Season 1 Episode 9

This Is Not Your Father's Hostage Situation

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2007 on FX
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A former child star takes the magazine staff hostage, forcing them to produce an entire issue about him. In the meantime, Lucy wonders if he is really a threat or simply a harmless has-been looking for publicity.

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  • Really disappointing episode.

    I expect something new and different from this show and I got a silly sweeps-week type plot that has been done to death. Crazy hostage taker at the office was old long before this. Cold Case, one of the most predictatble dramas on TV, used it this year as well. .

    This twist was way out of characer for the show, like they let in some soap writer for an episode. The performers were good as usual, but I watch the show because it isn't formulaic. i hope they don't sell out again.moreless
  • By far the best episode yet. Its a shame its rated quite poorly IMO.

    Very intense episode with a lot of drama to spice it up. When a former child star takes the magazine staff hostage, forcing them to produce an entire issue about him, chaos ensues! A maid catches Willa and Brent - at it in a closet, a mad-man waving around orders and a gun, Lucy's hit across the head! And just as Kenny found closeness with someone - BANG and he is shot. Very shocking but the bit that made me laugh was the line: 'Oh my god, he killed Kenny' That was hilarious but the ending was left unsatisfying to me. He just gave himself up once the cover was finished!moreless
  • Gallo's Got a Gun!

    Sammy Winter was the perfect example of a forgotten child star, along the lines of Danny Bonaduce or Corey Haim. Since this is Dirt, Sammy's downfall is taken to major extremes in This Isn't Your Father's Hostage Situation, with the fallen idol taking the offices of DirtNow hostage.

    Vincent Gallo gave a scene-stealing performance as Sammy, and his interaction with Lucy was great to see, especially as they already had a pre-existing relationship. It's not totally surprising that they worked well together though, since Lucy's interaction with almost every character on Dirt usually produces the best scenes.

    Meanwhile, we should spare a moment for poor ol' Kenny, who met his demise on the receiving end of one of Sammy's bullets. It was unfortunate to see him go, since he seemed to be one of the few DirtNow reporters who actually had a conscience. And it sucked that he spent all season wanting to get out of his job and spend time with his new wife and baby, endured the wrath of Lucy around a hundred times, and then ended up dead. Sniff.

    The Brent and Willa relationship is starting to bore me, and their scenes in the closet this episode completely distracted from the rest of the story. You can only hear so much dirty talk and butt plug discussions before it gets a little tedious, and I desperately wanted the cleaning lady to use Brent as some kind of human shield against Sammy's bullets. But, sadly, that didn't happen.

    One moment I found ironic was after Sammy was taken down, and Lucy was telling the photographers to go away. It's interesting to see her finally understand how the other half lives, and I wonder if this'll change her personality next episode. Although, she is Lucy Spiller: Tabloid B*tch, so it's unlikely...

    Director: Elodie Keene

    Writer: Dave Flebotte

    Rating: A-moreless
  • The Dirt Now! staff is helt hostage by a former star who desperately wants to be famous again

    This episode was actually really good: for the first time, it showed what the press can actually do. It scared me a little, but it's sooo true. Magazines like Dirt Now! really exist and I don't think the show is so far from the reality. Being famous can make people sick - especially when you've been a star once upon a time, then you grew up and suddenly you were no one. That's why so many childhood stars become addicts for instance...

    Lucy showed that she might be a real b**** sometimes when it comes to her job, but that she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her staff to safety. I think the was great in this episode and I'm really sorry about the guy who was shot.

    Holt and Lucy - well well, he was really worried, it seems that he's falling for her. Or is it all just sexual? Well, I'm excited to find out. The preview for the next eppy seems interesting already!moreless
  • Easily one of the better episodes, there is death, comedy to diffuse the intense situations, and the ending was an excellent observation of modern society, No One Was A Hero!!!!!!!

    The episode starts fairly normal for a dirt episode, I read the blurb for this episode and thought it would be a basic hostage episode. Well, it was and it wasn't. Pretty obvious that Kenny was going to die, why else show him gaining a relationship, and talk about how he hs vet knowledge.

    ....Anyway, back on topic, we learn more about the various relationships, the relationship wizard of a maid was hilarious, and a refreshing blast of reason in this show. There was comedy to diffuse the situation, mixed with real emotion of sorts, when someone is killed suddenly, it is not surprising that one or more onlookers laugh as a coping mechinism. Finally, to the message of the episode: No One Was A Hero(all uppercase). This show has been excellent at portraying society as I see it, and this episode was refreshing, to see a strong message, instead of random sex.moreless
Vincent Gallo

Vincent Gallo

Sammy Winter

Guest Star

Ankur Bhatt

Ankur Bhatt


Guest Star

Mini Anden

Mini Anden

Holt's Co-Star

Guest Star

Alex Breckenridge

Alex Breckenridge

Willa McPherson

Recurring Role

Johann Urb

Johann Urb

Johnny Gage

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Johnny: Johnny Gage has disappeared from the pages of DirtNow. What's with that?
      Lucy: I guess we ran out of different ways to tell about you screwing strippers.
      Johnny: Ha ha ha! I want a cover.
      Lucy: And I want a private jet.

