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  • A wonderful family show, that keeps your interest every week.

    This show is absolutely great! It is something the entire family can enjoy. Mike is a very funny guy, and without him I don\'t think the show would be as good. There are always jobs that you never thought of, and those which you had always wondered how they did that? It\'s a blast to watch every time!
  • All the jobs you never knew existed, and never wanted to. But you gotta love the folks that do them.

    Mike Rowe may be one of the most charismatic and likeable TV hosts of our generation. I get the feeling that even without the great premise and crew that Dirty Jobs offers, Mike could make a show a hit.
    As it is, Dirty Jobs explores our society's least appealing occupations, and the people that do them. The show becomes an interesting look at our society, as the vast majority of the everyday people doing these "horrible" jobs seem much happier than your typical cubicle worker. From the sewer scrubber that whistles while he works, to the worm farmer who is allergic to the worms, Dirty Jobs will keep you coming back to see just how dirty Mike can get next week.
  • Love how funny this is

    Thank you to all the dirty jobs people who do these everyday.
  • Makes your job seem like a piece of cakes, doesn't it?

    I love watching Mike Rowe jump in head first to do a job that makes my skin crawl. It's unbelievable that jobs like this exist and that there are people who do them every day. This show wouldn't be even half as good without Mike making it look so fun and shooting those direct looks at the camera. He's come a long way from QVC! I'd love to see more animal jobs as those are always the most unpredictable and dirtiest. I'm also impressed at his willingness to try anything (and eat anything!) just to show how others make their living.
  • A show every one should be watching!!


    Every one should watch this show at least one time. Watching it will show others that we in sociaty are all needed. We all do different jobs, Some if not most or all are ugly, smelly, and sometimes really gross. But they all need to get done.

    Where would we be if we did not have people sorting out the trash? What would be without the Ed Nortons of the world, checking and looking after our sewers, yes, someone has to do it.

    If for a brief moment in our lives we cleaned rooms at a hotel or waited tables in a diner we might be a little nicer to people, at lot cleaner and we might all learn to recycle..
  • The shows that teaches little children the real reason to get a college education.

    Now I know the real reason that I am going to college, so I don't end up at a job like these! In Dirty Jobs, the host, Mike Rowe works at a "dirty" job for a day. These jobs aren't pretty or glamorous however many of them are well paying... if you don't mind getting a little messy wile doing them.

    Mike Rowe has done virtually everything from tarring roofs to oil drilling to cleaning out a recycling plant. Often Mike Rowe spices the episodes up with a little humor about the job, and he even has the ability to make fun of himself and interact with these blue-collar workers at the same time. This show has a mix of education about the specific job and at the same time it pokes fun of the various jobs.

    Mike Rowe is the perfect host for this show. He is both well educated and witty at the same time. If you are pondering whether to go onto college or not, watch this show and you will immediately make the decision that college is the path you want to take. However, as the theme song for this show goes, "It might be a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it."
  • Mike Rowe tries his hand at some dirty jobs.

    This is one of the best Discovery Channel shows still running, right next to Mythbusters. Basically, the name of the show summarizes it perfectly. It's about Mike Rowe, deciding to do some dirty jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us.

    First of all, this show is quite funny. Mike always has something funny to say, and the dirtiness adds to it. I may sound immature, but this makes dirtiness funny.

    This is also informative. It teaches you how your lobster are caught, how your septic tanks are cleaned, how bugs are exterminated, how roadkill doesn't litter our highways. While it may be gross, you now know how all that stuff is done.

    Eh, this is a rather short review, but I'll just wrap it up saying that this is a cool show. It's funny and informative. I look forward to watching more of it.
  • I have a dirty job that Mike Rowe might like-

    but, I don't want to be banned from this site-so I'll keep that to myself. Needless to say, Mike Rowe is a really good looking guy. But, on top of that he's very fun and knows how to make himself the butt of a joke. Sometimes he literally turns cr*p into gold with his wit and personality. He makes cleaning a sewer drain look almost fun. What's also interesting about 'Jobs' is the jobs themselves. I can't believe some people actually have to do some of these things. These are the real heroes of the world-the people who sling other people's poo with pride.
  • Never condescending or rude, Mike shows you how hard these jobs actually are. Making you feel a sense of pride for the people willing to do what is necessary so the rest of us can do what we love.

