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  • clean three of the tallest structures in the world Eiffel tower, statue of liberty, empire state building.

    i am sure it will be entertaining so do it
  • Makes your job seem like a piece of cakes, doesn't it?

    I love watching Mike Rowe jump in head first to do a job that makes my skin crawl. It's unbelievable that jobs like this exist and that there are people who do them every day. This show wouldn't be even half as good without Mike making it look so fun and shooting those direct looks at the camera. He's come a long way from QVC! I'd love to see more animal jobs as those are always the most unpredictable and dirtiest. I'm also impressed at his willingness to try anything (and eat anything!) just to show how others make their living.
  • Check out Mike's new mission at www.mikeroweworks.com

    On Labor Day, September 1, 2008, www.mikeroweWORKS.com was launched along with a video introduction where Mike described what he had in mind. Like Dirty Jobs, its purpose is to make a fun, but deliberate, case for skilled labor, and challenge the notion that a four-year degree is the only path to a worthwhile career. At the end of October, they put up a public forum and a call for help. Thanks mostly to the hard work of dedicated Dirty Jobs fans and others who've otherwise heard about the site, the forum has taken shape with literally thousands of links to trade resources, scholarships, apprenticeships, fellowships, and vocational schools (and more) that will benefit anyone wanting to explore a career in the construction or technical trades. The second phase of the website launched in February 2009 containing a real, functioning, informative and interactive resource center for people in, or looking to explore, the trades. In a modest way, Dirty Jobs has reminded people of a time when Hard Work was not seen as a thing to avoid - when craftsmanship was lauded, and Master Tradesmen were seen a role models. In a bigger way, mikeroweWORKS will function as a PR Campaign for Hard Work and Skilled Labor - a deliberate attempt to make sure the jobs we need, are jobs that people actually desire.

    Like the infrastructure, mikeroweWORKS is under construction, and always will be. Come by and check us out.
  • boy do i have a dirty job for you. have you ever wanted to know how to make a fake leg or hand or arm well thats what i do my company make orthapedics and prostetics and my job is to make the molds turn a negative cast in to a positive mold

    my name i jennifer and i love this show and i know what is like to have a dirty job i make artifcal limbs and that can get pretty dirty but not as dirty as his he the perfect host for the sow hes so funny and hes got great dialog with people i wounder if theres ever been a job to dirty for him to do if there is i would like to know what that is . well keep doing the dirty deed o and one more thing have u ever made a leg or an arm for some one well if you havent you should check out the job i do its dirty and i think you'll like it
  • Dirty jobs is just as it's title implies. But it does give us an insight to a world we wouldn't see anywhere else. Mike Rowe and his crew are great!

    Dirty jobs is just as it's title implies. Most of the episodes are dirty, grimy and down right disgusting (usually having to do with 'poo' in one form or another). But it does give us an insight to a world we wouldn't see anywhere else. Mike Rowe and his crew are great! The camera crew gets shots that make us feel as if we were right there with them (minus the stinkyness). And Mike narrates in such a way that we don't realize we are learning something. The episodes that are not gross are of jobs that are extreme, or extremely dangerous. But Mike and his crew live through it all, the cool, the extreme and the vile.
  • The summary of Dirty Jobs in one word....fabulous...funny...very entertaining....and it is all because of Mike Rowe..he definitely makes it....very sweet, always a gentlemen..,tries to appease and give his all...which is what a real man is made of....

    Hello Mike;

    Ur show is fabulous. U make it definitely. Ur listening on ur guests every word, as to not miss anything. And them to appease them, and give it ur all. There is nothing that I can think of that u should change on ur show. Ur funny, very sweet, have a gorgeous smile, ur natural talent for teasing. U obviously love what u do, or u would not be doing. I am forced by my friends, to ask u a personal question...are u attached??

    Have u every had the opportunity to come to Canada. Especially Calgary, Alberta, the famous Calgary Stampede and Rodeo.
    Well, hun, that would be a challenge, ride a bronc, or bull...or choice....I don't think so...that is very dangerous..even for the pros...but the thought was there.

    Wishing u all the best on show 151 and on...
    I don't know if u actually reply back to ur viewers, but it would awesome if u did...would love to talk to u...I think ur very intriguing, but very sweet, with a wonderful smile...and those buggy eyes..haha....

    Best wishes always,
    Eva Marie....cowgirl from Calgary...ahah
  • A day at Fair Oaks Farm...

