Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2007 on FX



  • Trivia

    • The set used during the filming of Julia's sitcom is actually the set used on ABC's According to Jim.

  • Quotes

    • Lucy: I believe in the truth above all else. And this...(brings the ovophagy video back up)...is truth. We have to be sharks. If we succeed, there's room for about half of you to stay. If we fail, we're all finished, including me. We have one week to prove our right to survive...or get eaten alive.

    • Reginald: Now has been a pillar of the American journalistic landscape for over seventy years. We survived McCarthyism...we can certainly survive a dip in sales.
      Lucy: First of all, Reginald, I know how you hate a mixed metaphor, so I'm gonna have to call you on the whole "pillar of the landscape" thing. Pillars don't hold up landscapes. Secondly, thank you for your look backwards. That will be the last look in that direction that anyone in these offices ever takes.
      Reginald: With due respect, I'm not gonna be part of the dismantling of an American journalistic icon.
      Lucy: Of course you're not. Because, with due respect, you're fired. Now get out. And anyone else who wants to keep doing the same old tired crap, please feel free to leave. Those of you who want to do something new, do real reporting, break stories...stay.

    • Lucy: (talking to Brent) Nothing sells better than death.

    • Julia: Can I come in?
      Garbo: Always.

    • Lucy: (yelling at Willa) I gave you the goddamn tip and you came back with dick.

    • Brent: Solid cover. See, I knew if I pushed your buttons just right, you'd pull it outta your ass.
      Lucy: You don't get to talk about my ass.
      Brent: It's a compliment. Good first issue. Nice ass, too.

    • Lucy: That's it, that's the cover. 'Connie Crisp'.

    • Lucy: I'll run the magazine from jail. Great publicity.

    • Lucy: (to Holt) Do you know Connie Cris?
      Holt: She sings about the Bible, the Lord and her virginity. We don't exactly travel in the same circle.

    • Lucy: (introducing Don to Kenny) Lenny, this Don. Don this is my new assistant Lenny.
      Kenny: Kenny.
      Lucy: Whatever.

    • Lucy: She's gay, she's straight, she's gay, she's straight. Rumor fluctuates more than her weight. Unless you've got a shot of her coming up for air, I'm not interested.

    • Brent: I heard you showed a video of sharks eating their siblings in the womb. Rumor going around you had a twin, suffered the same fate.
      Lucy: Yeah, I like my space.

    • [Opening lines]
      Lucy: (about the footage on the big screen) It's called "Ovophagy." Sharks battling in the womb, devouring their brothers and sisters until only the fittest survive. Which is why we're all here today. Lucky us. Now magazine is venerable, respected and hemorrhaging cash. Dirt has solid sales but its readers will always be low-rent, so the ad revenue isn't there. These two magazines cannot survive. So I thought about the sharks. Turning liability into a source of nutrition. As of today, Dirt and Now are merging into one new single publication. A tabloid with class. All the fun of Dirt, with the prestige of Now.

    • Lucy: (shouting) My wall is naked. And I don't like it.

    • Lucy: Let's dig around and see what we can find. We are not running rumours or chasing other magazines. We live or die by breaking stories.

    • Lucy: Tell me she told you what drugs she was using when she set herself on fire.
      Don: Heroin and epinephine. She said it was like touching God.
      Lucy: She actually said that? I think I just came a little.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      The Netherlands: January 8, 2008 on Net 5
      Sweden: January 22, 2008 on TV400
      Latin America: March 30, 2008 on People & Arts

    • Music:
      Blue by Shrift,
      More Sumthain by Deuxo,
      Let's normalize by Autamata,
      Permanent stain by Ominous Cloud,
      Let the old ways die by Big Red Button.

    • It is revealed that Lucy has a gay brother.

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