Season 1 Episode 12

Caught On Tape

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2007 on FX

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  • Julia, the desperate

    It shouldn't have surprised me that Julie leaked the tape herself to push her career again. She was so desperate to get back in the public eye, she would have done anything. Did you see how desperate she was when she begged Lucy not to release the information?? God, she was really so desperate. But Lucy releases the story anyway - of course she does, because this way Holt will be free for her. At least I guess that's part of her motivation. Otherwise she would have gone for Julia's deal IMO.
    How will Holt react? I think he'll break up with Julia, but blame Lucy for it. If he stayed with Julia after all... well, he's an idiot, maybe he does.
  • The best episode so far - by far!

    Julia and Johnny Gage's sex tape is released onto the internet but who gave the tip off and why? Well, Johnny's comments on the news lead people to believe that Lucy leaked it except she didnt and assigns Willa to uncover the truth behind the mystery provocator. This episode turned out to be extremely fantastic what with it being Julia herself to release it - for popularity! She's right because it works as everyone begins to remember her name but Lucy finds out and Julia's pleas falls on deaf ears as she publishes the truth anyway and the episode closes with Julia's world crashing down on top of her. AndDon gets an unusual assignment which I didnt really understand...
  • I haven't written a review so far for Dirt but now I had to cos this was the BEST Episode of the entire Season. Excellent episode (I even bet the finale won't beat it)

    BEST Episode of the entire Season I say, Courtney Cox was amazing and this Lucy Spiller character is becoming legendary (great performance should land her a Golden globe nom). The entire episode was amazing, from top to bottom, the script, the acting-everything.

    I honestly believe the finale won't beat it but I hope it does. It seems like all of the main stories came to a conclusion in this episode, which would have made sense to end it here but with special guest star Jennifer Anniston in next weeks finale and the revelation of Lucy's stalker, it mite just top this episode.
    Bring on the Dirt!
  • Leakin' Lizards

    I've been a fan of Courteney Cox for almost 15 years now, and I always thought she was a capable, pretty-good actress. That was until Dirt came along, and I realized that she's one of the most powerful TV actors around. Like Julian McMahon on FX's other trash-fest Nip/Tuck, Cox has made what could have been an irritating, obnoxious character into somebody the audience completely roots for, and absolutely loves, despite their questionable actions.

    Lucy Spiller frackin' rocked it in Caught on Tape, and more so than any other episode. Cox completely puts across a woman who owns absolutely everything and everyone around her, and knows it. The one scene in this episode that proved that to me was when Julia was appearing on TV, blaming Lucy for the sex tape leak. Lucy's expression as she watched the TV screen was just plain awesome, and you just know she's going to calmly walk away and open up a can of kick-ass on the irritating nobody spouting crap about her. Lucy is, simply put, an amazing character, and can do no wrong in my eyes.

    Caught on Tape is probably my favorite episode of Dirt so far, with a tense storyline and continued character development that should lead up to an explosive finale. Julia's public meltdown was great to watch, and it was entertaining to see how low she will go to get media attention, as well as the fact that we as an audience all know something bad is gonna rear its head soon for her. Laura Allen still irritated (especially in the embarrassing "ohmigod, my career's ovah!!!" scenes), but Julia's quickly evolved into one of Dirt's most entertaining characters, a complete turn-around from the tedious scene-destroyer she was when the series first premiered.

    Meanwhile, Don's vision of a black-clad, ghostly Lucy proved to be one of the best visual images of the episode. Coupled with Marqui telling him that he needs to kill his boss, I literally cannot wait to see how all this unfolds next episode. If there was one tiny thing I disliked about this episode though, it was the appearance of disgusting fame-whore Perez Hilton. Considering he regularly trashes Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow on his site, I was surprised that Courteney Cox would give him time in the limelight, but thankfully his appearance was limited to one scene.

    Exhilarating from start to finish, and featuring both great performances and awesomely quotable dialogue, Caught on Tape just blew me away, and proved that Dirt is so deserving of another season. "You're about as useful to me as a third tit". Ha!! Classic...