    I have to say, I enjoyed this episode, as I have all the others. How can one resist Mike Rowe? He's ideal for this gig. With this episode, I was thrilled to see Fair Oaks profiled and saw nothing that surprised me. Nothing was staged as far as how the cattle are treated, and what assistance is given to the cattle when necessary during the birthing process. And those giving birth and needing C-sections, aren't left in agony as incisions are made. If I recall, not only did the Vet administer anesthetic prior to beginning the incision, he also administered additional once he made the cut, to further make it more comfortable. I'm actually about 45minutes from Fair Oaks, and have taken the tour they offer a couple times when I've been looking for something to do. Yes, you can watch the birthing process (I don't know if they actually show a C-section being performed, I haven't seen one personally while I've been there). What I've seen on the tour and what they aired on the show was nothing different, so for 1 person to say they (Fair Oaks) mistreats their animals, etc., is poorly informed, and should pay more attention to what they see and hear before ripping apart an industry that has existed for a number of years and spewing their belief. To state a difference of opinion is fine, but don't push it over the line and go 'preaching' or such.

    I have to head by the area later today, so perhaps I'll stop by for some nice cold, fresh milk, and then some ice cream on my way back. :-)
  • This is about a guy called mike who likes to do the dirtiest jobs and most stomach churning jobs on the planet.

    This show came onto the scene a couple of years ago and although it is a fairly interesting program it tends to follow the same old reality script most reality shows take. This show relates very much to "a life of Grime" only this program follows the more human aspect of cleaning up. The one redeeming feature this program has is the very interesting character of mike who engages and involves the viewer in all aspects of the job he is on. he also tells the story of the ordinary person involved in the jobs that need to be done in everyday life in order to make the world in a general sense work. It is also informative in letting us know how everything he is involved i doing works.
  • Funny! Funny! Funny!

    I give props Mike. I could never do half the stuff he does. His crew and him seem to go through Hell every time. Mike is so funny though and I love this show. I'm glad that this show is making it. MY fav. Is when he is catching the snakes and he keeps getting bit that one was priceless to see it happen. I feel for this man because when I watch some of the stuff he does I want to throw up! I don't know how he cant. This show is the best and please watch it if you haven't yet!
  • Great Show Mike Rowe plays in garbage. What could be better?

    Mike Rowe will do just about anything although I haven't seen him do much in the way of the really gross jobs that are dirty and stomach turning (although tanning hides came close) like cleaning up after a human death, clean up after fires, or turn a deer into various forms of vension. I really enjoy this show because it makes my job look like a piece of cake. My favorite part is when he sings the title song. He has added stanzas each time and it just gets funnier. The man has the voice to sing, his last real job. His face says it all though, he is a comedian in disguise. He can make me laugh at the slightest thing. Favorite episode: Cleaning the sewer beneath San Fransico. I would have been out of that hole as soon as those cockroaches started falling on me!
  • Mike Rowe and his crew assist blue collard workers with their dirty jobs.

    i adore this show! Mike Rowe and his crew assist other people with their dirty jobs that they have submitted to Discovery.com. Mike Rowe is HILARIOUS and the other guests are funny as well. Each week he travels to a differnt job and trys his best to handle the situation. He has done such odd and dirty jobs as street cleaner, ostrich farmer, coal collector, alligator farmer, potatoe farmer, and all sorts of jobs that involve waste, dirt, grime, and all sorts of nasty ingridents. The closing credits usually includes some funny out-takes. All in all this show is GREAT and i look forward to seeing in every Tuesday!
  • it is ausome

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  • A surprising smash hit.

    Mike Rowe makes this show, he has a great sense of humor and he doesn't get angry which looks pretty easy to do considering some of the jobs he does in this show. He makes learning about dirty, mucky jobs entertaining. You learn a lot about a lot of the jobs we don't see, like sewer cleaning, gum removal, insect removal, destruction, anything and everything that involves some form of getting really dirty, hence the title of the show. I am surprised how popular this show has become and I commend the cameramen and Mike Rowe on the work they do. Some of the places they fit cameras into is insanity. I would have never thought I would enjoy a show informing you about dirty jobs but Mike Rowe sells it well. As I said he has a very good sense of humor and there is times where I can't stop laughing. Do yourself a favor and watch this show, it's a real treat and one of my surprise favorites.
  • Mike Rowe You Make Me Laugh Laugh Laugh, Thank You.

