Dirty Dancing

CBS (ended 1989)


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  • The series

    It is very beautiful TV-show, and it had a

    better feel for the characters and period. And it is very pity that

    nobody don't see it. Also actors played so good! I think it is not

    worse than the movie :)When I have looked this show - I wanted to dance

    or to become Baby. You must see it!
  • Classic story with wonderful dancing. Even if a person is not into love stories it is hard to take one's eyes off this movie.

    Patrick Swayze is wonderful. He seems so sure of himsel. Even though this movie was made 20 years ago it is still entertaining and timeless. My sisters watch it over and over. The girl in the movie does such a good job of showing the struggle of learning to dance. The struggle of trying to impress her parents and still love Partick Swayze is so obvious. The movie reminds me a little of the movie from the same time period called Clip Dancing. I liked that movie and I liked this one. Its good for kids around the age of 12 to 18.