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  • Was really bored. Looked on tv gift. Shabang!!

    I've been watching the 1st n 2nd. Is there any others. I think it's funny ,serious and addictive haha. Great show
  • Wonderful.Sucks it got canceled.

  • closing song name s1 e3

    could anyone please tell me the song or artist name of the closing song in season 1 episode 3
  • OMG. I should have know it was cancelled. I didn't. AT least put it in syndication. Or send out you MOST LOYAL fans free autographed DVDs of the show. COME ON!!!!!

    Come on people. It was one of THE coolest edgiest shows on TV. Courtney Cox was brilliant in this. FAR FAR better than "Friends". Please. Surely SOMEONE an pick it up. At least RE-RUN IT!!!!!Her Schichophhrenic sidekick--"Don" was also famtastic. The episode where he gets his finger cut off on purpose to get on to the sugical ward of the hospital was incredible. We all know what lengths the paparazzi would go to and while this was supposed to be tongue in cheek, I would it is far closer to reality than any of us civilians know. COME ON SOMEBODY. MAN UP!
  • Here it is I have been bad mouthing the ABC executives for making dim-witted decisions regarding cancelling good shows, and now I see the executives at FX are following the same path.

    Dirt was deliciously witty loved Lucy's character, the workaholic who obsessed with constantly breaking new news stories. She has little remorse about destroying lives of celebrities if they refuse to cooperate with her. Out of the office, Lucy has a hot affair with Holt McLaren. Let's not forget her loyal side kick Don, the exceptional photographer willing to go to great lengths (even cutting off a finger) to get his assigned story. He suffers from a manageable schizophrenia, though he's often reluctant to take his prescribed medication. Plus the other flavorful characters who pop in from time to time. Come on this was a no brainer, network executives what were you thinking?
  • The most intriguing and complex television dramas in recent years

    I started watching Dirt because I was a huge fan of Courteney Cox, and so glad I did. It is such a great show! Unfortunate FX canceled the show because I could see it continuing for many years. Such an intriguing show with 3 dimensional characters. I love how the show ended up being what it set out to be. A dark and gritty exploitation of Hollywood. Some people have said that Dirt is kind of a rip off of Nip/Tuck, but they are two completley different shows. Dirt explores Hollywood on all scales. I can't even describe any more how amazing and compelling this show was. It should have continued into a third season, and was one of the few shows that ran for a short period and upset me when it was canceled. This series is definitely not for everyone, as it's constant periodical sex scenes and vulgar language seem to show up frequently, but that just helps the series feel much more real.
  • I am so mad at the Writers Strike that they made this show say good bye. I mean it wasn't all that but it was really interesting, the drama was awesome, and this show had many qualities that many shows didn't have. It sucks that it isn't on air.

    Dirt was the best FX show to ever air on the only network that shows sex and ass on scripted show. It had the best drama, the story was interesting, and the characters were awesome. I hope they make this series go on DVD and maybe in the future they will continue the story or make a spin-off, but I doubt that. I gave it an 8.5 because it wasn't all that. It had many things that shouldn't be shown on a scripted show, but then again FX was the network it aired on. I like the fact that Courtney Cox and David Arquette directed it. That was a pretty good show but it was really unfortunate that it was cancelled.
  • Great Show!!!

    I think that this is a really good show to watch i have seen all of the episodes and i can't wait for the next season to come back but the second season seemed like it was a short one and that made me made it was getting so good and then it stoped i hope that it will not stop and it has a lot of good twistes to it that helpes u won't to see what is comming up next and courtney could not be any better she was perfict in this show she was funny at some times and mad, mean and that just helped to make it a better show if u have not watched it u should u will love it i hope. =)
  • Great show with Courtney Cox, who looks beautiful. 9 / 10

    Dirt is a great show, that kept my interest each time I tuned in. Infact, FX has recently released many good shows such as The Riches as well as Damages etc. But Courtney Cox is nothing short of entrancing in this show, you cant keep your eyes off of her, i defenantely cant wait til the new season. I would not say that the second season was as good as the first season, but it still held my interest. The second season finale was not the best but it was still good. I think in the future this show will win an emmy.
  • Nice show

    I never considered myself to be a person who would like this kind of a show...

    But I found myself enjoying this show far more than I ever imagined... There's just something about it that makes you want to keep on watching.

    It's such a shame they decided to stop the show, the last season was getting better and very interesting indeed.

    I love the whole idea of the show, even though it was too vulgar in my opinion. Anyway, I believe that you should stop when you're at your peak, and maybe that's why it stopped. I couldn't think of any development to the storyline...

    Anyway, worth watching!
  • We love the show and was disappointed when it went of the air and then Lucy came back. Now where did she go? We get to see a funeral and then nothing. We never missed a show and was wondering if it was coming back on.

