Season 1 Episode 19

Dino Ictheo In A Pinch

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 17, 2000 on FOX

Episode Recap

Dino Tyranno senses that the Dragozaurs are under the ocean surface, and he, Tricera, along with the Dino Weapons go there to find out what is going on. There, they fight a few Dragozaurs along with Drago Wing, when suddenly Dino Ictheo appears and drives off the Dragozaurs' remaining forces with her skill. Dino Arch instantly develops a rivalry with and a crush on Dino Ictheo. The next day, Kaito and Rena are sent by Tyranno to look for Arch, who has vanished. They find him carving an image of Theo into a mountain face, and so they tell Theo about how Arch feels about her. She tells the kids that Arch can impress her by obtaining a ruby from an island volcano. The rest of the Dino Weapons assist Arch in his quest, while Kaito and Rena explore the island. On the beach, they discover two large objects and speculate that they could be spaceships. The discover that they are in fact floats for Dragozaurs so that they can practice fighting in the water against Theo. Their secret training base discovered, the Dragozaurs attempt to stop Kaito and Rena from telling the Dino Knights. Dino Ictheo appears and with the Dino Weapons' help, tries to fend off Drago Wing and his Dragozaurs.
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