    What's not to love about Dirty Jobs? You have a host that is not only continually teaching you new and bizarre things, but also entertaining you with off the cuff jokes. From the moment I first saw Dirty Jobs I was impressed by the concept of it. An ordinary man, with no real manual working skills, trying his best in jobs most of us would never even dream doing. Showcasing those in middle America that aren't afraid to do what they must to get paid. Over the past seasons I have grown to love Mike Rowe more and more. His nature of playing every flaw and inability off as a joke is endearing. He teaches me about jobs I never knew existed, and presents the people who do them with respect. Never condescending or rude, he shows you how hard these jobs actually are. Making you feel a sense of pride for the people willing to do what is necessary so the rest of us can do what we love.
  • We heard Mike Rowe sing the National Anthem and it was AWESOME! Great show as it is informative as well as entertaining.

    Mr. Rowe - We are impressed with your show. We heard you sing the National Anthem and it was awesome - great job! (Better than many "famous" singers). Your show is very informative - showing everyone the side of life not always known about. You also make it an entertaining experience as you always have to try everything (which it makes easier to understand than someone just talking). It makes me appreciate what others do so my life can be easier. Make's one aware of the many cogs that turn the wheel. Keep up the great job! Thanks
  • This show is quite inoformative and always interesting.some might think it is a boring subject and even if it is true,the always entertaining mike rowe makes it worth while. Watching all the varied jobs and seeing how different life can be is eye-opening.

    This show is truly something. Something very bizarre and interesting. Its also very addicting. You honestly probably would think it would be neither of these the first time you here about it but after you get watching it you certainly get into it. Mark Rowe also adds in his quirky humor as he delivers us the goods on all the delightful jobs we are unaware people have to suffer through while we sit back in comfort. I certainly am amazed at all the jobs we don't think people are actually doing to make us feel better in our every day life. This show is one of the most truly entertaining shows as it gives us so much to look and think about in one simple half an hour show. Well I guess I shouldn't say simple. This show actually goes through the process of each job as the workers pit Mike against the dirty jobs roughest elements and show his what they have to do every DAY. Its amazing how anyone could suffer through them and I think this show is very educational in which it shows all the many things that people so behind the scenes that don't get the glory of anything but they do their jobs none the less and there proud of it as they should be. 'cause honestly without them well wed be screwed. In the end I love this show and it deserves good ratings. I hope it does well :).
  • Great show

    This is a great show idea, I really like to see what different people do for a living and some of the colorful characters out there. I also think Mike Rowe is really good as host he brings a certain level of sarcasm to the show. He also doesn't seem to have any trouble getting down and dirty it woudln't be nearly as fun if the host just went places and showed people doing there jobs dirty or not. Most of the fun of the show comes from Mike making a fool of himself and people whoses job it is showing him up
  • Fun and a educational show.

    I have to say, I like this show. You get to see all the dirty jobs that people have, that make you glad that you don\\\'t have that job. I hope this stays on forever, no mater who the host is, I\\\'ll watch this. And I hope to see some more very dirty jobs soon.
  • Dirty Jobs is a great show that the whole family can enjoy.

    This is a great family show. Everyone can watch and learn a bunch of stuff about our fellow hard working dirty jobs people. The host Mike and his crew are very funny and amaizing people. I watch the show religiously every tuesday at 9PM. You can chat with fans of the show and the host at the dirty jobs website.
  • Mike Rowe takes what might have become a boring show, and makes it one of the most endearing of the new lineups.

    If anyone else were to host Dirty Jobs, the show would not be as appealing as it is. But Rowe, with his dry humor and good-natured complaints, makes the show entertaining, if only to see him in action. He manages to make the truly weird portions of the jobs stand out as he maintains a sense of "Oh, my God...what the hell am I doing?" as he works. It's just this contrast that really makes him a joy to watch, and therefore makes the dirty jobs more intersting.

