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HOT!! Episodes???

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    [1]Aug 11, 2009
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    Hey, i find Mike Rowe extremely hot!!! Can someone name some episodes where he is shirtless please. There is one where he is in nothing but a towel and uses a camcorder to record someone in the shower, also there is one where he is wiping mud or something off his chest (what episodes are these?). Episode titles/seasons would be great please.

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    [2]May 21, 2010
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    Heya, well i was watching repeats and came across a part in episode 11 of season 3. Mike ends up taking off his shirt to help jump on the back of a croc and gets a bit muddy, I know its not the scene you are looking for but its better than nothing lol LaughingThen afterwards he makes a comment which goes something like: 'how did i end up half nakedlying onanother man on top of a croc?". I couldn't stop laughing...

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