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  • A day at Fair Oaks Farm...

    I have to say, I enjoyed this episode, as I have all the others. How can one resist Mike Rowe? He's ideal for this gig. With this episode, I was thrilled to see Fair Oaks profiled and saw nothing that surprised me. Nothing was staged as far as how the cattle are treated, and what assistance is given to the cattle when necessary during the birthing process. And those giving birth and needing C-sections, aren't left in agony as incisions are made. If I recall, not only did the Vet administer anesthetic prior to beginning the incision, he also administered additional once he made the cut, to further make it more comfortable. I'm actually about 45minutes from Fair Oaks, and have taken the tour they offer a couple times when I've been looking for something to do. Yes, you can watch the birthing process (I don't know if they actually show a C-section being performed, I haven't seen one personally while I've been there). What I've seen on the tour and what they aired on the show was nothing different, so for 1 person to say they (Fair Oaks) mistreats their animals, etc., is poorly informed, and should pay more attention to what they see and hear before ripping apart an industry that has existed for a number of years and spewing their belief. To state a difference of opinion is fine, but don't push it over the line and go 'preaching' or such.

    I have to head by the area later today, so perhaps I'll stop by for some nice cold, fresh milk, and then some ice cream on my way back. :-)