Season 2 Episode 1

Welcome to Normal

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2008 on FX
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Picking up right where last season's finale left off, Lucy is unconscious after a brutal attack by Julia Mallory, who blamed DirtNow for the destruction of her career. Don has a hard time coping after finding Lucy, and the toll his schizophrenia has been taking forces him to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Holt's fame continues rising as Willa rises at DirtNow in Lucy's absence.moreless

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  • Uneventful

    This wasn't so good for a season opener. I mean, sure there was excitement on the fact that we didn't know what was going to happen to the magazine after Lucy came back or what the magazine had become with Lucy's two week departure, but overall, I believe the episode failed to deliver. The new headline story they're chasing after, that of Martina isn't even very exciting. I remember last season, Holt and Julia had so much character and personality that I actually cared what was going on with them. Martina just seems so plain, boring and totally lacking in personality. Definitely catching the rest of the season, but I wish they would do better.moreless
  • Instant Coma

    Even knives won't keep this b*tch down! Like a phoenix from the ashes, Lucy survives her attack at Julia Mallory's hands and gets straight back to work. I loved that the first thing she said post-coma was a barely audible "Cover... Cover!". She's badder than ever, ol' Lucy, being ruthless and uncaring with pretty much everybody throughout the episode.

    However, I loved that they are continuing the exploration into her humanity with her friendship with Don. They work wonders together, and it's like they're the only two people in the world who actually understand each other. But even Don is becoming concerned over Lucy's actions. She's becoming more driven than ever, and it's dangerous to see. When coming close to death doesn't even stop Lucy from slowing down a little, you know there's something wrong.

    I liked the introduction of Farber, who works well with Willa. He's a journalist who's unhappy with the work he is stuck doing, and it'll be interesting to see if Willa begins to worry about what she and her fellow tabloid journos are responsible for. I can't remember season one well, but I got major Julia Mallory vibes from Sharlee Cates. Striking a deal with Lucy can only end in misery, and if Sharlee continues her Britney-esque downward spiral, she'll probably end up with an electric shaver and public meltdown. I don't know if I liked the almost carbon-copy of Anna Nicole Smith with the Martina Linn storyline. They could have twisted it a little, but instead it just left a bad taste in my mouth. Anna died only about a year ago, and it's still a little too soon to be using her personal life as the basis for a TV character. And were they trying to imply that Anna had a hand in the death of her son? Because that's a little too lawsuit-worthy for my liking...

    You definitely get the impression that FX gave Dirt an ultimatum with season two. They'll renew the show, but only if everything becomes a lot lighter in tone. Gone are some of the edgier supporting cast (Brent, Julia) and gone is the dark opening credit visuals and moody theme song (replacing it with the admittedly cool but now overdone commercial graphics, and that terrible Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song). Only time will tell whether all these changes make for a better show...

    While I liked most of the season premiere, I hope the show doesn't turn into "celebrity spoof of the week". The Britney's and Lindsay's of this world are already so overexposed, I don't think I'm interested enough to watch their exploits acted out every week on Dirt.

    Director: Matthew Carnahan

    Writer: Matthew Carnahan

    Rating: Bmoreless
  • I really loved this episode!!

    I think this is one of the best episodes of Dirt. Firts of all I´ve been waiting for this episode for such a long time and it was everything I hoped for and more. The lst episode of season one was just brilliant and now that we finally got to see what happened next...well it was certainly worth the wait..

    I´ve always loved the relationship between Don and Lucy because Don seems to be the only one who really brings out the human in Lucy. Even though she is a horrible b**** most of the time she honestly cares for Don and he loves her too. They both truly need and understand each other and this episode showed that most of all. I mean for examble...in the hospital Don was the only one at her side, not even her own mother was there, so for me that really shows how he will always be there for Lucy. Also the last scene at the cemetary, it shows how Lucy will always be there for Don as well. It works both ways.

    All in all the episode had some funny new characters and juicy stories and I really, really loved it. The only things I might miss a little are Don´s hallusinations. They were quite extreme sometimes and I liked the way they made me feel almost normal and sane. At least when I speak the words I say don´t turn into a worm or something..Usually..moreless
  • Back to normal - with vengence

    This is most deffienlty a excellent episode. Lucy awakens from her coma with 1 thing on her mind - The Cover. She comes back with an edge as she leaves the hospitial AMA due to the magazine tanking. Don is now medicated and no longer talks to his cat. My only annoyance with this episode was the awful portrayl of a 'heiress/brat' by Ashley Johnson. She didnt look comfortable swearing yet alone acting like she proably could if she tried hard enough. I did love Ryan eggold as farber, Although willa admitting she could handle Lucys job was kinda sad =[ why was holt only in for like 2 minutes !!!!?!. glad to see julia's gone, she was kind of annoying. Cant wait till next episode !moreless
  • Normal sometimes _does_ feel weird. :)

    Awesome. Lucy is back and she's ripping through her own associates' b.s. with the same energy as she's tearing up celebrities and using them as toilet paper.

    I loved her confrontation with Lynette's annoying nemesis from "Desperate Housewives." And her new reporter. And I loved Don's kittie talking to him, and his question about the masks in his therapist's office.

    I'm also glad that they kept Lucy a little bit human by having her stitches pop. She's not indestructible and she does push herself too hard. I loved how it happened, tho -- her driving like mad so Don could get the shot.

    I wonder if Don's new risk-avoidance philosophy is going to affect his badassedness as regards things like severing a digit to get the photos no one else could get. I hope not. Part of what I love about Don are his Superpap tendencies.

    And his conversation with Holt in his apartment was cool. His memory for facts and details about celebrities always impresses me, as well as his delivery of same.

    All in all, this episode was everything I love about this show, and it's back, baby. :)moreless
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Shauna Stoddart


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David Figlioli


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Anne L. Nathan

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Laura Allen

Julia Mallory

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