Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2007 on FX
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"Dirt Now" is about to launch, and Lucy needs a cover story. Lucy suspects that drugs made an ailing Christian-pop star sick and dispatches Don to get the dirt and Don makes a sacrifice to get it. Meanwhile, Holt is courted by a major producer while Julia has a hard time back on the set of her sitcom.moreless

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  • Nice episode, could be more original though.

    When the first cover of "DirtNow" stays empty until a couple of days before publication, Lucy ups the pressure on her employees. Meanwhile Don tries to find out about the wherabouts of a missing Christian teen popstar. While this episode of "Dirt" is certainly the best so far, it still doesn't fully live up to its potential. It has everything in store to be more than the only slightly shocking drama it is now: quirky, twisty and clever. So far I've only been able to recognize the seeds of that. But who knows; this show might pick up over the next couple of episodes and turn out to be a real classic. I think FX should be able to pull that off.

    I'm not one to judge after such few installments so I'll just have to wait and see, won't I?moreless
  • Just when I thought this show couldn't get anymore sick! Fair episode though...

    After merging “Drrt!” and “Now!,” Lucy has to come up with the first issue of “Dirt Now!” She uses the photos of Prince to blackmailing him into giving her information on someone's disappearance. Prince hesitates, but came to a conclusion that his family is worth much more to him than his life. This story is really interesting; I don't think Lucy is completely done with those photos. I'm expecting the magazine to go downhill and she'll be using those photos.

    Lucy gets a young journalist to look into a Christian pop princess' drug dealer, but when she fails, Lucy gladly gets Don to investigate on the pop princess herself. Don makes a major sacrifice to get the information and the photos, but once again he does Lucy proud. A very good example of the pressure of being looked up to.

    Lucy's brother is in town and her brother is working for this big movie star. She tries to use her brother to get information on this movie star, but her brother gets upset and reminds Lucy that she might be rich and she might have that issue of "Dirt Now!" on her hands, but she'll never find someone who can love her. This just really gave the message of, "all the money in the world can't buy true love."

    So Lucy got some stories and didn't get some stories, but was the very first issue of "Dirt Now!" a success? Of course it was.moreless
  • Sharks and Closets and Junkies, Oh My!

    A slight step-down from the first two episodes, but still entertaining. I don't know what it is about this particular Dirt hour, but there was something a little off with it. The main storylines of the episode were both well acted and well written, but some of the dialogue and subplots just bored me to tears.

    Whilst the majority of Dirt's cast hold my attention, the plight of Julia Mallory is increasingly irritating. My main problem with it is Laura Allen's daytime soap-worthy performance. The scenes on the set of her sitcom were probably intended to work in the script, but with Allen's forced acting as a "confused and forgetful" Julia, it just comes off as some kind of parody. I also dislike how her storyline will doubtlessly end up with Julia a raging junkie, which is likely to be a little lame.

    I also thought Lucy's comparison between the reporters at DirtNow and the sharks came off a little forced too. I'm all for metaphors in storytelling, but the dialogue just irritated me, and Courteney Cox didn't convince during these scenes. Willa's drug-induced stumbling also came off forced, but that problem lies more with the writers than with actress Alex Breckenridge, who is single-handedly making Willa one of the most intriguing characters on the show, thanks to her desperation to win Lucy's respect.

    Besides those little issues, I really liked the introductions of both drug dealer Garbo and closeted action star Jack Dawson. Carly Pope completely stole the show in her one scene, and her kiss with Willa sealed the deal that she's going to be an interesting character to watch. The "secretly gay movie star" storyline was almost guaranteed to be done on Dirt sooner or later, and it's done well here. Grant Show is great in the role, and it was fun to see him playing a non-Melrose Place-style character.

    Despite a few problems with dialogue and Julia, Ovophagy was still a hugely entertaining hour of Dirt, with a great story for Lucy and Don to investigate, and some fun new characters.

