Season 2 Episode 3

God Bless the Child

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 2008 on FX
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Brent decides it's time to make the fact that he's the boss known to Lucy. In the meantime, Lucy embarks on the mission of bringing down a music mogul's empire. Finally, Don uncovers the hidden secrets of a famous politician.

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  • freakin amazing

    this is probably one of the best episodes yet, and i loved it. usually the episodes are a little un-filled, and some stories are juaat random, but this week they were amazing, and really good, now that one guy, and thier that other guy with the hookers, and stuff, was really just random as well, but the don story, and the Lucy story was really good and made up for that complet ecrap now these stories were completly unbelievable, as in they would never happen in real life, but they were suspencive, and interesting, i hope the other episodes are this good, and better than some of thier other bad ones. this was a home run for Dirt, and i hope they keep it upmoreless
  • The first proper episode of the season is filled with classic Dirt scandal.

    The classic Season 1 of Dirt comes pouring in as the tension that lacked in the previous two episodes shines through as Lucy embarks on a personal mission of bringing down a music mogul's empire and so Prince Tyrese returns - as a cripple! Thank (God) otherwise I may have tuned out for the rest of the run. I felt sorry for Tyrese but he really turned his life around which is a (bless)ing. (The) part when Lucy realises she'd been tricked was brilliant and nerve-racking. Twety really had it coming to him after his threat on his baby-mother and the insults he throws at his (child). And in the thrilling B-story, Don uncovers the hidden secrets of a famous politician and ends up locked in an S&M sex dungeon, tortured by a sociopath teen and almost killed by a family so screwed up they should be on The Jerry Springer Show. A truly wonderful episode of Dirt!moreless
  • Not bad, but not exciting enough.

    Don: Lucy asks him to investigate a woman who is running for senate and this woman's son may just be the person to go to for information leakage on bad parenting. Don finds himself outside the family's house and eventually ends up inside, but gets the weirdest and most unexpected welcome. It wasn't as if this storyline made got me interested, but it could develop in the next few episodes, I hope.

    Lucy: She deals with Tweetie and his messed up family. His daughter comes to Lucy for help and some news after her mother was gravely wronged by Tweetie. We also get to see Prince Tyreese in this episode, and if you remember what happened to him last season, he isn't looking too good. The whole scene in the hotel room was definitely exciting and it turned up a bit outrageous for me, but it worked.

    Brent: He tries to sell one of the richest people in the world, Adam, DirtNow and sees that he has to go through major embarrassing, but eventually enjoyable tasks to get him to do it. This was just disturbing and that Adam character is sort of annoying.moreless
  • Burn Out

    A major improvement on the first two episodes, but still lacking a little something compared to Dirt at its best.

    I loved the continuing storyline involving Tweety McDaniel. He's a terrifying, psychotic individual, and Lucy appears to be left genuinely shaken by him every time they cross paths. It's intriguing to see her "hard-as-nails" armor being torn down, and realizing that sometimes she does realize the danger she is involved in as part of the industry. Hopefully Tweety isn't dead, and comes back for revenge after getting his face melted off in that fire.

    Elsewhere, Don's subplot was heavy-handed but mostly entertaining. The trashy S&M story lead into something altogether surprising, with Sharon Lawrence particularly impressive as the political hotshot who's willing to resort to desperate measures to protect her insane son. Plus, it was not cool seeing Don going through so much pain, especially with his condition.

    The only part of God Bless the Child I didn't like was the Brent subplot. As well as having a plothole-filled motive for trying to get DirtNow taken over by sleazy Eurotrash guy, the penis-size contest just came off silly. Nip/Tuck could probably carry something like that off, but inserting it into Dirt at this stage just didn't work, and it was pretty embarrassing for everyone involved.

    While this episode did have some problems, it was also the first episode this season which explored the terrifying underbelly of Hollywood seen so often throughout Dirt's opening year. And I love when Dirt crosses over to the darkside.

    Director: Chris Long

    Writer: Dave Flebotte

    Rating: B+moreless
  • Dude! :o

    I need to see how what transpired with Tweety and Senator B&D translates to what gets into DrrtNow -- especially when ownership would seem to have transferred to a libertine (can't wait for his meeting with Lucy).

    While Don was tied up they must've at least destroyed the photos he'd already taken -- he never got a chance to swallow the film this time. Clearly there weren't going to be any re-enactments for his benefit, but I hope they're not going to just leave it at that. Way too much crap happened to him and there needs to be a skite-storm.

    As for Tweety, my guess is that he survives, because life is more interesting with him in it -- not least of which because he's an out-of-control psychopath. The hotel fire may or may not work as copy, but Boots and her singing career should at least be in the cross-hairs.

    As for Brett, I've got to say, I've been attending the wrong negotiations. That seemed most congenial, and I loved him insisting on a celebration with Gil as well (if I'm remembering that name correctly -- apologies otherwise).

    I can tell that as a media person, I'm really watching this show for different reasons than others. In the past I feel like I've gotten more out of it because other posters vented frustration over storylines I thought were incredible.

    In this case, the exact opposite happened. Everyone seems to need the bondage and torture scenes and the guy on fire and bjs in the boardroom in order to crest the level threshhold of acceptability, whereas I'm watching this stuff happen and I'm thinking OMG, how over the top is this?

    That being said, it is an FX production and it was definitely right at home with last night's installment. Nice one.moreless
Rick Fox

Rick Fox

Prince Tyreese

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Billy Brown

Tweetie McDaniel

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Julian Acosta

Adam Proteau

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Jeffrey Nordling

Brent Barrow

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Ryan Eggold

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