Season 2 Episode 2

Dirty Slutty Whores

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2008 on FX

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  • David Hasselhoff, Paris Hilton, and Alec Baldwin are parodied in this episode where a sitcom star both berates his young daughter viciously via voice mail and gets drunk and eats cheeseburgers on the floor. Plus a party girl heiress gets arrested.

    I'm still longing for the days of the strange and almost beautiful halllucinations of Don's schitzophrenic zenith, but I was mildly amused with this episode. I thought the Paris Hilton-like character was amusingly witchy and devious and the PR-guy coaching was enjoyable. The drunk sitcom dad was all right, nothing overly intriguing. I still want to see more about the fallout from Julia's death. I feel like a golden opportunity was missed by skipping over it so fast. We missed any potential weirdness this could've caused between Holt and Lucy (it has to be a little awkward when your lover's ex tries to kill you) and a more intelligent way to humanize Lucy. It feels like it was a clever plot line that got dropped before it reached fruition and now the importance of it has been played down so much I'm beginning to wonder why I found it so interesting in the first place. Holt is still almost non-existent in this episode and Willa's plot, now that she suddenly isn't headed for the top, is a yawn fest. I have absolutely no interest in the new reporter and I'm praying the endless parade of ripped-from-the-tabloids stories isn't taking over as the meat of every episode. Where's the drama? Where are the love triangles? The drug use? Secrets begetting secrets until one is so wrapped up in the web that every movement sends shivers of consequence rippling out? Holt felt guilty in season one for what he did to Kira and, later, to Julia. Where's his remorse now? He seemed to understand that his accident contributed to Julia's fall then. Does he not similarly equate the accident with the first step leading to Julia almost killing Lucy and then dying as she fled the scene? Is he not a bit angry or guilty to find that his new lover sold out his old lover and indirectly caused her demise? Do people in this show have any feelings anymore or are they all just walking caricatures? Not to mention that certain lines made me wonder if the writers' strike really is over or if the Dirt writers are still busy manning the picket line. When Lucy makes the unorginal and obvious statement about trying to figure out how the heiress' father will use his money to get her off, I was perplexed as to why she'd say "Did I just say that? I'm a little turned on." What about that statement was so viciously cutthroat or overwhelmingly insightful?

    While I admit to being entertained tonight (gotta love our Paris doppleganger getting three lashes), I still don't feel like I'm watching the same show I did last season. Currently, Dirt has all the depth of a puddle. Here's hoping we eventually get a little deeper.
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