    Director: Paris Barclay

    Writer: Joel Fields

    Rating: B-moreless
  • Finally! This is what the series should be like

    This is a really interesting episode ini which Lucy must merge Drrt and Now into one big magazine. Really great to see what some people will do for a big cover, and some will succeed, some will fail. Finally we meet Lucy's little brother, and plus, he's gay (w00t!), meanwhile Don's artificial relationship with a dead movie star continues, and does some really messed up stuff, but in a smart move chooses Lucy over her, and even risks a pinky to expose a christian singer now turned drug addict to get a photo. The outcome is satisfying, and in turn, not flawless, but still a great episode.moreless
  • I luvd this!!

    Man, all I can say here for Don is: OUCH! Gosh, that HAD to hurt! The show's getting better and better each episode... It's increasing depth and adding more background to the characters, especially Lucy [loved the last scene where she's standing alone... holding a copy of her magazine... so sad, but so true...]. I was surprised by the determination of Don to get those pics!! It kept me on the edge of my seat! I hope they keep it up! It's gonna be so interesting when they show more of this kind of stuff coz then my question will be answered: How did she become such a ruthless b***?moreless
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Stormy Daniels


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    • Lucy: I believe in the truth above all else. And this...(brings the ovophagy video back up)...is truth. We have to be sharks. If we succeed, there's room for about half of you to stay. If we fail, we're all finished, including me. We have one week to prove our right to survive...or get eaten alive.

    • Reginald: Now has been a pillar of the American journalistic landscape for over seventy years. We survived McCarthyism...we can certainly survive a dip in sales.
      Lucy: First of all, Reginald, I know how you hate a mixed metaphor, so I'm gonna have to call you on the whole "pillar of the landscape" thing. Pillars don't hold up landscapes. Secondly, thank you for your look backwards. That will be the last look in that direction that anyone in these offices ever takes.
      Reginald: With due respect, I'm not gonna be part of the dismantling of an American journalistic icon.
      Lucy: Of course you're not. Because, with due respect, you're fired. Now get out. And anyone else who wants to keep doing the same old tired crap, please feel free to leave. Those of you who want to do something new, do real reporting, break stories...stay.

    • Lucy: (talking to Brent) Nothing sells better than death.

    • Julia: Can I come in?
      Garbo: Always.

    • Lucy: (yelling at Willa) I gave you the goddamn tip and you came back with dick.

    • Brent: Solid cover. See, I knew if I pushed your buttons just right, you'd pull it outta your ass.
      Lucy: You don't get to talk about my ass.
      Brent: It's a compliment. Good first issue. Nice ass, too.

    • Lucy: That's it, that's the cover. 'Connie Crisp'.

    • Lucy: I'll run the magazine from jail. Great publicity.

    • Lucy: (to Holt) Do you know Connie Cris?
      Holt: She sings about the Bible, the Lord and her virginity. We don't exactly travel in the same circle.

    • Lucy: (introducing Don to Kenny) Lenny, this Don. Don this is my new assistant Lenny.
      Kenny: Kenny.
      Lucy: Whatever.

    • Lucy: She's gay, she's straight, she's gay, she's straight. Rumor fluctuates more than her weight. Unless you've got a shot of her coming up for air, I'm not interested.

    • Brent: I heard you showed a video of sharks eating their siblings in the womb. Rumor going around you had a twin, suffered the same fate.
      Lucy: Yeah, I like my space.

    • [Opening lines]
      Lucy: (about the footage on the big screen) It's called "Ovophagy." Sharks battling in the womb, devouring their brothers and sisters until only the fittest survive. Which is why we're all here today. Lucky us. Now magazine is venerable, respected and hemorrhaging cash. Dirt has solid sales but its readers will always be low-rent, so the ad revenue isn't there. These two magazines cannot survive. So I thought about the sharks. Turning liability into a source of nutrition. As of today, Dirt and Now are merging into one new single publication. A tabloid with class. All the fun of Dirt, with the prestige of Now.

    • Lucy: (shouting) My wall is naked. And I don't like it.

    • Lucy: Let's dig around and see what we can find. We are not running rumours or chasing other magazines. We live or die by breaking stories.

    • Lucy: Tell me she told you what drugs she was using when she set herself on fire.
      Don: Heroin and epinephine. She said it was like touching God.
      Lucy: She actually said that? I think I just came a little.

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