    Not to say that the jobs themselves are boring; some of the jobs highlighted have been some of the grossest, weirdest, or just plain insane tasks I have ever seen. But without Mike Rowe, the show could easily come off as clinical and as dry as a rice cake. This is supposed to be entertaining AND informative, and it manages to do so with each episode.

    In short, Dirty Jobs is a great show with a great host, and I hope it joins the likes of American Chopper, Monster Garage, and Mythbusters and sticks around for a good long time.
  • This show is great! Mike Rowe is a great host, it's too bad his humor is wasted on some of the people he works with. Hopefully they renew this show, I find it intersting and entertaining. Go Mike!

    Great show!

    I find Dirty Jobs to be interesting and entertaining. Mike Rowe is the perfect host and I often find myself laughing outloud. Additionally it is educational-one is able to learn how these jobs are done and what is involved with say fishing for shrimp or emptying a septic tank. The best shows are when the people Mike works with show some sense of humor and have fun with what they are doing.
  • This show is great!

    I am an architect with little time and I don\\\'t tend to write reviews, but this show is so good I had to write something good about it and let you know. The cast is doing a great job! specially the host. I hope this show stays for a long, long time. Keep up the good work, Mike!
  • This show is my stress release each week. Besides being nice to look at, Mike is very funny. Any man who will do that for a living is my kind of man.

    Dirty Jobs is the best show on TV and Mike Rowe is the best host on TV. He deserves an Emmy for best host of a reality show. He is my stress release. I wouldn't miss him each week for anything. I could get a Dirty Jobs Watching Group together each week from all the people I have gotten to watch it. I hope the ratings stay high, because I would definately miss him in my living room each week.
  • One that surprised me

    I have a very weak stomach and thought that this show would make me vomit but it hasn't. It doesn't show anything that bad and I loved the episode where he is a pig farmer. I don't think it was meant to be a comedy but Mike Rowe's touch definatley makes it worth watching.
  • wow

    Dirty Jobs really caught my attention. I didn't know that there were that many, and that disgusting jobs out there. But I know now. Mike Rowe is an excellent host. Not many would volunteer to actually perform these aforementioned disgusting jobs, but Mike does. Ok, he gets paid to do the show - hopefully a lot - but I sure would require a serious amount of dough before I'd do what he does.And I'd require an insurance like no other, that's for sure.

    Some don't like Mike's humour, but I found him and his show a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dull genre. Go for it Mike!

  • Dirty Jobs is a show about a guy named Mike Rowe that shows us the Dirty Jobs around the U.S.!Some are really disgusting while others are just plain dangerous!

    Dirty Jobs is a pretty decent show! Mike Rowe is such a lucky man! He travels around U.S.A. going and finding the dirtiest, nastiest, and most dangerous jobs! I like this idea of a show!It is very interesting and entertaining! Mike Rowe is very funny and plays practical jokes on random people! My favorite jobs were sewer inspectors, worm farmers, bug exterminator. etc...there are way to many!Some jobs aren't that bad and some appear to be almost the same with other jobs already presented to us!Overall, this show is great!Good Job Discovery Channel and good job Mike Rowe!Thanks for the entertainment!!!
  • You have to love a show where the word 'pooh' is not only acceptable in conversation, it is encouraged.

    I almost said 'Poor Mike Rowe' but the fact is I think this guy LOVES what he does for a living. Generally I enjoy a good dose of disgusting in my television and this show allows me to do so without the bother of aromas and splashes. To be honest, I wasn't sure they could have upped the gross out factor of this show each season but somehow they do. It never disappoints me.

    In addition to my weekly ration of ick, 'Dirty Jobs' is a wealth of information. I've learned about Bio-diesel, ostriches, where charcoal briquettes come from and how to hand catch a catfish. You just can't beat that.
  • Dirty Jobs is a very unique reality show because it shows the jobs that make American turn on its own wheels. These jobs are that many people would not want.

