dinotopia is a place that does not modernize to keep peace and this make them happy. I have not mentioned one thing...there is no way home.(At least that anyone is willing to tell the new boys.)moreless
  • Dinotopia was on of the best new shows....

    Dinotopia was one of the shows that you could watch once and get hooked on right away. It was about 2 teenagers who get stranded on an Island where dinosours and humans co exist in harmony will for the most part.The two teens got stranded there because there father was flying in a storm and they crashed. They in up being found by a young woman that helps them to get to her city. They also meet up with a mysterous man who manages to get the boys trust but in the end he betrayes them and ends up getting hiom self killed. So in the end the boys find there day on gets the girl and the other get the hachery where the dino eggs are keptmoreless
  • A beautiful concept...

    The concept of the show and the story is just amazing. I would have been satisfied just looking at those beautiful dinosaurs without a good storyline, but the concept of the world of Dinotopia is just beautiful. It's a place I'd sure like to visit! Everything was nicely thought of, the only thing I gotta say as a negative is that I absolutely couldn't stand the two main guys.. It's like they were competing which one was more annoying! Thought I'd go for the ungrateful one that wanted to leave, but still, the rest of it was great. And the lead female role was sort of nice. All in all, a great Dinosaur show.moreless

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