Dirty Jobs

Season 3 Episode 27

Dairy Cow Midwife

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 28, 2008 on Discovery Channel

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  • As shocking as a PETA video, but on mainstream TV!

    Thank you so much for showing the obscene behind the scenes cruelty of the dairy industry. Most people have to go to PETA.com to view such heinous hidden camera footage of the milk industry. But you guys made it front and center for the public to view! The cows in headlocks on the "rape rack" as it is known, being anally fisted, having a probe pushed through their cervix (any of you women out there know how painful this is) and the brutality of how the dairy industry removes the newborn calves right away from the mother is, well, the heinous truth of life on the factory. No mention of where the male calves go.....but we all know the answer....to veal and beef farms where the cruelty continues. Even the host showed some compassion, although minimal, as he looked into the calves "big brown eyes." What pushed me over the edge was the c-section footage. You could see how much the cow suffered having major surgery without any anesthesia! Can you imagine! One small shot of a local anesthetic made no difference as the cow moaned in agony when the supposed "vet" starting slicing into her flesh while she was still totally awake. I want to thank you for doing this show and not for the reasons you think. You guys put the cruelty of factory farming front and center. You will inevitably cause massive change in people's eating habits by promoting veganism (not eating or wearing any animal products.) Who could drink milk, eat cheese, or eat ice cream at the expense of these unfortunate cows now? I wait for the day when this callous and inhumane way of producing milk is a thing of the past. Your show last night will begin the process for millions who watched the horrors on this farm. Until then, soy milk is where it's at!