Dirty Jobs

Discovery Channel (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 11/7/03
      Mike enters a bat cave in Texas in search of guano (bat excrement) to collect with a bat biologist. Later he helps to rehabilitate bats at a "bat hospital." Mike then goes in search of mud used to give grip to baseballs in the major leagues. Finally, Mike tries his hand at filleting fish and takes part in the many stages of seafood production.moreless
    • Worm Dung Farmer
      Episode 2
      First Mike goes catfish noodling in Oklahoma, which is basically catching catfish by sticking your hands in an underwater hole and grabbing whatever bites you. Mike then goes to Wisconsin and learns what it takes to be a septic tank technician. Finally, Mike goes to Florida and gets down and dirty with a worm dung farmer who harvests worm poo for fertilizer.moreless
    • Roadkill Cleaner
      Episode 3
      Mike goes to Florida and works with some divers who recover lost golf balls from water hazards to recycle them for resale. Mike then heads to Ohio to clean up roadkill off the highway which is then turned into compost. Finally, Mike heads off to Texas to breed horses by first collecting horse sperm with an artificial vagina then using it to inseminate a mare.moreless
    • 7/26/05
      Mike assumes the responsibilities of a garbage collector as he takes to the streets of San Francisco's Chinatown at night, hauling away several tons of garbage. After carrying several tons of garbage down the narrow corridors and steep staircases of Chinatown, Mike moves onto San Francisco's Recycle Central, located on Pier 96. As part of his trash collection endeavor, Mike will head to an organic food waste processing plant and then on to a Napa Valley winery. Later, he heads out to sea with a "man who is obsessed with sharks" - a marine biologist who shows Mike how to catch and categorize sharks for research information. Finally, Mike heads to a junkyard where he takes on the task of a disassembly, parts location and engine removal in a single day.moreless
    • Sewer Inspector
      Episode 5
      Mike steps into the shoes of a sewer inspector in San Francisco and heads beneath the streets to examine the sewers. He then works with a disaster clean-up crew for a day and helps sanitize a basement after a sewer backs up. Finally, Mike joins up with a demolition company and makes a mess of things by helping the deconstruction crew tear down rooms in an office building.moreless
    • Pig Farmer
      Episode 6
      Mike learns more about pig farming than he ever wanted to know as he feeds and cleans up after hundreds of pigs, plays with piglets, and artificially inseminates a sow. After a day at the pig farm, Mike hits the streets of New York City with "Gum Busters" removing discarded gum from the sidewalks. Later, he joins a crew who are cleaning pigeon droppings and nests. Mike also helps them in installing a system to prevent the return of pigeons to the building.moreless
    • Chick Sexer
      Episode 7
      Mike first heads off to Iowa and discovers the dirty process behind sexing male and female baby chicks. He then goes to Vermont and learns about the dirty work behind brewing beer. Finally, Mike goes to South Carolina and learns how to harvest oyster beds in the mud and later, he recycles oyster shells by planting them in the water to make more oysters.moreless
    • Vexcon
      Episode 8
      Mike first heads to Maryland to catch crabs using chicken necks and then learns how to process crab for the supermarket shelves. He then heads off to Missouri and learns how to shoe horses with a modern day blacksmith. Finally, Mike goes on call with an exterminator group in Louisiana called Vexcon.moreless
    • Sludge Cleaner
      Episode 9
      Mike first goes to California and learns the art and lifestyle of making surfboards. He then goes to Oregon to harvest honey with a couple of bee keepers. Finally, Mike goes to New York and works with a sludge recycler.
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