Dirty Jobs

Season 2 Episode 20

Casino Food Recycler

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2006 on Discovery Channel
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It's a glitzy Las Vegas premiere as Mike visits the Lance Burton Theater to clean up the pens for Lance's show doves and geese. Mike then gets really dirty by visiting a pig farmer and helping him process and transport yesterday's buffet leftovers to feed the pigs.moreless

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  • Loved the pig shirt Mike!

    This was a great episode! I love the play back in forth with the Pig Farmer and Mike, it was so cute and my daughter and I laughed like crazy. This is definetly one of my favorites!!!!!! And the back stage bald guy was great too, even if note the greatest job at least he knows how to have fun. Not to many people would brag about being good at cleaning up "poo" as Mike would say. And yes at the pig farm I think that was the dirtiest truck in the world. As for eating the old candy at the pig farm he is braver than I thought. If you have not seen this one it is a most!moreless
  • Bob and Mike are quite the pair my kids and I were dying laughing at him chasing those pigs and slopping them. SOME THINGS MIKE COMES UP WITH GETS US LAUGHING.Bob picked up that shovel we thought for sure MIKE WOULD GET THE BUSINESS END OF THAT WHACK!moreless

    Mike and Bob what a pair we could not stop laughing I still have no idea what Southern Bob said when he picked up that shovel and waited around the corner for Mike and the pigs, what ever it was got us laughing into tears expecting a WHACK for Mike.
  • Slow to start but ends up as an instant classic.

    The first part of the show, which involved Lance Burton\\\'s magic theater, is amusing but a slow start. Mike manages to get a few funny comments in there but his counterpart is a bit robotic.

    The second part of the show, where he recycles Vegas Strip discarded buffet food into pig feed, is one of the dirtiest and funniest episodes yet. I think the sewage plant episode tops my list for dirtiest job ever, but the pervasiveness of wet and dry slop around this pig farm is astounding from the moment the work begins.

    For some reason, all the leftover food is stained a deep yellow and they begin by picking out the inedibles such as hangers, plastic wrappers, etc. The slop is then carried (almost inexplicably) up a conveyer belt up to what amounts to an enormous cauldron, where everything is boiled.

    The conveyer belt gets jammed so the old man sends Mike down to clear it out with a shovel. As Mike\\\'s talking, the old man calls out something like, \\\"Hey Mike! Stop wasting time and get back to work up here!\\\" The combination of timing and the look on Mike\\\'s face is priceless.

    Up at the top of the cauldron, Mike cleans out a fat separator, throwing the trash over the side. Some of it hits the cameraman below. The fat is sold to cosmetics companies. It\\\'s kind of a Fight Club moment.

    The cooked slop is then loaded into what\\\'s possibly the world\\\'s dirtiest truck. It\\\'s caked inside and out with slop. The old man tells Mike not to worry about wiping his feet before getting in. Mike assures him his feet are the last thing he\\\'s worried about.

    The camera follows Mike as he drives (way too fast) around the farm to the feeding pens. Slop spills out over the sides of the truck and hits the ground, steaming.

    Mike pulls the truck up to the camera but is coming in too fast. He stops the truck, leans out the window and begins to speak, but a wall of slop washes over the walls of the truck bed and comes spilling over. Mike has to duck back into the cab to avoid getting hit.

    Another choice moment is when Mike is trying to get the hang of driving around the smaller \\\"feeding truck,\\\" which looks like a small garbage dumpster on a motor. Mike asks something like, \\\"Don\\\'t you have any normal vehicles on this farm?!\\\" The choice moment is when he tries to figure out if the cart has a reverse gear.

    It\\\'s a good thing we were watching this with a DVR because we rewound many bits. If you like this show, you\\\'ll love this episode.

  • The Best!

    This is one of the best episodes of Dirty Jobs I have ever seen!! If you can catch this one set your TiVo or Moxi right now, you will not be sorry! This show was way DIRTY and so funny! That pig farmer was a hoot! Great Great show! I saved it for my 11 yr old son and watched it a second time with him. I can\'t say enough about this show or it\'s host, Mike Rowe. He really is so funny and a big reason to watch this show! I will say that this episode is not for the easiely queasy people. Thanks your lucky stars the Discovery Channel hasn\'t figured out smell-o-vision!moreless
  • Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, especially the dirty stuff.

    What a way to start the summer season of Dirty Jobs!

    The bird pen segment was on par. There's a curious guest host named Turtle, who has a special way of doing things and steals a few jokes. It's also a great forum to throw in some "I wish Lance could make the poo disappear" jokes. And it's interesting how the birds drink bottled water despite leaving droppings just about everywhere.

    The pig farmer segment was really over the top. Take a huge truckload of buffet food that people don't eat, which looks like large chunks of thoroughly yellow-brown vomit, and then Mike had to sort out the garbage from the food by hand, and then transport forms of that stuff to different places Yuck! If Mike can tackle that, I can wash the dishes that I've let sit in my sink, or pick up after Angus or Kitty. But I'm still using bleach! The farmer guy was also quite a character.

    The scene of the night was when Mike was trying to operate the semi-automated slop hauler. Picture a standing scooter or wheelbarrow kind of thing with some crazy controls. There's just something hilarious about physical comedy: a machine not working the way you wanted, mixed in with the usual organics that puts it over the top. You can't stage this kind of comedy, well, you can, but it looks funnier when they pull it off.

    Overall, this is a fabulous episode with a modest amount of educational value. You won't look at a casino buffet the same way, but on the positive side, you know that food doesn't go to waste either.


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