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Discovery Channel (ended 2012)





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  • The summary of Dirty Jobs in one word....fabulous...funny...very entertaining....and it is all because of Mike Rowe..he definitely makes it....very sweet, always a gentlemen..,tries to appease and give his all...which is what a real man is made of....

    Hello Mike;

    Ur show is fabulous. U make it definitely. Ur listening on ur guests every word, as to not miss anything. And them to appease them, and give it ur all. There is nothing that I can think of that u should change on ur show. Ur funny, very sweet, have a gorgeous smile, ur natural talent for teasing. U obviously love what u do, or u would not be doing. I am forced by my friends, to ask u a personal question...are u attached??

    Have u every had the opportunity to come to Canada. Especially Calgary, Alberta, the famous Calgary Stampede and Rodeo.
    Well, hun, that would be a challenge, ride a bronc, or bull...or choice....I don't think so...that is very dangerous..even for the pros...but the thought was there.

    Wishing u all the best on show 151 and on...
    I don't know if u actually reply back to ur viewers, but it would awesome if u did...would love to talk to u...I think ur very intriguing, but very sweet, with a wonderful smile...and those buggy eyes..haha....

    Best wishes always,
    Eva Marie....cowgirl from Calgary...ahah