Season 1 Episode 8

The Thing Under the Bed

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2007 on FX
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Lucy has trouble sleeping. Willa teams up with Don to uncover a secret celebrity wedding. Julia deals with rehab while Holt deals with his career.

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  • Intense episode

    Lucy has trouble sleeping. Willa teams up with Don to uncover a secret celebrity wedding and Brent is still charming Willa, the now dirty girl who was once an innocent reporter. Julia deals with rehab - badly while Holt deals with his career. The perverted priest delivers a chilling message to Lucy before his 'murder' which I'm not really sure of.

    Lucy has a stalker which was very creepy, it added more darkness to the plot and show and the pictures the stalker took were horrifying to witness. Lucy and Holt admit they dont like each other and then do it again, her mother has a little nip/tuck - down there and Lucy finds something strange under her bed.moreless
  • Stalker, I Hardly Know Her

    Probably my favorite episode so far, The Thing Under the Bed perfectly balanced the emotional drama and trashier aspects of the show that Dirt excels at, creating an entertaining hour full of drama, intrigue, sex and stalkers...

    Lucy is still awesome. This episode sees her experiencing sleep problems, and I have to admit, she rocks when she's all sleepless. She had a ton of killer one-liners here, from her hilarious "a horse has a tighter ass" retort about a failing actress, to the awesome "I'll sleep when someone puts a stake through my heart" remark. I also loved her characterization too, especially the closing moments where we see her cradled up in Don's lap. She's a really sad woman, with so many problems and personal tragedy locked away inside her b*tchy façade.

    I found the Dana Pritchard story really interesting. I was worried it would fast become a Jack Dawson copycat, but it eventually turned out to be a great little subplot. I also really liked Don and Willa together. If the writers just cut Julia and, admittedly, Holt from the show, and just left us with the team at DirtNow, it would seriously make the series a lot better.

    Willa's relationship with Brent continues to be majorly ick-worthy, especially the legendary "but I want you to" conversation that I won't go into here in front of impressionable eyes! I also found the whole dominatrix mask moment really gross too. Wearing your mom's S&M headgear? Not too hygienic, Lucy!

    An excellently written episode which further evolves on an already convoluted group of characters, The Thing Under the Bed really showed how much potential this show has. If the producers just eliminated the parts of the show that are obviously not working, Dirt would be an unstoppable force of TV.

    Director: Jean White

    Writer: Sally Robinson

    Rating: A-moreless
  • Wow, this episode makes you shiver...

    Lucy's totally in it. She made so many enemies, it was bound to start getting back at her. But, (for the first time) I feel sorry for her. This episode introduces a new mistery, and as well casts a light on one previous - Lucy's Dad suicide. I can't stop wondering why did he wrote "I'm doing this for you" in his note. What was that bad that he had to kill himself over it, and how is all that connected to Lucy. And man from that picture - her Dad's silent partner - where did he come from?

    Dirt's story is getting better and better, as well as more connected every episode.

    Holt is still sleeping with Lucy, while trying to help "the home team" aka Julia, who's waiting for him in rehab. I kinda started to have some nice feeling towards her after this episode, her "McDonalds speach" really got to me.

    Lucy's Mom is being a complete bi*ch all over, and Leo is not picking up. I just can't believe that he would treat Lucy like that, it's not like she really didn't warned him.

    Don is being really down-to-earth and true friend to Lucy. Luckily. She doesn't have anyone else.

    Priest-raper whatever-was-his-name freaked me out when he said to Lucy all those things, but now, after I saw those pics in her trunk, I believe the priest was bribed and - later- murdered by one same person. Identity of that person stays unknown, but I must say that between 12 suspects I choose Cal.moreless
  • This was okay...

    As much as I like some good Dirt, but this episode wasn't the best. There wasn't so much interesting gossip going on and I really don't like that storyline with Lucy's dad. Now the reverend knew something? Was he a psychic or what? I hope the show isn't drifting in that direction. I really hate it when shows that are supposed to be halfway authentic (apart from schizophrenic Don's imaginary friends and pets :D ) suddenly introduce mystical elements. Many seem to be doing to this lately, I don't like it too much.

    Willa seems like a nice girl and I thought she'd be naive, but Dirt Now seems to be giving her some new character treats. I'm not sure if I like that.

    What else... I think Julia and Holt should really break up. There's so much lying and cheating and once she's out of rehab, it'll not take long until his job and all the secrets make her slip again, I can feel it in my guts...moreless
  • Loved it!!

