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  • Give me some mud...

    This show is diffrent then other shows. It shows really hard and dirty job's with nobody wants to do. But somebody have to do that, becouse people want to have fresh water, clen street and other stuff. Fortunatly we have Mike Rowe who is not affraid of any work, and he will give his best to make it good. He show as many aspects of work that we dont even think about. And ofcourse I like to see him satnding in the mud at his knees. Obviously this is only my conservative opinnion about that show, everyone like it for diffrent reasons.
  • Dirty jobs is just as it's title implies. But it does give us an insight to a world we wouldn't see anywhere else. Mike Rowe and his crew are great!

    Dirty jobs is just as it's title implies. Most of the episodes are dirty, grimy and down right disgusting (usually having to do with 'poo' in one form or another). But it does give us an insight to a world we wouldn't see anywhere else. Mike Rowe and his crew are great! The camera crew gets shots that make us feel as if we were right there with them (minus the stinkyness). And Mike narrates in such a way that we don't realize we are learning something. The episodes that are not gross are of jobs that are extreme, or extremely dangerous. But Mike and his crew live through it all, the cool, the extreme and the vile.
  • this show is about mike rowe doing dirty jobs

    this show is about mike rowe that does really really dirty jobs , he cleans a sawage in one of the biggest sawage plants in all of california so any one ho hates cacarouches you will puke of the grosseness of this show he cleans poop of turkeys he is a pig farmer he does any kind of gross thing you could imagine and also in one episode he was under a house i wonder how he could not be claustrofobic he has made autopsys o bull shark he has made surf boards and get full of sand in all of his body
  • Almost filthy.

    Watching this show is like watching a dog puke and then watching someone clean it up. This guy goes around the world on sampling dirty jobs that people always seem to have. Now, the best part about this show is the various jobs around the globe that nobody knows are even jobs until they watch. The fun part is watching the host suffer through doing what they do. I often can't sit through a whole episode because it usually gets old after the first half hour, but overall, it is fairly entertaining yet a bit sickening. Watch if you are able to. Thank you.
  • I'm not a regular watcher, but i do watch it every so often and find it quite neat to see.

    I think that this show is pretty good for a reality show. Normally, i despise reality shows, but this really isn't bad!

    1) It informs everyone just all the jobs that has to be done in order to just even get us a cup of coffee.
    2) Its quite funny! My mother and i saw it once and he was doing something like trying to wrestle down ostriches and putting black clothes over their faces. That was very funny!
    3) Some of its a little educational actually, but when i say little, i mean little.

    1) Sometimes they show things that some of us don't need to or don't want to see, because some are really quite disgusting.

    Its a fun to show to watch!
  • Another hit for TLC

    Good show. I found it exciting to watch but it`s not the TLC networks biggest hit show if you ask me. Still, I say this ones worth a rent on DVD.
  • A truly wonderful show.

    Dirty Jobs is a truly wonderful show that everybody should at least watch once, you won’t be disappointed at it and you might even like show well enough to stay around with this show to watch even more episodes. This show has episodes are never boring that have episodes that will never get old no matter how many times a viewer have seen a particular episode, for there is something new to see that a person might of miss when they seen the episode before.

    Also what this show have going for it is its host, Mike Rowe, who isn’t afraid to get himself directly involved with the dirty work, risking his clean clothes, his dignity, and maybe even his body. Something that another show host might not do if they have the same type of show, they might of just sit back, narrate the episode, and let the people who do these jobs, with no interaction with them. Which might make the show a little boring.
  • Mike Rowe does some of the most disgusting jobs in the country and tries to make the situations humorous.

    I like the principal of the show. That is, to show people the dirty jobs other people really have to do. It's interesting, at time humorous and sometimes it turns your stomach. But, the title warns the viewer to expect something nasty.

    What bothers me the most is the disregard shown for occupational safety. Mike Rowe has done some pretty stupid things that could potentially kill him. Working in a common septic tank without a respirator has to be the one of the worst. The blackwater in a septic system is contaminated with numerous pathogens that could make Mike very sick and, possibly, dead. It should not be taken lightly. He shouldn't even be in that septic tank.