    Want the show to come back never missed an episode. keep us glued to the tv. The whole cast is great in this show. They played thier parts so well. It is different now that Don is on medication, it was cool how the things he looked at would talk to him. When the dead girl had kittens and they talked to him was the coolest. Lucy is definatly not someone I would want on my bad side, she can really be very evil.Im glad lucy final came to her senses about Cole. He is a hottie with a good body.
  • dirt to me is wounderful but to me last season is better to me soo bye bye last season two thumbs up this season i don't no

    now my my review i don't won't sound mean but forreal waste of time contney cox but not so much a waste of time now pass this i just need 100 so i'm talking for nuthin now
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    check out imvu b y e
  • Dirt is a show that revolves around the glossy magazine DirtNow. Lucy Spiller is the editer and she likes her magazine to have umf. She knows all the tabloids will have the same general picture with story, but she wants to get the twist at the end.

    Okay. The show Dirt is off the hook. I am hooked. But the seasons are too short. A season to me starts in september and ends in may. I am sadden to see it go after only 13 episodes. But it is unecceptable that the show made us wait months for it to come back. Finally you get really hooked again and they stop airing after 7 episodes. Come on that is not fair. You cannot expect a person to watch you religously when you play around with the time and amount. If I am willing to put you in my DVR you better be worth it. I mean 7 episodes. that is not right. I was really looking forward to this show and they spit in our faces with 7 episodes. It makes you not want to watch. Its not right. I do not watch FX ever. So I never see any promos for the new episodes. Now they expect me to look it up again to figure out when to start watching. You know they are the ones that want us to sit there and take an hour out of our time to watch their show. It is their job to make sure that we are satisfied to the extent that we will come back next week. But they also have to remember that they want us back next saeson too. After this 7 episode bull I dont know if I will LOOK for new episodes again.This is crazy. 7 episodes is a joke. I can't believe they season fanalied the show this way. I am outraged.
  • The series follows the exploits of Lucy Spiller, an executive editor at magazines. Lucy possesses the power to manipulate the lives of celebrities through the articles she prints in the magazine.

    I really love the show!
    It has great actors, actresses and it has a great story line and great characters.
    I hope it doens't takes to long for the third season to start when monday the last episode of season 2 aires.

    Since the world is obsessed with celebrities and their lives, Dirt provides pure entertainment on real-life celebrity issues. Dirt gives us a look at both sides of celebrity gossip and how much what we read about celebrities is actually true or fabricated. Not only do we get celebrity gossip, but gives us character drama that is essential to the shows dynamic. We see how conflicted it is to be on both sides and how down and out celebrities try to make successful comebacks. Courtney Cox does a tremendous job as rough and tough Lucy Spiller, Dirt Now's editor. With a mix of comedy, drama, and sex Dirt offers a slice of entertainment and mockery of the inside life of celebrity gossip.
  • Dirt is just one of those shows that you think the premise of the show is ridiculous, but yet you love to watch it anyway and find that you can't not miss an episode. It just makes for a good guilty pleasure.

    Since the world is obsessed with celebrities and their lives, Dirt provides pure entertainment on real-life celebrity issues. Dirt gives us a look at both sides of celebrity gossip and how much what we read about celebrities is actually true or fabricated. Not only do we get celebrity gossip, but gives us character drama that is essential to the shows dynamic. We see how conflicted it is to be on both sides and how down and out celebrities try to make successful comebacks. Courtney Cox does a tremendous job as rough and tough Lucy Spiller, Dirt Now's editor. With a mix of comedy, drama, and sex Dirt offers a slice of entertainment and mockery of the inside life of celebrity gossip.
  • Courtney Cox embodies the carnal nature of deception upon celebrities, where she basks in her forlorn state and still provides an engaging magazine to her readers.

    Courtney Cox's role encouraged me to view this series as a fan of hers. She was beautiful and played her role well. She has to be the most deceitful person in her business as well, she must result to a state where anyone could be a story and she would trust no one. At the same time she is feared because of the 'Dirt' she can get on others, she is the one in control. Cox nails that role. This series focuses on the lives of celebrities and their erotic nature. The thing is every scene is followed by another voluptuous scenes and occasional outlandish moments which would tend to make some viewers turn away from the television screen to escape such eccentric scenes. Cox's character brings forward duplicity of an amusing nature,impersonality and reprisal and is the stronghold of the magazine, but in all she has no one real person in her life, except her unstable photographer, hence the dismal parts of the series emerges. This series relates to actual events, and the extent a journalist would go through to get a story. It is directed to a specific cohort and can be very depressing and misleading at the same time.
  • Dirt is a great show with great characters, a great plot, and greta storylines. It a show that you will not see for a long time.

