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This animated series, a mix of traditional 2-D cel animation for the human characters, and 3-D computer generated animation for the Dino-warriors themselves, was produced by the Japanese animation studio Sunrise (who also produced Mobile Suit Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne and many, many more) in 2000. The original Japanese version of the DinoZaurs toyline was called Dinozone, and was first released in Japan in November 1998 by Bandai. The original version of the storyline had the heroic Dinosoldiers fighting the evil Deatheaters for possession of the Earth's life-force. The original series was written by Yasuko Kobayashi (I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, Yu-Gi-Oh!), Shin Koshida and Hiroaki Kitajima (Escaflowne) from a story by Hajime Yatate. The show also had its 3-D creatures designed by Kunio Okawara (Gatchaman, Betterman, Brave Series, Gundam, L-Gaim, SPT Layzner, Tekkaman, Votoms) and was directed by Kiyoshi Fukumoto. In early 1999, Bandai announced that the line would be brought over to the U.S. and renamed DinoZaurs. The U.S. version portrayed the heroic Dino Knights (prehistoric warriors given the power to transform by the ancients) led by Dino Tyranno (although his U.S. toy name was Dino T-Rex), waging a battle to destroy the evil forces of the Dragozaurs, led by the maniacal Diamond Ryugu. In the U.S. (and Japan), the show was seen as a natural rival to the more famous Hasbro/Takara toyline of Beast Wars: Transformers, resulting in a watered-down replay of the rivalry between Bandai's Go-Bots and the original Transformers in the mid-1980s. The T.V. show began broadcasting in mid-2000, but was pulled from the schedules later that year, resulting the last six episodes being unaired in the U.S. These remaining episodes have however been aired several times on Fox Kids in the U.K., and in a few other countries.moreless