    Director: Fred Keller
    Writer: Joel Fields
    Rating: A+
  • the sex tape is out in the open and Julia's responsible for it. bad idea to blame Lucy coz she does print out the truth eventually, she always does! Don is not doing well without his meds. what's next?

    this eppy was the best one so far. I mean dont get me wrong, I really enjoyed Holt&Lucy steamy hotness, I am definetly praising for more of them banging coz they look so good 2gether.
    But this eppy sets the tone and prooves once more that you dont mess with Lucy Spiller! she's tough, never afraid in her job at whatever celebs might say publicly and we just know by her ironic smile that she is up to something.
    but then, the stalker: wtf! with that man! we see Don taking picts of her; what's that supposed to mean? I have a small theory on this and just waiting for the finally to confirm or deny it!
    oh and yes, Holt, who still has not grown his pair back, and who is accusing Luc' and as always she tells him who he really is but he cant accept it. well he will have to come to his senses some day.
    this was a brilliant eppy, very dynamic, Lucy is not kidding and Courteney Cox Arquette is just amazing: she's never looked, acted, felt better in a part. Darkness is her stuff, she delivers a performance by going always further and she rise more each time.
    and God! what a stunner in the drop dead black gown!
    love DIRT (crossing finger for season 2), Love CCA!
  • Perez hilton is highlight of episode!(He's in it for 1 minute)

    This episode was a classic example of this show. If it wasn't the series finale next week I think I would have given up on this show a long time ago. Johnny Gage crying and going to rehab but do I care. The problem is that I feel no empathy towards any of the characters. Lucy is being stalked BOOHOO. As she said herself she has a $2000 a day security team minding her! Her brother is suddenly a straight man now? And his "girlfriend" hasn't spoken since he met her? I just don't get it.... However back to the review. Again Don stops taking his medication and starts seeing his hospitalised friend, even writing this review the episode feels boring!! Thank god next week is the last episode. P.S. nice Perez cameo kind of unnecessary but at least it livened it up a little!!
  • So Julia's tape of forced or consensual sex with Gage is on the net! & Lucy's punk brother's back toting a non-speaking girlfriend. That's right: girlfriend. Everything's easy-peasy. Something good comes of something bad…or so they say.

    The sex tape is leaked and fingers are pointing everywhere! Julia cries rape! Gage blames Lucy and DirtNow! Lucy seeks the truth, and Don's on a mission…

    As Julia begins to proclaim her innocence in and survival of the Rohypnol induced sex with Gage, she also publicly targets Lucy Spiller as a traitor to womanhood. And just like that (snaps her fingers), Julia's back on her horse again! Good shot, Julia.

    Don sees a vision of a coma-bound Marqui, who encourages Don to go off his meds in order to keep his edge for the story. What story? Lucy. So, accompanied by Marqui and his IV, Don's quite the man-about-town, ever diligent as always, in pursuit of the shot. And wakes to find himself on the floor at home with some kind of crazy tattoo. or is it? I can never really tell, with Don.

    Leo Spiller offers up some of the wisdom he gleaned at his recent refuge in some kind of commune: Wake Up, Lucy! maybe some of what's going on in your life is happening because of what *you* do! But Lucy's not really feeling it.

    As Lucy and Willa track down the real person who leaked the tape, they find a big ol' surprise: Julia! Julia pleads with Lucy to keep her secret so she can stay in the public eye in a positive way. But after Johnny Gage outs himself on TV as a former boytoy stripper-whore, which Lucy was previously holding over him, Lucy decides to take the high road (if such a thing exists in this business); having been called on her stance on the "truth", rather than vault up more potential blackmail for another DirtNow biatch, Lucy prints and publicizes Julia's hypocrisy for all to see. And Julia, hoisted by her own petard? Spazzzzz! Crash! Burn!

    Don's next assignment comes from schizo VisionHolt: Kill Lucy in order to save her! Yeah, more straight up psycho talk…
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