Season 1 Episode 12

Caught On Tape

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 20, 2007 on FX

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  • the sex tape is out in the open and Julia's responsible for it. bad idea to blame Lucy coz she does print out the truth eventually, she always does! Don is not doing well without his meds. what's next?

    this eppy was the best one so far. I mean dont get me wrong, I really enjoyed Holt&Lucy steamy hotness, I am definetly praising for more of them banging coz they look so good 2gether.
    But this eppy sets the tone and prooves once more that you dont mess with Lucy Spiller! she's tough, never afraid in her job at whatever celebs might say publicly and we just know by her ironic smile that she is up to something.
    but then, the stalker: wtf! with that man! we see Don taking picts of her; what's that supposed to mean? I have a small theory on this and just waiting for the finally to confirm or deny it!
    oh and yes, Holt, who still has not grown his pair back, and who is accusing Luc' and as always she tells him who he really is but he cant accept it. well he will have to come to his senses some day.
    this was a brilliant eppy, very dynamic, Lucy is not kidding and Courteney Cox Arquette is just amazing: she's never looked, acted, felt better in a part. Darkness is her stuff, she delivers a performance by going always further and she rise more each time.
    and God! what a stunner in the drop dead black gown!
    love DIRT (crossing finger for season 2), Love CCA!
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