Season 2 Episode 4

Ties That (Don't) Bind

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 23, 2008 on FX
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The dynamic duo of Willa and Farber score again as they uncover the dirty secrets behind a hit television series. Meanwhile, one of Holt's relatives appears and gives negative press about him, and Lucy decides to get back to a relationship with a powerful studio executive.

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  • Things in Dirt are getting hotter than ever when Holt's dad decides to speak out, Lucy meets Adam and Willa joins Farber to dig up a well known personality's deepest darkest secrets.moreless

    Don: He is sent on the hunt for some photos and discovers that the most vulnerable woman who can give him information to the location of the goods is actually a very vulnerable woman who's son has cancer and insurance isn't enough. We also get to meet one of Don's closest relatives after said relative gets into a very serious car accident, having numerous broken bones and fractures. Seeing where Don and his relative's relationship and the new things about their past can lead to is turning out pretty interesting.

    Lucy & Adam: The deal progresses and Lucy proves her worth to Adam giving him numbers and boasting off her chest of medals. I'm interested to see what changes may come after Adam buys the company. Will the whole office follow in his footsteps and always appear nude, even at the sight of visitors? Let's hope not.

    Willa and Farber: These two love birds get closer as they try to dig up a tape that suggests a very famous TV star has a sexual craving for more than just the legal aged woman, if you know what I mean. Willa and Farber are probably going to hit it off some time soon, it will only be a matter of time. In fact, they get personal in this episode as Willa questions Farber's intentions in working for a tabloid magazine.moreless
  • Who's Your Racist, Neo-Nazi Daddy?

    The revelations involving Holt's white supremacist background came as a surprise, and finally made him remotely interesting. You have to wonder if, despite his claims not to be a racist, he may have a public meltdown in the future, along the lines of Mel Gibson (who I think this story was inspired by). Elsewhere, I don't see any sparks between Holt and Lucy, whatever the writers are trying to say. I don't know if the two of them are supposed to be the Buffy/Angel, Liz/Max, (ugh) Meredith/Derek "couple" of this show, but I certainly don't think they have the chemistry required to fulfill that role. I guess time will tell...

    On the Lucy front, I like her new boyfriend, even though I don't completely trust him. I'm guessing they'll give him some ulterior motive for restarting their relationship, like he'll use her or DirtNow for his own personal gain. Maybe blackmail Lucy into giving his print space to his latest movies or something?

    Another pretty good episode. There's not a huge lot to say about Dirt anymore besides that it's consistently average. They seem to be stuck in a rut right now, and something major needs to happen to make it a little more intense. Unpopular opinion, maybe, but I think it's justified.

    Director: John Fortenberry

    Writer: Robert Nathan

    Rating: C+moreless
  • finally, an good episode this season!

    This is the best episode yet the year. Finally we saw Holt with Lucy,and how fantastic they work together. This is a relationship that works; the actors have fantastic chemistry! The scene where Lucy was having sex with the producer made you remember how different sex used to be with Holt! We also saw a different side of Don, when he went to see his brother in hospital, and how much Lucy cares about him and NOT the photo. Nice celebrity story that hasn't happened in real life; this episode is lot like the episodes that made this show what it was last season.moreless
  • Lucy uses & gets used by an old flame while rekindling (getting down to business). L helps Holt get out of the mess around him, as always. Don doesnt get the shot because he flies over to support his accidented bro. Willa & Farber stimoreless

    My God this eppy was goo...hood!

    the brilliant plot between Lucy & Ted ("so good to see you").

    you think they've missed each other but you really know how unsincere this is when lucy snoops on his cell and we know our girl is clever when she totally uncovers him at the end when she tells him he used her.

    I think this will set revenge when she pays him a visit at the studio. coz, come on, Lucy never looses. she will get even.

    How sweet of her to send Don to his brother. nice to know more about Don. I also like the fact that he know who he will be able to pressure to get the costume info and that even if he needs something, he still buys the info helping the women with the cancer kid.

    now last comment but not least: finally a real face to face Holt & Lucy moment!


    when they meet up at the party, how nice to give a little cheecky kiss and you can feel the tension.

    but man, when they talk at the studio, they almost cant resit kissing and they both know how they feel for each other.

    they really have good chemistry, just by the way they look at each other, so hot!

    I hope we ll get more later...

    anyway, it was an amazing eppy, cant wait to watch more!moreless
  • Dirt's new style shows improvement and viewer dedication pays off.

    The last season of Dirt was one of my favorite shows of last year and this year's new, less gritty style didn't really appeal to me. Until of course I watched this episode and found myself enjoying this episode.

    Lucy using sex as a in to a story was something I expected, but the revelation that the man was using her was a nice touch. If you enjoyed the suffocating atmosphere of dirt season 1 than you wouldn't enjoy this episode, but if you like funny, quasi-detective shows with a little dark than this episode and possibly the rest of the seaason will appeal to you.moreless
Danny Comden

Danny Comden

Ted Rothman

Guest Star

Richard Karn

Richard Karn

Holt's Dad

Guest Star

Rochelle Aytes

Rochelle Aytes

Jasmine Ford

Guest Star

Ryan Eggold

Ryan Eggold

Farber Kauffman

Recurring Role

Julian Acosta

Julian Acosta

Adam Proteau

Recurring Role

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    • Lucy: Congratulations guys! (holding up two glasses of wine) You did great, drink up, go home and have some terrific sex!
      (Willa and Farber seem embarrassed)
      Lucy: Oh,what? you two haven't done it yet? Sorry..

    • Anna: Are you crazy?
      Don: Yes, but that's not important right now.

    • Lucy: What the hell is he carrying?
      Willa: Teddy bear and a bottle of booze.
      Lucy: Well, got to love a pedophile who is a romantic.

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      Sweden: April 29, 2008 on TV400

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