    I really like this show a lot. These characters have really grown on me. On this episode, if I'm not mistaken, for the first time since the pilot, it wasn't all about getting a great cover for the magazine. It was more about the development in the personal life of the characters. We got to see how Holt and Julia's relationship is being seriously affected by the separation caused by Julia being in rehab and all. We also got to see how Lucy's obsession with her father's death is eating away at her to the point where she can't even sleep anymore. I liked it; I hope in the future we have more episodes like this one where we get to explore more the characters. The last scene where Lucy shows up on Don's apartment and falls asleep on his lap I thought was very sweet and touching. That's one unique friendship right there. Great episode! I give it a perfect 10.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: During the episode, Willa has two different hair colors. For a few scenes halfway through the episode, she is blonde. But everywhere else in the episode, she is brunette.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Willa: Look, not that it's any of my business, but, um...melatonin?
      Lucy: Excuse me?
      Willa: Well, it just helps regulate your sleep cycle.
      Lucy: (sneers) I'll sleep when they stick a stake in my heart.

    • Willa: This was all we could find in Dana's trash cans.
      Lucy: Well, I can see why she shreds. The horse has a tighter ass.

    • Willa: (sighs) You know, you're shooting film of a woman with a plastic bag over her hand, waiting for her dog to sh*t. Start clearing room for your Pulitzer.
      Don: Constipated. Probably feeding it dry food.
      Willa: (sarcastically) I'll use that as my lead.

    • Julia: (mistaking Toby for Holt) Hola, titty-boy!
      Toby: Uh, hang on. I've got Holt McLaren for you.

    • Lucy: Do you trust me?
      Holt: I don't even like you.
      Lucy: I don't like you either.
      Holt: Then we're safe.

    • Willa: I blew a source on this one.
      Brent: Speaking figuratively of course.
      Willa: Not that it's any of your business. smirks

    • Willa: I broke a promise.
      Brent: Oh, pfft... Which one? There are only three, sweetheart. The check is in the mail. This will only hurt a little.
      Willa: That's two. What's the third?
      Brent: I won't cum in your mouth.
      Willa: But I want you to.

    • Julia: What the hell? I mean, you bring her the Happy Meal and she's gonna be fine?
      Holt: I'm sorry. Look, babe, I love you. Let's just start over.
      Julia: Stop. Stop saying you love me.
      Holt: What do you want me to say?
      Julia: Say I embarrassed you. Say that you don't wanna get photographed with a druggie who's got snot in her hair. Be honest with me.
      Holt: Look, baby, you're depressed. So let's... let's talk to Dr. Tucker about your meds.
      Julia: It's not the meds. God. What are you waiting for? All right, if you're not gonna say it... I will. We're over.
      Holt: No.
      Julia: Yeah. We've been over for a long time.

    • Willa: Look, we coupled. That doesn't make us a couple. You can relax. I'm not expecting to meet your mother.
      Brent: Well, that's good. She's dead.

    • Willa: Three weeks ago, she was charging him with spousal rape.
      Brent: Well, it has to be a magical love connection.
      Willa: How do you forgive somebody like Joey Perez?
      Brent: Believe me. There's no better way to punish a man. I never let anybody forgive me.
      Willa: But why marry him?
      Brent: Better the devil she knows.

    • Don: A ground-breaking study in 1999, led by Eve Van Cauter at the University of Chicago, she showed that just six days of sleep restricted to four hours pushed 11 healthy young male volunteers into a pre-diabetic state. You need to sleep, Lucy.
      Lucy: I will.

    • Lucy: Some people would call you a saint.
      Dana: And you're thinking I'm a dumb shit. You know when you go into a club, and they stamp your hand? It means you can get back in without having to pay. That stamp is love. Love doesn't make you pay. Love forgives. Someday, you'll understand.

    • Lucy: I was 15 when he died.
      Holt: That's the first thing you've ever told me about yourself. Well, personal, I mean.
      Lucy: I told you I have never had an orgasm with anyone but you. That's not personal enough? Do you trust me?
      Holt: I don't even like you.
      Lucy: I don't like you either.
      Holt: Then we're safe.

    • Doctor: Take a deep, cleansing breath. Have you ever been hypnotized before?
      Lucy: I'm sorry. This isn't gonna work. That fountain just makes me want to pee.

    • Willa: We can talk dirty, but we can't talk Dirt.
      Brent: Anymore rules?
      Willa: How about... a pre-not-nup? Six weeks, and then we both walk away. No obligations, no expectations.
      Brent: And no crying.
      Willa: No cards at Christmas.
      Brent: Option to extend.

    • Lucy: Dana's been linked to everyone but Osama.

    • Willa: Look, not that it's any of my business, but em, Melatonin?
      Lucy: Excuse me?
      Willa: Well, it just helps regulate your sleep cycle, so...
      Lucy: (exciting room) I'll sleep when they put a stake in my heart.
      Willa: (to Kenny, who is entering the room) She's not kidding is she?
      Kenny: No.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Lucy: I don't like dancing in the dark.

      In real life, Courteney Cox was featured in Bruce Springteen's music video "Dancing in the Dark", directed by Brian de Palma.