Season 1 Episode 5

You Don't Know Jack

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2007 on FX
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Lucy publishes photos of action-movie star Jack Dawson in the arms of her brother Leo; menacing visitors threaten Brent Barrow to reveal Lucy's source about the murder of Aundre G; Julia interrupts a photo shoot for Holt.

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  • Very exciting episode.

    "You Don't Know Jack" refers to scandalous action movie actor, Jack Dawson. The reason the title is the way it is, is because something very private about Jack Dawson is going to be revealed by Lucy Spiller with help from brother, Leo Spiller and good friend, Don.

    Julia continues to take drugs from Garbo, causing her to break-down in one of Holt's photo shoots. Leo catches Jack with another man and comes to Lucy to expose him. Lucy and Holt have some sparks flying when they have a talk over dinner. Don stays committed to Lucy and does the job at any cost. Brent sells out and Tyreese looses his career.

    Julia has been stressed out ever since her friend Kira died. She has been involved with Garbo, a dealer, ever since. She decides to visit Holt in one of his photo shoots where she breaks down after Holt refuses to make love with her. Julia is starting to annoy me, but it was still a very solid plot overall.

    Leo has previously been dating Jack Dawson. When Leo goes to Jack's house one day, he catches Jack with another man. Leo turns to Lucy in hopes to get revenge on Jack. Lucy seeks Don to do the mission with help from Leo. Don goes to the extreme to make sure the story is published. This plot was the climax of the episode, it was very thrilling and exciting.

    When Lucy finds out that she is going to be able to bring down action star Jack Dawson, she decides to give Holt a heads up, since now he has a huge chance to be America's next big action star. The message wasn't the only thing sent during their dinner, sparks have been going around with those two since they started talking. Their relationship looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to it.

    Previously on Dirt, Tweetie threatens Brent when he finds out that people are being suspicious about Tweetie killing Andre G. Lucy knows nothing about the situation and put the pictures of Andre G's head on the cover of the previous issue of Dirt Now magazine. Tweetie is back in this episode looking to seek revenge. Brent sells out and tells Tweetie that Prince Tyreese was the one who gave Lucy the heads up. Tweetie then goes to Tyreese and ruins his career.

    Overall it was a very solid episode, nothing too interesting, but it wasn't boring at the same time, so it was a pretty well written episode.moreless
  • The Brady Brunch

    Lucy is still the best character on the show, and every scene she's in sparkles with a mix of both sexuality and danger, especially in her scenes with Holt in this episode. They've began a strange flirty relationship with each other, and the conversation they have about Lucy "eating the week" and tasting delicious was really creepy. As much as I love Lucy, you can't help but hate her too for literally how evil she is. But it's campy evil, which is always the best kind.

    The Jack Dawson storyline continues, but I was a little disappointed that he was outed so soon. Maybe if we had gotten a little more insight into his relationship with Leo, then it might have worked better. But to see Jack's career ruined by the Spiller's doesn't have the effect it could have had if their relationship had been given more depth.

    Wayne Brady makes a great cameo performance, and whoever decided to cast him as a psycho penis-remover deserves some kind of award. It's also great to see Lucy get some kind of comeuppance for her manipulation of Prince Tyreese. It was always a dangerous story to get involved with, and it was refreshing to see her lose in the end, and realize she had made a mistake.

    Meanwhile, Willa continues to impress. Though it was slightly spoiled by Alex Breckenridge's squeaky voice, her conversation on the phone at the end was enough to surprise both the audience and Lucy, who saw her in a completely new light after realizing she does indeed have the "stones" for the job.

    Another great episode, You Don't Know Jack featured a great mix of suspense and comedy, and the scenes involving Wayne Brady made for some seriously bizarre TV.

    Director: Chris Long

    Writer: Dave Flebotte

    Rating: B+moreless
  • "You Don't Know Jack" bring TWEETY back!!! Tweety is soooo SEXY! Tweety McDaniel is played by Billy Brown NOT Wayne Brady.

    TV.com, correct your guest-star credits! Tweety McDaniel is played by BILLY BROWN from last season's NBC/Bruckheimer drama "E-Ring" starring Dennis Hopper.

    Tweety McDaniel is NOT played by Wayne Brady. Tweety's magnetic performance left me and my girlfriends begging our flat screen for more. I know it sounds corny but me and the girls in my sorority want MORE Tweety. He's kind of a hottie. What's he like when he's not taking care of bizness? What's he look like out of those suits? If I was Lucy...I mean now that's a true power couple! We hope they bring him back! Please!?! There's just something about him...very manly. Hey Rick Fox is a hottie too. And this is a little embarrassing, but to be honest none of my girls or I have ever dated a black guy. But after witnessing Tweety's confidence, charm, charisma and strong hands...WOW! Who knows?!

    Go Bruins hoops!!!moreless
  • What a great episode!! I knew we'll end up with Leo exposing his affair with Jack, but I did not expect this, and boy was I sure they lost the pictures when they caught Don!! The pschyzo is brilliant!! Swallowing the film? awsome!moreless

    I found the parts with Lucy's boss funny, specially when these guys wanted to cook his intimate part. I mean that was HILARIOUS! I just love this show!

    So glad Lucy and what's his name (the cute actor) are getting closer. It's time she'll have a real man instead of her toy.

    This was a great episode, especially watching Wayne Brady being ruthless. We all knew he could by the singy goody goody guy that America watched on Drew Carey's show, but watching him in other roles in Chappelle's Show (The best episode ever!), Crossover, and now Dirt. Rick Fox is convincing as the pretty boy basketball player, Prince Tyrese, but having him receiving anal sex could be changed. There are other creative ways to blackmail him. And there are too many gross out scenes. We don't need to see oral sex scenes that are so graphic. Please, it is not needed for the show.moreless
Timothy Bottoms

Timothy Bottoms

Gibson Horne

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Grant Show

Grant Show

Jack Dawson

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Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady

Tweetie's Henchman

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Alex Breckenridge

Alex Breckenridge

Willa McPherson

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Rick Fox

Rick Fox

Prince Tyreese

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Carly Pope

Carly Pope


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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Tweetie McDaniel smashes Prince Tyreese's (Rick Fox's character) knees with a metal pipe after discovering that the basketball player told to Dirt Now that he killed Aundre G.

      In a few episodes of season 4 of CW's show "One Tree Hill", Rick Fox played the character of Daunte, a gambler with a passion for blackmail. In exchange for money, Daunte asks Nathan Scott (one of the leading characters of the show, a high school basketball player) to cheat on some basketball match. In the episode "Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye", when he asks Nathan to lose the State Championship and he refuses, Daunte threatens him to break one of his knees with a metal pipe.

    • The tattoo that looks like a set of scrolls around a pole with a line of text below it, which appeared briefly on the top of his right arm in the pilot, has now been moved to the top of his left arm and the Virescit Vulnere Virtus "tattoo" is on the top of his right arm.

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    • International Airdates:
      The Netherlands: January 22, 2008 on Net 5
      Sweden: February 5, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Latin America: April 13, 2008 on People & Arts

    • Music Featured in This Episode:
      Spider String by Sofa Mecca
      Sour Milk by Phontaine
      Cons, Thieves & Murderers by Cities
      Simplify by Echostream
      You're a Wolf by Sea Wolf
      Is You With This by Zion I
      The Cold, The Dark and The Silence by Sea Wolf