    The Second Part of my review for the show DIRT. The show also makes fake celebrities out of real ones. In the first season they made a female version of River Phoenix (RIP), named Kira Klay, they also made an episode of a celebrity father that has two celebrity daughters, came out of Joe, Ashley, and Jessica Simpson. They also made two celebutants named Tuesday Nelson and Lulu Kaegale. Then in the second season they made a women out of Anna Nichole Smith (RIP, and they made a man who made a video like Alec Baldwin and David Hasselhof. The best one of all was that they made a celebutant named Milan Carlton get a DUI, go to jail, and get out because of medical conditions, like Paris Hilton. I Love This Show, and So Will You.
  • Dirt is one of the shows that you know you will love until its over. It has great actors and actresses and greta story lines and great characters. Dirt is #2 in my personal top.

    Dirt is about magazine editor Lucy Spiller, who has a life with fictional celebrities by publishing stories about them and making them, got up or down. The first season centers on Lucy, Holt McLaren and Julia Mallory. In the beginning Julia was famous and Holt was a C-List actor and in the end Holt was on top and Julia attacked Lucy for "ruining" her life. Jennifer Aniston guest starred in the season finale. Her character, Tina Harrod, showed Julia the pics of Holt and Lucy that made Julia attack Lucy and leave her in a coma. Julia died and now Dirt is on the 2nd season with only 7 episodes because of the strike. It is juicy show that will make you love it.
  • So True

    This show is absolutely wonderful , it is so completely current. The entire world is complete obsessed with celebrities and scandal so why not have a show that has fictional scandal. It is the best of both worlds because we get our little dish without it actually hurting anyone . What could be better . Courtney Cox is great in although I was enjoying last seasons story line much more . At least for what I have seen so far . They need to bring back more of the Lucy and Holt storyline .
    The ad campaign is also quite interesting to see. Love it.
  • This may be my personal favourite; Season One was awesome in everyway, new, creative, and edgy and incredibly daring...Season 2? Not so much... Dirt Season 2, up to and including episodes 1-4

    In short, I think my expectations were too high, unfortunately the writer's chose a new, but utterly wrong, direction, softening the characters and lightening the overall mood and tone of the show, ultimately to its detriment.

    Tragically disappointing, the premiere that so many were hanging out for, for over a YEAR, failed most, if not all, expectations of a spectacular ending to an incredible storyline to kick-off what all fans anticipated to be a thrilling season*. This storyline was wrapped up in a matter of seconds even before the new opening theme, which, by the way, should be ditched ASAP! Lucy Spiller seems to have lost what I like to call 'edge of awesomeness' that surrounded the character, we all know the character would change following the stabbing, but seriously? No edginess? C'mon! Don Konkey is awesome and is one good change within the new scheme. His transformation back into the world of "normalcy" is both a realistic harsh reality and a touching inspirational tale of a man who's coming to grips with what's real in a town and business where nothing else is**
    I don't like the new 'journalist', though I think that may change
    A sense of foreshadowing is occurring as every episode seems as though it contains subtle elements leading to a spectacular ending, but we'll see.

    Anyway, above are merely my thoughts on the matter and do not represent the opinions of anyone else (unless they happen to agree with me, then discard this sentence)

    *The season is now only 7 episodes and they probably won't bring it back again for another year, which really sucks…
    **Opinion borrowed from Ghostface83
  • This is my guilty pleasure.

    At first, the premise may seem like any other piece of TV on the air: shallow, repetitive, and sinful. But it's oh so much more than that.

    This show takes the simple magazine plot, and runs with it, out of the country. The stories are sexy, and sometimes shocking. And the characters can certainly hold their own. Lucy Spiller is a force to be reckoned with, but still is sympathetic. Don is inspired; how often do you see a schizophrenic character on TV, especially in a show like this. The cinematography is also amazing for a television show. Normally you would see effects like this saved for a mini-series or something. It just adds to the atmosphere, the ambience of the show. This is definitely a must see.
  • Dirt is a hit drama about Lucy Spiller, editor and chief of DirtNow magazine, and tabloid magazine which always has the latest breaking news about celebrities. With her writing about celebrities, she often gets caught up in situations involving them.

    Dirt is a phenomenal serial drama TV series. It is packed with drama, action, and suspense. No matter what is happening, you will never want to change the channel. Whether someone is getting blackmailed, attacked, shot, or having sex, Dirt always keeps you tuned in. Courtneney Cox Arquette, who plays DirtNow editor in chief Lucy Spiller, gives an over the top performance. The way she laughs at personal attacks towards her and ignores hate makes her a fine person.

    Ian Hart, who plays Don Konkey, a schizophrenic paparazzo, and Lucy's best friend, makes the show. Half of the show may be about drama, but the other half is all about Don. He is always communicating with his hallucinations, which are responsible for half the decisions that he makes.