    I have seem Mike Rowe working with farm animals and cleaning up bird droppings. Isn't there someone involved with that program who realizes that a yuppy doesn't have the resistance to the diseases in manure that a farmer has. I know because I worked with farm animals for many years.

    I also would like to see the show present other perspectives on some of the subject matter. For instance, Mr. Rowe worked on a hog farm this evening. The farm raised pigs in total confinement which many people feel is cruel. Many farmers do not treat their animals like that.

    I think the show could do a better job of explaining the real hazards of the workplace. They need to consult with OSHA to find out how those jobs are supposed to be done.

    When Mike Rowe finally becomes infected or injured because of his carelessness, will they show his pain and suffering and explain why it happened?
  • Miss being dirty

    Miss that show please bring it back
  • Mike Rowe will do any job, no matter how dirty.

    This show is great. Mike is an entertaining host and he does some of the dirtiest jobs imaginable. Some jobs are just gross, road kill collecter for example. Mike really is deticated to doing some of the worst jobs, he is entertaining and funny even when he screws up. Dirty Jobs also shows what it is like for the people doing these difficult and often very dirty jobs, it is an informative program. Mike is an excellent host and few people would be able to do this show like him. Overall I like this show but some episodes are too gross to watch the entire thing.
  • Great show!

    This show is definitely the grossest great show I have ever seen! He is put into all these extreme disgusting environments that he has to do and work for and that is just an awesome original idea! This is a great show and it has great ratings because it is so original and no one has come up with it before that! This isn't just a great show because of that though, its a great show because it is so real! This isn't a show where you can just act out your part and it is over, this is real life where you really have to work and theses are the carriers that people choose to have for them selfs as a profession. I hope discovery channel keeps this on the air for as much time as possible because I like to get dirty!
  • A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.. and that is get dirty.

    I discovered this show by accident early in the fall but could never remember to watch it regularly. Today (4-1-06), there's a marathon and I got to catch up on some of the "best of the best" and I have to tell you, this guy makes me actually appreciate my cubicle-dwelling, paper-pushing, button-pushing, meeting-attending and spirit-sucking day job.

    Watching this show is like watching a reality-show version of Mr. Rogers' Picture Picture machine that showed how things are made.

    I'm glad this guy gets dirty so that I don't have to and now, I know way more about metal recycling than one person needs to know. (smile)

    I hope I can remember when it's on again so I can learn some more stuff and watch a semi-attractive man get dirty and be clueless at the same time.
  • A great show about jobs the average person would want to touch with a 10 foot poll...

    Mike does a great job as a reality TV show host. He is contsantly saying or doing something funny it seems. He is a goof that does some of the most disgusting, dangerous and under appreciated jobs that make every day life possible. And still makes the show highly entertaining and fresh. Like mythbusters this is one of the best reality/informative shows out there. I also enjoy all the shots of the camera guys getting sick or falling in crap just so they can get the best shot possible. That plus mike's constant jokes makes for a show where jobs are fun. Well atleast for us watching anyway...
  • it's great show it's funny and it's dirty.

    it's a great show it's really funny but thats only becuase of mike rowe and things he does he must get paid alot. there nasty things out there and this show brings it to you in a funny way which thats why I think it's a great show and I like it alot.
  • This guy goes around doing the worlds most dirty jobs.

