Dirty Jobs

Season 3 Episode 27

Dairy Cow Midwife

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 28, 2008 on Discovery Channel

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  • How do I get to visit the farms and milk the cows

    I do not think milking cows is a dirty job. Milking Cows is fun. People find ways to get dairy farmers to let them milk their cows. They make videos of their milking experience and post them on U tubes. You have to see a smile on their faces as they squeeze the teats. They do not think it is a dirty job. I myself have milked cows by hands and machines. I've inseminated cows and heifers. I've milked bulls. Cows seemed happy as the bulls, being milked, rode them to inseminate the cows. Only the bull dick did not go inside the cow byt inside my container. But the bull did not mind. Only the cow was wondering what happened. I've helped young cows deliver their first calves. The cows were not confused at all. The cows do not know that their calves have been taken away from them. They just are happy when the milkers squeeze their teats instead of their teats being sucked by calves. It is a shame that sites like this find people like Mike make videos and have them write disgusting articles and post their articles on these sites. This fool has posted his videos on You Tube and always calls it a dirty jib. I do not think it is a dirty job. I'd like to visit a small farmer to milk his vows if he wants to go on a vacation.