Dirk Gently

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Monday 11:55 PM Mar 12, 2012 on BBC Four
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Episode 2

Dirk accepts a job with his college professor, who needs a holistic security consultant. The partners are hired to protect the professor's high-tech humanoid robot, but when it's stolen and a man is murdered, Dirk and Richard are wanted as the prime suspects.

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    • Dirk: I've let you down before, Professor. If there was a God, which we as men of science surely cannot accept, I would swear to him that I will not fail you again.

    • Dirk: You haven't seen a robot, have you?
      Susan: A robot?
      Dirk: Yeah, she's white, black eyes, about 5'5", strangely erotic. Answers to the name of Elaine.

    • Professor Jericho: You've found her?
      Dirk: Not exactly.
      Professor Jericho: Either you have or you haven't.
      Dirk: I would have thought a scientific mind such as your own would accept there is often a gray area in-between...

    • Dirk: I feel I may have us look extremely guilty.
      Richard: Well, we should go back and explain, tell her it wasn't us.
      Dirk: The problem is not that we fled the crime scene. It's just that we haven't fled it fast enough. There's been a deficit of fleeing, which we must rectify immediately.

    • Richard: You believe him?
      Dirk: That the center is haunted, or that the real David Cho has gone to live with a homosexual homunculus in Humberside?

    • Dirk: When is a filing cabinet not a filing cabinet?
      Susan: This is bollocks.
      Dirk: Umm, I actually prefer the term, "applied quantum mechanics."

    • Jane: Oh, I don't have any money.
      Fish & Chip Shop Proprietor: What?
      Jane: I could write you an IOU.
      Fish & Chip Shop Proprietor: You taking the piss?
      Jane: What do you do in these situations?
      Dirk: I'm a firm believer that a proprietor of a chips shop has eaten far too many chips, thus hindering his athletic prowess.
      Fish & Chip Shop Proprietor: What you saying?
      Dirk: In layman's terms, what I'm saying is...
      Jane: Run?
      Dirk: Yeah.
      Fish & Chip Shop Proprietor: Hey!

    • Dirk: Coincidence can be a brutal thing.

    • Dirk: I met a young woman who I believe... rather likes me.
      Susan: She likes you? Is she mentally incapacitated in some way?

    • Jane: You think I'm a computer?
      Dirk: Our brains are made up of synapses. They're either open or close. Thoughts are merely ones and zeros. Consciousness itself is just a stream of binary code. You're not a computer. You're something new... and very special.

    • Susan: Susan: It's impossible. Elaine was brain-dead.
      Jane: You declare someone brain-dead when all they need is a little rewiring.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Filming location: St. Cedd College, Cambridge. The college was also the filming location for the Doctor Who episode "Shada," which was written by Douglas Adams and heavily influenced by his novel Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.