Dirty Jobs

Season 1 Episode 3

Roadkill Cleaner

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2003 on Discovery Channel
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Episode Summary

Mike goes to Florida and works with some divers who recover lost golf balls from water hazards to recycle them for resale. Mike then heads to Ohio to clean up roadkill off the highway which is then turned into compost. Finally, Mike heads off to Texas to breed horses by first collecting horse sperm with an artificial vagina then using it to inseminate a mare.moreless
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  • One of the funnier episodes.

    Mike Rowe gets to travel to Ohio to clean up road kill. That is pretty disgusting in it's own right but I can be thankful that there is no "smellivision" invented yet as Mike keeps commenting on the stench of the dead deer that he gets to pick up.

    Mike Rowe then travels to a ranch where he gets to basically feel up a stallion to artifically inseminate a mare. I laughed more at his expressions than the actual doing of the job! It was pretty funny to watch. I learned something in this part of the show, however, that this ranch no longer allows mother nature to take her course.moreless
  • One of the most offensive episodes to date, but why I love this show.

    The first two parts of this episode were alright. Mike Rowe goes to the bottoms of golf course lakes where there are snapping turtles, snakes, and one vicious looking alligator. The lakes apparently smell horrible, and one's incredibly deep with leeches. After that, they have to clean the balls in chemicals that (I would guess from personal experience, but there's no evidence showing that) would burn your hands, then do random things with them that very quickly would become frustrating and give someone a headache, like sort them and repackage them perfectly.

    After that, he cleans up roadkill. That may disgust viewers enough in its own way. The first deer they clean up is horribly mutilated; the second, while only with a broken leg, has been there for at least a week; the third looks fine with just a broken leg and barely, if any, flies. Then they cover them in dirt and he's on his way.

    Now the most disgusting part, but why I live for the series. He goes to a breeding ranch called Babcock (which made me laugh for about five straight minutes to where I had to actually pause the episode) Ranch and first has to get the semen from a stallion then put it into a mare. They blur out the parts of the horse, but the thing that gets me annoyed is that they aren't consistant with it. The preview in the beginning shows a part completely unblurred, that later is so blurred that you cannot even see Mike's hand. Don't get me wrong. I don't really care about not seeing horses' private parts. But in the same preview, they blurred out the stallion's part. Consistancy is a good thing. That's why my rating isn't any higher. I did love this episode but it's just lack of consistancy and thought that made it lower.

    Watch it, if you have a strong stomach.moreless

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