    I Love Your Crew Too. Long Live Your Show. I Am A Cancer Survivor And Your Show Is Just What I Need. Can't Get Enough Of Your Show So People Keep Him Busy And Dirty. Need More Funny Shows Like Yours. God Bless And Be Safe Too. You And Your Crew.
    Sincerely ShellyAnne.
  • Never condescending or rude, Mike shows you how hard these jobs actually are. Making you feel a sense of pride for the people willing to do what is necessary so the rest of us can do what we love.

    What's not to love about Dirty Jobs? You have a host that is not only continually teaching you new and bizarre things, but also entertaining you with off the cuff jokes. From the moment I first saw Dirty Jobs I was impressed by the concept of it. An ordinary man, with no real manual working skills, trying his best in jobs most of us would never even dream doing. Showcasing those in middle America that aren't afraid to do what they must to get paid. Over the past seasons I have grown to love Mike Rowe more and more. His nature of playing every flaw and inability off as a joke is endearing. He teaches me about jobs I never knew existed, and presents the people who do them with respect. Never condescending or rude, he shows you how hard these jobs actually are. Making you feel a sense of pride for the people willing to do what is necessary so the rest of us can do what we love.
  • Disgustingly gratifying.

    I love this show especially during dinner where I can barely stomach the food while watching Mike Rowe dig through pig slop. Mike Rowe makes this show. He exudes personality and is a great comedian. At some jobs, the workers seem stiff around the camera but Mike is able to get them to loosen up and the segment flows much easier afterwards.

    It's also nice to see the other jobs out there. I'm stuck at a desk nine hours a day staring at a computer screen. It's fun to see what type of jobs are out in the open world which Dirty Jobs provides in an entertaining and fun atmosphere.
  • Mike Rowe travels the country investigating the dirty jobs that keeps America going and people out of debt - all the while keeping his sense of humor around.

    This is a great spin on the old My America shows where guys travel the country meeting real people. Showcasing the disgusting jobs and the people of love them, Mike Rowe has quickly become the quintessential TV host with an impressive resume, and his willingness and fortitude to prove he is not afraid of getting dirty or a little hard work is a credit to him. It makes him more human than just another TV celebrity. It's a great series lead by an intelligent and likeable guy who loves meeting people, the perfect format for any good reality/documentary series.
  • Perfect!!!!!

    Í just adore the show and the host Mike Howe of course!!!!!
    Dirty jobs it is a series that it shows as appreciated works cannot be interesting and very important. Mike Howe always is ready for new adventures and she always plays well the work for which she is assigned. Because to make dirty itself in definitive works it is part of the essential and important service being!!!!!
  • We heard Mike Rowe sing the National Anthem and it was AWESOME! Great show as it is informative as well as entertaining.

    Mr. Rowe - We are impressed with your show. We heard you sing the National Anthem and it was awesome - great job! (Better than many "famous" singers). Your show is very informative - showing everyone the side of life not always known about. You also make it an entertaining experience as you always have to try everything (which it makes easier to understand than someone just talking). It makes me appreciate what others do so my life can be easier. Make's one aware of the many cogs that turn the wheel. Keep up the great job! Thanks
  • This show is one of the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this show because we are all getting a chance to see the little guys in life. It also shows us the jobs we don't want to have but it does make you think about having that job. This show is funny because its unscripted which makes it extremely funny for the whole family. It doesn't matter if your family doesn't like the show make them watch it get your Dad, your Mom, your Sister, your Brother, your Dog, your Cat, your Hamster, even your aunt Gladis will love it. Make your family watch this show for the sake of Mike, Dave, and the others at Dirty Jobs. Send them the ideas they need to keep it running now.
  • So Awesome

    I absolutely love this show. I watch it whenever it's on. I love watching Mike embarass himself. While he is doing any of the jobs i say I'm glad i'm not doing this. He makes even the most weird and gross siruations histerical. It never gets old. Even when it seems like he's done the same jobs just in a different way or something. It still seems different. Mike does a great job. I watch this show cuz it's awesome and Mike is so cool. It's the best show on T.V.
  • Pretty Cool!