    • Lucy: (on the phone with Dana Pritchard's manager) Jimmy you better tell me the truth, because if I have to get it out of you, you ain't gonna like it. (hangs up)

    • Lucy: (on the phone with Dana Pritchard's manager) Don't take this personal, but you're an idiot, which is not my objection; my objection is that you would assume I would believe an idiot.

    • Lucy: (talking to the security guard) If these assholes screw up my cover, we're going to have a few more names to put on that list.

    • (on the phone)
      Kenny: Have you heard the news?
      Lucy: Okay let's save some time here and assume that I haven't.

    • Security Guy: No offense but I've been to parades with fewer people than your list of possible suspects.
      Lucy: None taken. If it were smaller I'd be unemployed.

    • Gareth: Open your eyes wide, it's the only way to see what you can't look at. (laughing softly) This is a Haiku. 5 syllables followed by 7 then 5 again.
      Lucy: So I'm being stalked by a poet?
      Gareth: And not a very good one.

    • Lucy: Well, he left this in my paper this morning.
      Gareth: What makes you think it's a he?
      Lucy: (laughing derisively) 'Cause I don't know any woman who has that kind of time on her hands.

    • Sammy Winter: I got dogs, four of them. I'm a dog man myself.
      (Later in the conversation)
      Don: I like cats. Cats are quiet and loving and they know when to give you your space.
      Sammy: I say it's dogs all the way.
      Don: (while taking pictures of Sammy) That's because you're a narcissist. You can't live without excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation; dogs'll give you that. Their love is like a mirror of how you'd like to perceive yourself as seen by others.
      Sammy Winter: Oh really?
      Don: Most likely a result of your bitter disappointment and radical disillusionment with significant others during childhood.
      Sammy Winter: Anything else, Freud?
      Don: Four dogs is a lot.

    • Don: When I was growin' up we used to have this poodle called Frenchy.
      Lucy: Frenchy?
      Don: Whenever my Dad would come home, he'd walk right past me and my Mom and go play with the dog, like we weren't even there. He tried his best. He was the one who got me into wearing hats. He wore hats all the time. When he'd come home drunk he'd say the best way to sober up is to put on your hat. It reminded him of when he used to be somebody. I bought him this hat but he never wore it. I love hats. You think about your Dad?
      Lucy: I was at a friend's house before I came home and found him. And I'd had a cigarette. My first and only one. I remember being so scared that my Dad was gonna smell it on me, that I walked home and I was just trying to get the smoke out of my hair. And when I saw him, (Lucy starts to break down) hanging there, I actually thought for one second that God was punishing me for smoking.
      Don: I think sometimes life is too small for Dads. (hugs Lucy)

    • Lucy: Hello?
      Holt: Hey. Movie's wrapped.
      Lucy: Oh great, just in time for Julia's homecoming. How is she?
      Holt: She's ok I guess.
      Lucy: What is it you want Holt?
      Holt: I don't know.
      Lucy: Well, call me when you do.
      Holt: No, no, wait - Lucy. I need to see you.
      Lucy: Why?
      Holt: Now come on, does it have to be like this?
      Lucy: I need to hear it. All you need to do is ask Holt.
      Holt: OK look, I can't stop thinking about you, you know? It's like you're in my head all the time. I need to be…with you.
      Lucy: You mean inside of me?
      Holt: Yeah.
      Lucy: I can't I have a lot of work to do. Call me later.

    • Kenny: Sammy Winter called again said it was about a follow-up interview?
      Lucy: We've done enough stories on Sammy Winter and his futile attempt at rehab. The prostitutes, the trials and tribulations of being a child start. Unless he's banging an Olson twin or he has bought some ad space, I don't give a sh*t.
      Kenny: Johnny Gage is in your office.
      Lucy: Johhny Gage is in my office and you open with Sammy Winter? Way to bury the lead.

    • Sammy: (about Don) He's not right, is he?
      Lucy: Oh, he's the best there is.

    • Sammy: In the future when Sammy Winters calls, I suggest you take it.

    • Holt: (to Lucy) I can't stop thinking about you.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Sammy, a has-been who is believed to have stalked Lucy before he took the entire staff hostage is supposed to look like the famous serial killer, Charles Manson.

    • Johnny Gage: (laughing hysterically after Kenny is shot) Oh god, he killed Kenny!

      This is the famous catch phrase from the cartoon South Park, said each time regular character Kenny was killed in some bizzare manner.