    This show is so funny. This guy goes around doing the worlds most dirtiest jobs and its entertaining. One episode he had to go into a wall that blocks hurricanes and clean it all out. There was all dead fish in there and he got it all over himself. This show is hilarious. Its meant to be a reality show yet its so stupid. They do the stupidest things you would ever think of. It's like Jackass funny and American Idol reality. It's not a show I would tivo yet when its on it is definitely worth watching and seeing how stupidly funny it is. 7/10
  • mike catches leeches for fish bait

    That's would be hard to do with out getting sick!!!
  • this is pretty cool

    So i like this show, its not one of my favorites but it is intriguing and the guy that runs it has a good sense of humor while trying to live someone elses live, its really funny when he has to get into tight places or literally do a "dirty job" i think this show is awesome and has a good chance of running for a long time. Where i live it doesnt come on until very late in the night (i dotn know if its like that everywhere) but i make an attempt to stay up late to watch this, its truly a good show and i enjoy watching it.
  • This is a crazy show. Who knew picking up poo would be so fun?

    Dirty Jobs. The title is sometimes an understatement. They find some of the dirtiest things you could probably think of and they do them. I have never seen so much animal poo on one show. Wether it be scraping up road kill or working in the sewers, someone has to do it and this job showcases it. You never really know what all has to happen in the world so that everyone can live a 'civil' life. I think it's great that Mike Rowe and the people of Dirty Jobs showcase these steel stomached people who work the dirty side of life. Mike makes an excellent host as he is a funny sarcastic guy that can put people at ease and just let them have fun showing him their job. This show is excellently done, but if you have a weak stomach, I suggest you change the channel sometimes...
  • Comedy and Education.. a good mix

    This is a great show it is so freaking funny!!! It has educatioal value while Mike pulls off a joke or swear here and there. For example in the Vexiconepisode, he says hes gonna die by a church with a mouth full of poison. That was the funniest episode, next to crocodile farmer. He also mentioned the MythBusters once when something looked like it was impossible to do. Yup, Discovery made another great series.
  • Sure there's a lot of dirt and even more poo, but it's brain candy too!

    Dirty Jobs is a show where the host Mike Rowe visits different small businesses that specialize in the processing of everything dirty, especially the organic materials from animals and food products. If it's not organic, it's usually the byproducts of people and their stuff. Mike takes a hands-on approach, working a little bit with the people who do the dirty jobs day in and day out. He claims he works the whole time and we're left to believe it.

    What puts this show over the usual Fear Factor segments is the information gleaned from Mike's interviews. The very first episode I saw they were talking about cockroaches and of course there were plenty of gross moments of the creepy crawlies, but then the crew start talking about specific chemicals like pyrethrin, and it's like hey I know that chemical because my master used it to treat the carpet for fleas. Other efforts step through practically the entire process of manufacturing some product like coffee or beer.

    Despite all the filthiness, Mike does get to crack a few clean jokes about the people involved and more hilarity during the process. And there are plenty of visual gags where he gets organic matter on his body and even in his mouth (yuck!).

    I also enjoyed the fact that a good chunk of the Dirty Jobs locations were in the San Francisco Bay Area. I could picture visiting that church in Cupertino with the bee problem, or the sea lions over in Point Reyes, although I won't be visiting a Chinatown sewer.

    Finally, it's a show that the whole family can watch and discuss without feeling guilty or needing to fix and improve something.
  • Coolest show on the planet.

    This show is sweet. Mike is so funny and the jobs are so dirty. Even though most of it is gross and really disgusting, but it's interesting to know all the jobs that people do. I absolutely reccommend this show to anyone. It is so much fun to watch. The backstage stuff is funny, Mike Rowe runs into a door, the crew fall into the lake. Hilarious show. Most jobs are really dirty, but some aren't, but are still awesome. From coal mining to cranberry farming, Dirty Jobs always gives a performance. One of the funniest and informative shows on Discovery Channel.
  • Dirty Jobs is way off the wall and the jobs this man does is just chaotic and I would never do them.

