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Season 1 Episode 10

The Sexxx Issue

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 06, 2007 on FX
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Episode Summary

Lucy proposes a sex-themed issue as a means of getting the staff to relax after the hostage situation. In the meantine, Brent and Willa find themselves in a compromising position with a girl whose father wishes to turn into a star, and Don faces his intimacy problem with Abby.moreless

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  • Cake Me Over

    A slight comedown from the hostage episode, but that was expected. The Sexxx Issue only really worked in the continuing character development of Don, whilst the other storylines seemed both ridiculous and irritating in equal measure.

    Despite the cake scene (more on that later), I like Don and Abby's relationship, and it was so sad to see Don reveal that his nervousness of sex is all because of the sexual abuse he endured as a child. I wouldn't be surprised if this is what caused schizophrenia too. One of Dirt's greatest success stories is in its characterization for Don and Lucy, two of the most confusing and convoluted characters currently on TV right now.

    The subplot involving the Banheart family was insanely sleazy. Although, it did at least answer the question of how exactly Jessica and Ashlee got famous. Pimping out your own daughter in return for tabloid column inches is an awesome idea, but I don't think the writers went as far with it as they could have, instead getting the growingly tedious Brent and Willa involved.

    Speaking of Willa, I'm really starting to dislike her, which pains me to admit, as I'm a huge Alex Breckenridge fan. Unfortunately, she was both written better and more believable as a naive reporter than the trampy office slut she has suddenly turned into. Her scenes with Lucy sparkled with awesomeness, and I loved their "mentor/protégé" relationship, but since Willa shacked up with skeezy Brent, what potential she once had is now slowly disappearing. And I can't help but feel their relationship is just an excuse for painfully unerotic sex scenes. First with the butt plugs, then the closet sex, and then with the threesome. Enough already!

    Speaking of unerotic sex scenes, this episode featured a doozy. The scene between Don, Abby and the cake gave me a range of emotions. My train of thought was essentially as follows, I was all "nice cake", how sweet of her to bring food round for him. Aww. Okay, she's lifting up her dress. Okay, another sex scene. I can deal with th-- what?!! Okay, she's sitting in the cake. And with the moving and the rubbing and the cake and the mess and the eww! Seriously, we get that this show is on FX and it's allowed to get away with a lot, but do we really need this? It's just plain nasty now.

    Still as entertaining as ever, but there wasn't much to this episode that really stuck in my head afterward, besides the icky scenes. Still, props to Ian Hart, who's undoubtedly the star of the show.

    Director: Lev L. Spiro

    Writer: Matthew Carnahan

    Rating: Bmoreless
  • Lucy tries to get her staff relaxed, but maybe they are a little too relaxed already

    This eppy was okay...ish, but not really my favourite storyline. I never thought of Willa as this kind of character and I'm not sure if I liked where she's going. She's under the influence of her job and what comes with it, I guess. But she's been going from the nice girl who just wanted a story and did some drugs to this imo completely different woman. Not that the whole threesome-thing wasn't hot, but it was not was I expected.

    But the father trying to make his girls famou was interesting.

    Julia's struggle is getting kinda boring, please make her either stay on drugs and hook up with Garbo again or kill her off. This "I'm so tortured and I'm not a star like you anymore"-story is getting lame...moreless
  • In the aftermath of the great hostage situation, Lucy Spiller dishes out her own special brand of grief counseling for the DirtNow staff: It's *all* about SEXXX, baby!

    This episode references looney Sammy Winter's words of the previous episode, "Do you have any idea what it's like to lose the compass of your life? We shouldn't have to work that hard for love…" and explores the possibilities of both intertwined issues.

    DeadHolt is caught up in his own fake fame, his needs, his desires and doesn't know how to get free. So he fantasizes about schtupping Lucy, which takes *all* the fun out of ballin' with lovely drug-free Julia in reality. Then he's just plain rude! Leaving poor Julia to 'finish' herself. (and as a parallel, we see Lucy pulling out Old Faithful) All while the song wails about "Artificial Love". Hee!

