Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

BBC America (ended 2017)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Nice Jacket
      Episode 10

      Dirk jumps through the portal to Blackwing so he can bring back The Boy to Wendimoor and restore order. Amanda removes herself and Todd from the pain of keeping the portal open and as she does they take a peek behind the curtain of reality. Friedkin has an existential crisis when he realizes he might be the villain. The Boy makes things right. Ken takes charge and spins a tale to put Blackwing back on track.

    • Trouble Is Bad
      Episode 9

      As Todd and the others run from Suzie and try to find a way into Blackwing, Panto and Silas are reunited. The Mage attempts to close the portal to Wendimor. Meanwhile, Ken tries to convince Bart to return to Blackwing, and Friedkin discovers that his gun isn't a gun.

    • 12/2/17

      Dirk convinces the Rowdy 3 and the Beast to help him rescue Amanda and Todd from execution. Meanwhile, Farah and Tina get a lead on the Mage's location from an entranced Bob.

    • This Is Not Miami

      As they find their way about in Wendimoor, Dirk's confidence continues to erode as he and Todd grapple with the unfriendly natives, deadly mix-ups and evil knights.

    • Girl Power
      Episode 6

      Amanda continues her training with Wakti Wapnasi and learns to control her reality using her attacks. The Rowdy Three pledge unquestioning allegiance to Amanda. Suzie Borten has her sights set on ruling as queen in Wendimoor even as The Mage questions his future. Ken takes charge to Mr. Priest's pleasant surprise. Mr. Priest's evil personality quirk comes in handy against Suzie's quest for "the boy". With Bart's assassin duties sidelined, Panto encourages her to find her own path rather than letting the universe decide her fate. The Cardenas house becomes key to finding Wendimoor.

    • 11/11/17

      Arnold, the missing son of the dead Cardenas couple, turns up at the diner that Dirk picks for breakfast. Meanwhile, Hobbs deputizes Farah, Amanda is tutored in her powers, and Suzie goes looking for Dirk.

    • 11/4/17

      Dirk makes several amazing discoveries in the Cardenas house. Meanwhile, Amanda and Vogel are captured and Amanda's powers come out. At the Boreton house, The Mage proposes a sinister deal to Suzie.

    • 10/28/17

      Dirk and the gang begin investigating the 40 year old missing persons case connected to the two dead bodies. Bart finds Dirk and the gang but when she conveys how she was assaulted, the investigation takes a new direction toward Suzie.

    • 10/21/17

      Dirk finds himself in the trunk of the car that Todd and Farah are investigating, and befriends the local sheriff. Meanwhile, Mr. Priest arrives at Blackwing, and Amanda tries to trigger a vision.

    • Space Rabbit
      Episode 1

      In the Season 2 premiere, Todd and Farah are on the run from the law and head to small town Bergsberg, Montana in search of Dirk. Mysteriously, Bart's search for Ken takes her to the same small town, where unexplainable events start occurring.

  • Season 1