    I do not know how he goes out to see these jobs and then he wants to do these jobs and I know they are dirty but i couldn't attempt to do such dirty jobs . One of the jobs he did was on a farm cleaning cow poop and I was just sick watching him do this job and bless the people who do do these dirty jobs because you have to be real special to put up with such jobs when most of america would of quit. The show is great for everyone to realize that what they are doing for work is not as bad as some other people do for work so it's a great show to get great awareness.
  • Very funny

    Dirty Jobs is about a guy, Mike Rowe, who goes around and does nasty, "dirty" jobs that nobody else would want to do. This show is great not only for showing Mike Rowe hard at work, but also showing how disgusting it is and that these jobs are really difficult and it's amazing that people actually do this stuff. Mike Rowe pretty much makes this show. His sarcasm and snappy one liners always make me laugh. And when I see him get hurt or covered in some kind of nasty bio chemical or feces I laugh so much. This is such a great show.
  • Host Mike Rowe goes and experiences first hand some of the most disgusting and dirtest jobs that make up the foundation of American society

    I truly have no idea what makes this show so appealing. It is filled with jobs that would make most of us puke if we were to ever experience them. Maybe it's the fact we get to watch the host get dirty and watch him fumble around these jobs that makes it so addicting. Who knows? It is kind of nice to get to see a show that doesn't glamorize anything, and we truly see the jobs that are most abundant but never want to be seen. Over all if you like watching some guy working gross jobs and fumble around, this is the show for you.
  • Dirty Jobs really entertains and educates me. It's really hooked me too.

    My parents kept telling me about this show that they watch where this guy goes around to various parts of the US and takes on very disgusting jobs that others do. That intrigued me.
    They explained to me the Sewer Inspector, Sludge Cleaner, and Dirty Plumber episodes along with a few others. I REALLY wanted to see this show. So I downloaded a few episodes and found it fascinating. I needed to see more. So I did. I catch it every week, and still try to get more from the net. It's a great show and helps me open my eyes to what's going on in other parts of the continent, and exactly what jobs I don't want to do.
  • See the dirtist jobs in America

    Each week, Mike Rowe introduces us to hardworking group of men and women who overcome fear, danger and sometimes stench to accomplish their daily tasks. With his hands-on approach, Rowe assumes the duties of the jobs in question working alongside rattlesnake catchers, fish processors, bee removers and other professionals performing the vital yet outlandish occupations that simply must get done. A tremendously good sport, Rowe knows that whether it's serving greasy slop to pigs in Iowa, or picking up five-day-old road kill and transporting it to a crematorium, it's all part of an honest day's work. This show is funny and worth watching because you see that you dont have the worst job ever.
  • The funnest gross show on TV

    The funnest gross show on TV. The is one of the funnest reality shows around. You can always count on mike rowe to handle the dirtist / grossest job with hummor and charm. This espisode he has to squeeze dog's anal glands (which spuws an icky brown fluid all againist the back of the shower), and trim the hair off a dog's wizzer. All the making jokes.
  • Clean Oil

    Like your show and enjoy your sense of humor. Go to Texas City, TX, an oil refining town and help clean one of the units. Try the food at Grand Prize BBQ to get a real taste of TX. Next, clean a drug house that has been that boarded up for years.

  • This show rock's and is great to watch.Better every show.

    i like DJ alot,it show's what some people have to do,that normal people would'nt really want to do,i mean some of the job's i might want to do,but then again some I would'nt.The show is also great for the fact that it show's all of the stuff in the world to do every day.it's very intresting to watch and it's funny on some part's and Mike Rowe is the guy to do it.It's beeter every show and more and more intresting and fun to watch and I'm going to keep on watching until that mess is cleaned up,well mabey it won't be fully cleaned up,but I'm still going to enjoy it alot.
  • I love dirty jobs Mike isd the mand when it comes to showing us what dirty jobs realy mean from cleaning things that you never heard of to messing with aligatoer to water snakes or even catfish noodleling. and as we speack im watching dirty jobs.

    MIke R. is halarius and intertaining if you like reality shows that show you the inside to some really interting jobs. I like to see what it takes to be in a job weir geting dirty is part of the job description. MIke also makes things interting due to he usually is a good sport and makes watching whats going on more about the viewrs, and geting into the showvery easy, their so musch I can say of watching dirty jobs but nothing like watching it and hope that they never stop running out of ideas of more dirty jobs.
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