    This show is really good.One day i was flipping through channels and i finnaly turned it to the discovery channel and saw some guy fishg logs out of a lake. I kept watching and saw that this really is a very cool show. Ever since that day i have been watching every new episode. This season is especcially good. The guy hosting the show is Mike Rowe. I guess he used to be a comedian or something but he really is pretty funny. He travels the country looking for the dirtiest jobs he can find and actually does the job with the people that do the job for real.
  • mike is a peach!and he does his job excellent.cant see anyone better for it.and his crew is great.

    to stop this show any time soon would be a crime.and alota unknown jobs would go unoticed.and that would be a crime.and if any time soon the show is looking for a side kick for mike please keep roofergurrl69 in mind.it would be an honor to work beside mike rowe.i think that a show of the best off camera shots would be great.and for the record your a syco mike for letting all those snakes bite ya!wanna see a big girl run fast.and the bats arent too appealing.but mike you are the man!!look forward 2 seeing next show.
  • This show is quite inoformative and always interesting.some might think it is a boring subject and even if it is true,the always entertaining mike rowe makes it worth while. Watching all the varied jobs and seeing how different life can be is eye-opening.

    This show is truly something. Something very bizarre and interesting. Its also very addicting. You honestly probably would think it would be neither of these the first time you here about it but after you get watching it you certainly get into it. Mark Rowe also adds in his quirky humor as he delivers us the goods on all the delightful jobs we are unaware people have to suffer through while we sit back in comfort. I certainly am amazed at all the jobs we don't think people are actually doing to make us feel better in our every day life. This show is one of the most truly entertaining shows as it gives us so much to look and think about in one simple half an hour show. Well I guess I shouldn't say simple. This show actually goes through the process of each job as the workers pit Mike against the dirty jobs roughest elements and show his what they have to do every DAY. Its amazing how anyone could suffer through them and I think this show is very educational in which it shows all the many things that people so behind the scenes that don't get the glory of anything but they do their jobs none the less and there proud of it as they should be. 'cause honestly without them well wed be screwed. In the end I love this show and it deserves good ratings. I hope it does well :).
  • A very dirty show

    No I dont mean dirty in that kinda way. I mean dirty as in Mike gets dirty every time he does this show. This is his real life job and he goes from place to place and some some very dirty and very cool and fun jobs. I have learnd a lot from this show and I still wach it every week when it is on. There is no acting in this show and I like that aobut a show. Over all I give it a 100 becsue of how cool and dirty Mike gets just so he can show people wath is realy done when most of us sit at home and do nothing. I hope you guys enjoy this show!
  • Fabulous, entertaining show!

    "Dirty Jobs" is an absolutely fabulous show. It's educational (to a certain extent), while at the same time being entertaining. The show would not be the same without the host, Mike Rowe, who travels the country looking for dirty jobs. He then participates in the various dirty jobs for a day, learning the "ins and outs" of it, and describing to the audience what he is experiencing. His dry humor and quick wit makes the show worth watching. Some of the jobs that's he's participated in include: making candy, cleaning penguin poo, investigating sewers, tarring a roof, riding on a shrimp boat, demolishing a building, spraying for vermin, and breeding insects.
  • Get a college degree, or you could end up like the peeps in this show.

    Yeah, get college degree. You don't want Mike Rowe to visit you. It's just crazy what they do. I wonder if some of these people do have degrees. Anyway, awfully dirty show, and an awfully dirty host, doing lots of dirty jobs. Way to take on for everyone Mike. Good job.
  • This show is about a guy named Mike Rowe and he goes out looking for the dirtiest jobs that are out there. It's really fun to watch because of all the crazy, disgusting jobs he has to do, but hey, that's showbiz!

    I really like this show because it is just so darn funny to watch Mike do all those disgusting jobs!!! Personally I would never do what he does for a living, but who ever came up with the idea for the show is a genius. My favorite episode was the one where in the cave with all the bats in it and there is bat guano all on the ground and his boot gets stuck in it and he can't walk. He's so funny when he goes to people's jobs but he's up for anything and that's what I like about it.
  • Probably one of the most realistic shows that includes its funniest moments.

    Miike Rowe does a real good job doing everyday jobs that are truely dirty. There are some funny moments such as the Potatoe farm "But Ma I don't want to eat it! It's Purple!". You will always find a moment in the show where Mike Rowe will look at the camera with a very familiar look that we all give during strange moments. Truely, these jobs are some jobs that some people won't be able to handle even though they benefit society. The bloopers at the end can also give you one last laughter before the show ends. I think this is probably one of the best shows to be aired on TV.
  • I love this show and Mike is the perfect host

    Mike is a great a sport to go and do this stuff and I love his jokes(adult humor rocks and the kids miss out on the meaning). It is great family show I think to watch with your kids, learning and laughing in one. Pretty much my only reality show I love. This is my daughters favorite show too, we (me(mom) and her) watch it together every Tuesay! Never fails and love the reruns no matter how many times we see them.
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