    Overall, Dirt is a great show. If you are ever bored, and looking for something to watch Sunday nights, I would definitely recommend Dirt.
  • Dirt is getting better and better.

    Dirt is getting better and better! I cant understand why fx has to let us wait so long before we can watch more of Dirt! I think it is the best show on fx it can take same stuid thing like gossip mags and make them good it Dirt is amzing, This show take almost real life things and turns them around I expected to see something like Dirt on HBO/Showtime but FX did a good job getting it. This looks to be an excellent night time show I found it to be an intense show likely because it was commercial free it's just absolutely insane the things people will do! if you like dramaand need a LOT to be entertained, here's a show that can FINALLY do that.
  • Great show, but........

    OK, first let me start off by saying this show is great. It shows the dark side to the tabloids. I love that. I am a super huge tabloid reader. I love gossip and a whole magazine dedicated to gossip about famous people, that is awesome!!!!!!!!! But, the show is very trashy. I mean it is borderline X rated stuff. I think that the show would be just as good without all of that. And I think that Courtney Cox is great in this show. It kind of proves that she can really act. When you are watching her in this show you aren't going "OMG she is still Monica." (Like Jennifer Aniston (Don't get me wrong, I am not slamming her, she is one of my favorite actresses) almost everything that she acts in you are like "Can't she just forget Rachel and be someone else!)
  • love love love this show

    i love love love this show so much as you can tell who know monica had a sexy side and she dose it well she is stunning i love the show just got it on dvd cost me a bomb cause came from america but so worth it love it cant wait for the second season hurry up and put it n dvd so i can buy it lol love the show my new fav show i could watch it all day and prob will when i have a free day lol i dunno what to say to use a 100 word lol love it love it love it lol xterrix
  • a wonderfull robust treacherous show. I cannot wait for the next season.

    ten eerste wil ik aangeven dat ik de show geweldig vind. vooral de rol van mevr. cox. ze speelt een energiek, gek, uniek,oraal geweldadig en ze heeft absoluut een ander perceptie over de "waarheid"...............
    Ze leeft voor haar werk, slaapt voornamelijk niet door de stress op haar werk en de zelfmoord van haar vader zaliger.
    Ze is super eenzaam, en toch blijft ze vertoeven in de hell hole van de film en tv wereld. een zwart gat van gemene roddels, haar en nijd en wat al dies meer in deze ontechte harde wereld. waar oppervlakkigheid heerst .
    gelukkig heeft ze een zeer goede vriend don. blijkt wel aan het eind van seizoen 1

    atrocious!! robust!! treacherous!!
  • I just love this show!

    Dirt is getting better and better! I cant understand why fx has to let us wait so long before we can watch more of Dirt!
    The first few eps weren't that good, but because of Courteney I wanted to see more of it. I was willing to give it a chance to grow, and it did! After a few eps I was addicted! I can't wait to see more of Court and her Dirt! It's to bad that people cant let go of Monica and wont except Lucy, just because they are so different. Please give Court a chance to prove she is so much more than only Monica!
  • I think this show is the best on fx

    I think it is the best show on fx it can take same stuid thing like gossip mags and make them good it is not the best show on tv over all but i think it will do well maybe it will last a long time on tv . courtney cox does a get job at this etter then anything she has ever done and she plays this character so well that it like you think she a real person and not some fake person . This show take almost real life things and turns them around and makes them get i hope the next season is as good as the first bye
  • OMG i absolutely adore this show, the way that Lucy is such a beyatch to everyone is amazing and that she has special people in her life like Leo and Don is even better. Scriptwriter deserve a thumbs up for the first series and Courtney Cox for an Oscar.

    Lucy is this amazing jounalist at Dirt Now, she is a complete beeyatch to everyone who work for her. She gets the truth on everyone and as she always says the truth will always come out and she makes sure that Dirt Now is the first show to get the exclusuve. Lucy, besides being a class reporter has a close set of people like her brother Leo, her scitzophrenic photographer Don and her new beau and rising action movie star Holt who is going out with druggie Julian at the moment who is also an on-screen beau and also has sex with her female dealer. Dirt is amzing, sexy, raunchy and mysterious what with Lucy's stalker. Be amazed and watch Dirt.
  • Ugly Betty with added 'Dirt'

    This show is deffiently one to keep watching ! coutney cox's portral of Lucy spiller the ruthless magazine editr is WONDERFUL ! I was hooked from the first episode !! Yes it may be trashy but thats what makes it so awesome !! The only thing I personally think was a bad move was getting jennifer anniston to huest star.. i really like her and her films...etc BUT she is always Rachel to me even in her films she RACHEL you know ?? Where as ian hart/don konkey IS GREAT ! its like this was the part he was born for ! Try and watch it if you havent already you wont regret it !
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