    Dirty Jobs is a very informative reality show and quite entertaining. It is very informative because Mike Rowe, the host, works on the dirty jobs for one day to experience what happens on certain dirty jobs. He gets first hand experience while we see third hand. We see the jobs that keeps America running. Some jobs would include sludge cleaner, chicken sexer, horse breeder, septic-tank specialist, sewer inspector, road kill collector and many more. It is entertaining because Mike puts humor into the show by using jokes and funny acts. It is one of the better reality TV shows that are out there.
  • I am hoping this show is able to maintain the same level of shock, awe, and WTF?? as it did for the first and second episodes.

    Unfortunately I missed this week's episode, however, I am hoping they are able to maintain the same high standard of gross out and awe that they had in the episode involving Septic Tank cleaners.

    The host was so graphic in his descriptions of the stench, and would cough to attempt to camouflage his dry heaves, trying to stave off outright vomitting on camera. It was wonderful. I recoiled and shrieked out in disgust, as if I were there with him.

    Perhaps the funniest bits was the dialogue with the "turd herder" and the Septic Tank Guy telling the host, "You might not want to keep your mouth open while you are doing that." To this moment, I cackle at the image of that, coupled up with my brain fast forwarding to a hypothetical situation involving the host getting splattered with some liquified waste. Good times!!
  • This show is so damn hilarious!!!

    This show is so funny! I love it. It cracks me up so much, with showing what some people do in the world. I don't know if you get paid, but they should show the salary a person makes doing a particular job that they show, like picking up roadkill or even actually artificially inseminate a female horse!
    HAHA, this show is so great.
  • Absolutely disgusting. I love it!

    Dirty Jobs really caught my attention. I didn't know that there were that many, and that disgusting jobs out there. But I know now. Mike Rowe is an excellent host. Not many would volunteer to actually perform these aforementioned disgusting jobs, but Mike does. Ok, he gets paid to do the show - hopefully a lot - but I sure would require a serious amount of dough before I'd do what he does.And I'd require an insurance like no other, that's for sure.

    Some don't like Mike's humour, but I found him and his show a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dull genre. Go for it Mike!
  • A show that has dirty nasty jobs

    Mike Rowe tries out jobs that no sane person would want to work, with good reason, some jobs are so disgusting so vile you wonder why someone would choose that as their career. You cant help but watch cause its addictive in its own unique way. Even if you dont want to, you always watch and love.
  • Mike Rowe is more than a headless voice.

    Dirty Jobs is disgusting and amusing at the same time. To me Mike Rowe was more famous for his announcing work on other Discorvery Channel shows like the Deadliest Catch. (Although uncredited I swear he does American Chopper & Hot Rod too, but I could be wrong.) As a live host he adds humor, intelligence and even sarcasm to one of the most poop-filled shows I've ever seen. Shakespear and poop are not likely companions. Not all of the segments are that disgusting, building demolition is rough work but not all that dirty. I think this show bridges the gap between gross-out reality and info-tainment. It may be hard to watch for some viewers but somebody's got to do it.
  • Dirty Jobs is a sick show. Not in the bad way. In the GOOD way. It makes you say, WOW I wish I we're there! It can be funny as well.

    Dirty Jobs is a show where one man talks with all of these different people and they allow him to come with them and help them do their job. These jobs are either very very disgusting, freaky, crazy, or just plain wrong. The man is funny when it comes to jokes on the show. They've done jobs ranging from cleaning dogs and squeezing the "poop" out of them, to destryoing bee hives in a church. He's done it all. This man goes around doing the dirty jobs with people who do those jobs to make our world a cleaner place. This show is definately recommended.
  • Mike Rowe is the best! He brings humor to a completely humorless idea.

    I only recently learned about this show just by flicking through the channels and deciding to stop and watch and actually liked it! Mike Rowe is soooooooooooooo funny! If it wasn't for him this show wouldn't be half as good. The things he says and the way he acts in these horrible situations are priceless! You couldn't ask for a better person to do it. Dirty Jobs is not the kinda show I would make sure I knew everytime it was on and be sure I don't miss it though. Don't get me wrong, I love the show I'm just not obbessed with it... yet.
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