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Dirk Gently

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Monday 11:55 PM Mar 19, 2012 on BBC Four
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Episode Summary

Episode 3

When someone starts murdering his old clients, Dirk tries to leave the country rather than talk to the police. However, he can't resist taking the case of a woman who wants Dirk to find the stalker that is harassing her... who is Dirk himself.

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  • Not as good as the others

    If you make four episodes of a show, it doesn't seem impossible to make all four good, but that's not what happened here. Somehow the final episode went wrong. It's far less funny than the others, and it doesn't do nearly as good a job at bringing everything together as the other episodes did. It picks up towards the end, and has a couple of nice twists, but by the time it got to those I was already thoroughly bored.moreless
Jason Watkins

Jason Watkins

DI Gilks

Guest Star

Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

Janice Pearce

Guest Star

Lisa Dillon

Lisa Dillon

Melinda Fulstone

Guest Star

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  • QUOTES (13)

    • Richard: Sorry about that. Staff issues.
      Gilks: That's perfectly fine. She works for Gently, she deserves a medal.
      Janice: Thank you!

    • Richard: What are you looking for?
      Dirk: I have the strangest feeling the solution to this case is to be found on the beach of another country. Preferably one with no extradition treaty.

    • Richard: But what about... the business?
      Dirk: McDuff, I have taught you all I know about avoiding bills. It's time for my little bird to fly the nest.

    • Melinda: I mean, of course, there's always the worry that something about me put him off women for life.
      Dirk: Miss Fulstone, the idea that you could ever put a man off of intercourse with females is, frankly, ludicrous.
      Melinda: Oh, that's very sweet of you to say.
      Dirk: Mainly because sexual preference is now commonly held to be a genetic predisposition. Chances are he was never truly attracted to you in the first place. Or he could be bisexual.
      Melinda: Well, you've certainly given me a lot to think about.

    • Dirk: I mean for the last month, I have been secretly observing Miss Fulstone as part of a scientific experiment.
      Richard: You're the stalker?
      Dirk: I prefer the term "covert experimenter."

    • Gilks: Listen, Gently, you are many things. Many, many annoying and incompetent things. But you're not a killer. At least, not intentionally. I'm sure that your blithering ineptitude will kill someone one day, but, you know, not with this level of skill. This... is the work of a professional.

    • Richard: You know, I always wondered what it would take to get you to actually pay for something. I guess I now know. Broken finger and death threats from mobsters.
      Janice: They sound like my kind of people.
      Dirk: Thank you, Janice.

    • Richard: What are you doing now?
      Dirk: I'm trying to find a new cleaner. You've seen my place, it's a tip.
      Richard: People are dying. Maybe we should sort out that little problem first.
      Dirk: When a man loses sight of his carpet, he's no longer a man.

    • Gilks: Now, most people, they don't get a second chance like this, Gently. I implore you--please--mess it up.
      Dirk: I shall endeavor to disappoint you.

    • Gilks: Having a bit of a clear-out?
      Dirk: No, I'm--this is a feng shui approach I'm trying. Clear office, clear mind.
      Gilks: Clear bank account.

    • Dirk: You can't leave. I need you, McDuff.
      Richard: You need me?
      Dirk: No--that is to say, you--you are the grit around which the pearl of truth often forms. Your plain-speaking everyman perspective is a useful counterpoint...
      Richard: No, no, no, don't ruin it.
      Dirk: And you're--you're a very good sounding board for my more outlandish theories.
      Richard: You mean you think better when you're showing off.
      Dirk: See, there you go. Coming straight to the heart of the matter.

    • Dirk: Rosa Elchenko, hired assassin. Code name, "The Cleaner."
      Richard: Your cleaner's codename was "The Cleaner"?
      Dirk: I know. These cold-blooded killers, no imagination.

    • Dirk: A series of bizarre frauds have been committed by a man with extreme body odor. I suspect him of using pheromonal influence
      Richard: Pheromonal what-what?
      Dirk: Oh, come on, McDuff. Surely you're didn't tell me you didn't know about the power of pheromones? It's why most of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies don't wash.
      Richard: You're making this up.
      Dirk: No, listen, it's scientific fact. An unwashed armpit can make all the difference. Anywhere from a back-alley knife fight to a high-powered board meeting. It just gives that little extra edge.
      Richard: Well, it certainly explains your personal hygiene.
      Dirk: This isn't odor, McDuff, it's armor.
      Richard: It's certainly strong, I'll give you that.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Injoke: Dirk refers to his cleaner, Elena. Elena the cleaner is mentioned in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. However, Stephen Mangan pronounces it "uh-LANE-ah," while in the novel it is pronounced to rhyme with "cleaner."

    • Injoke: Dirk arrives for his date carrying a bottle of Abyssinian Maid wine. The Abyssinian Maid is a character in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's unfinished poem, Kubla Khan. As mentioned in Douglas Adams' novel Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. a time-traveling Dirk Gently is the one who interrupts Coleridge and his chain of thought, keeping him from finishing the poem.