    The Simpson family wannabees (that's Jessica, not Homer) try to run a fame game on DirtNow by way of Barrow and Willa (Dummies!), but Lucy? my girl knows all the plays in this book. And ultimately, she shuts down this band 'o 2 ho's and a pimp, and procures DirtNow an unwritten, never-ending contract with the Banhearts, showing us, once again, just why Lucy Spiller Rulez the drrrt world!

    As usual, Don takes his assignments very seriously: he's watching porn for research! Hehehe! But he's still has a 'real' girlfriend, who fully appreciates Don's love for cake—no matter where it's been. Don claps for joy! And given what we learn about his life with stepmonster Lynette, perhaps the root cause of Don's …problems…in the sex arena, I'm Clapping for Joy with him!

    Julia has a bad moment involving Garbo, sex, and the purest black tar in LA, but rises above it and has a Come to Jesus chat with Holt about how they are handling their relationship, which is more important to her than fame, bad come-back movie deals, great drugs, or anything! Surprisingly, she reaches Holt, who is motivated to retrieve the Johnny/Julia sex tape from Lucy, hoping to get his soul back in the bargain. In the DirtNow vaults, he has crazy breakup sex with Lucy and tells her he considers his debt PAID. Finally! But given the fact that he then goes home and deliberately tries to put that beautiful mirror through the wall with his forehead, I don't think so…

    And at the end of an extremely long day, Lucy gives more serious consideration to *professional* grief counseling. Good for her! In the midst of all the SEXXX, it's Don's assigned target who nails things on the head with her retreat from the world she loved so well: this porn star knows all too intimately that we are all held hostage by our needs. And we're all too damned needy, thus we are in grave danger when we have access to fulfilling all those needs: we become like bottomless pits, shoveling in the sex, food, drugs—whatever floats your particular boat. And in the end, we still come up EMPTY people with empty lives. And schizo Don can see straight to the heart of the matter—that we're all in lock-step with one another: "They do what we do." 'Cause everyone seems to have lost their compass, and no they shouldn't have to work that kind of hard for love.moreless
  • Go get 'em Lucy!

    I love it when Lucy makes fools of people when you least expect it. It was so great when they pulled out the birth certificate for the "17" year old girl who was really 19. Brent should be careful though. After all the episodes so far, his character is not headed to a happy place if he continues to act like he does.
David Newsom

David Newsom

Jimmy Ray Banheart

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Channon Roe

Jeff Stagliano

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Ankur Bhatt


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Alex Breckenridge

Alex Breckenridge

Willa McPherson

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Johann Urb

Johann Urb

Johnny Gage

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Carly Pope

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Despite Abby sitting on the cake and rubbing her bottom all over it in an earlier scene, the icing isn't smeared at all when she and Don eat it at the end of the episode.

    • Brent is seen smoking in the beginning but in a previous episode he says he has asthma and can't smoke.

    • Garbo's green tank top goes from falling off her right shoulder when she goes to get the drugs for Julia to being back in place on her shoulder when Julia grabs the bag and runs out without her having moved it.

    • The business card that Lucy picks up at the end says "Grief Counselling". This is the British (and Canadian) spelling of the word, and is uncommon in the US. In the US, it would far more likely be "Grief Counseling".

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (Ray Patterson knocks on the open door of Lucy's office)
      Lucy: Ray Patterson.
      Ray: You want to ask my forgiveness for the way you treated me?
      Lucy: I thought I treated you well.
      Ray: You climbed over my smoldering corpse to get a promotion.
      Lucy: Oh, don't be a baby.
      Ray: You told me you had feelings for me.
      Lucy: I didn't say which feelings.

    • Garbo: (to Julia) I love you. I'm in love with you.

    • Brent: Stupid is the new Black.

  • NOTES (1)