Dirty Jobs

Discovery Channel (ended 2012)





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  • Great Show Mike Rowe plays in garbage. What could be better?

    Mike Rowe will do just about anything although I haven't seen him do much in the way of the really gross jobs that are dirty and stomach turning (although tanning hides came close) like cleaning up after a human death, clean up after fires, or turn a deer into various forms of vension. I really enjoy this show because it makes my job look like a piece of cake. My favorite part is when he sings the title song. He has added stanzas each time and it just gets funnier. The man has the voice to sing, his last real job. His face says it all though, he is a comedian in disguise. He can make me laugh at the slightest thing. Favorite episode: Cleaning the sewer beneath San Fransico. I would have been out of that hole as soon as those cockroaches started falling on me!