Dirty Jobs

Season 1 Episode 6

Pig Farmer

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 09, 2005 on Discovery Channel



  • Trivia

    • The phone number on the van of the pigeon cleaners is blurred out at the beginning of the segment, but it is not at the end of the segment.

  • Quotes

    • Mike informs a woman about the diseases that birds carry.
      Mike: If you could communicate in the pigeon's language, what would you tell them?
      Woman: Die. Go away.

    • As Mike climbs down a ladder, he gets tangled up with the harness and stops.
      Mike: Once again, I've almost killed myself with safety.

    • Mike is pushing the pigs out of a fenced area.
      Mike: Go to where your friends are peeing... Join the urine parade.

    • Mike: They build a nest on top of their poo? How firm a foundation.

    • Mike: (Stumbles on roof) Another colossally stupid way to die: "What happened to Mike?" - "Ah, he fell off a building." - "What was he doing?" - "Ah, he was cleaning up pigeon poo. Tragic really, cut down in the sub-prime of his life."

    • Eric: Now, you're gonna wanna to take your hand and brush off the excess dirt off her vulva.
      Mike: Right, with my clean gloves. Excess dirt? There's nothing here but... this vulva is encased in poo.

    • Eric: This is the nursery.
      Mike: The nursery! What fresh hell are we in here?

    • Mike: I'm holding a pig's umbilical cord. Eh, that's a first.

  • Notes

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