Dirty Jobs - Season 2

Discovery Channel (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Really Dirty Animals
    It's an extravaganza of Really Dirty Animals as Mike Rowe looks back at spitting alpacas, fainting goats, wild monkeys, pregnant cows, cheating penguins, kicking ostriches, squealing pigs and runaway mules. There's new footage, updates and old favorites.
  • Steam Ship Cleaner
    Episode 44
    Mike heads off to San Diego, California to learn the dirty job of hydroseeding. He then reads a viewer's letter and shows us never before seen footage from a previous episode. Finally Mike gets dirty cleaning up a 100 year old steam yacht.
  • Wine Maker
    Episode 43
    Mike first heads off to Napa Valley to learn how to make wine. Mike then gets dirty at a Kansas cattle ranch learning about the cattle business.
  • Salt Miner
    Episode 42
    Mike goes underground in Hutchinson, Kansas to learn about mining rock salt. This episode also focuses on the behind the scenes action in filming the show.
  • Wine Cave Digger
    Episode 41
    Mike helps dig tunnels that are used as underground wine caverns. Later he works behind the scenes with Southwest Airlines as a baggage handler. He also gets to work with the airport incinerator.
  • Well Digger
    Episode 40
    Mike joins the Bowie BaySox team at Prince Georges Stadium in Maryland acting as a groundskeeper. Next he fixes boat moorings with a former Navy SEAL. He then joins Watson Water company digging deep through mud, rock, gravel, sand and water as they drill for geo-thermal heat in Tennessee.
  • Mule Logger
    Episode 39
    Mike joins forces with a master-cooper, or in laymen's terms, a barrel maker. Mike also teams up with some mule loggers.
  • Poo Pot Maker
    Episode 38
    Mike first goes to northern California to count dead salmon. He then opens up the mail bag and answers a viewer's question about the snake researcher segment. Just when Mike thought he had seen it all, he visits a cow farm in Connecticut that specializes in making gardening pots out of cow manure.moreless
  • Bug Breeder
    Episode 37
    First Mike helps cut down trees and remove tree stumps in California. He then gets himself dirty with some fainting goats in Tennessee. Finally, he visits a place that breeds exotic insects in New Orleans.
  • 12/19/06
    Mike helps New Orleans residents restore, rebuild and revive their city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Bell Maker
    Episode 35
    Mike Rowe rolls up his sleeves and gets dirty making giant bells at the McShane Bell Foundry. He also gets down and dirty with the US Army Corps of Engineers as they conduct yearly maintenance on a hurricane barrier that was raised from the ocean floor.
  • Penguin Keeper
    Episode 34
    Even though Mike has worked with concrete before in Dallas, he visits concrete workers in California today to learn the art of concrete stamping. Then he goes to New Orleans to care for penguins. Finally, Mike gets in the mud to hunt bloodworms in Maine.
  • Snake Researcher
    Episode 33
    Mike steps into the shoes of hard working bait and lobster fishermen in Maine. Then he opens the viewer mail bag which results in some seaweed trimming. Finally Mike wrangles some water snakes in Lake Erie.
  • 9/5/06
    Mike celebrates his 100th dirty job as an Army mechanic and takes a look back at some of his past jobs. Also, Mike answers more viewer questions, shows even more bloopers and airs even more unaired footage.
  • Monkey Caretaker
    Episode 31
    Mike Rowe meets his match when he travels to South Africa to take care of monkeys that are being trained to go back into the wild.
  • Alpaca Shearer
    Episode 30
    Mike once again joins up with the guys of Taylor Shellfish Farms to help them harvest mussels. Next he goes to Hawaii to learn about harvesting taro. Finally, Mike joins a family of alpaca farmers and learns the hard way that alpacas can be pretty ill-willed animals when it comes to shearing them.moreless
  • Hoof Cleaner
    Episode 29
    Mike Rowe first joins a crew at a rock quarry in the state of Washington and learns what it takes to make gravel from loading rocks to blowing up a side of a mountain. Next, Mike gets hip deep in mud and muck working with the hippo keepers at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. Finally, Mike helps a crew of hooftrimmers give some cows a pedicure and later cleans a cow foot bath.moreless
  • Coal Miner
    Episode 28
    Mike helps a family in New Jersey demolish and recycle parts from 100 year old buildings on a college campus. Then Mike enters the dangerous world of a coal miner in upstate Pennsylvania.
  • Dirty Jobs: Jobs That Bite Harder
    Mike concludes Shark Week with another hour of dirty jobs with the men and women who work with sharks. He starts off in Florida working alongside a taxidermist that makes replicas out of real sharks. He then heads to the Bahamas to help Jeremiah Sullivan, the inventor of the Neptunic shark suit, to repair and test the suit in shark infested waters. Finally, Mike ends the show with some behind the scenes footage.moreless
  • Dirty Jobs: Jobs That Bite
    Mike starts off Shark Week by going to South Africa to look at some great white sharks inside a shark cage. He then heads to a shark research lab and gets a deeper understanding about shark anatomy as he conducts an autopsy of a dead tiger shark. Mike then works with some shark researchers and helps electronically tag them and collect shark DNA. Next he goes to the island of Bimini in the Bahamas and helps test a new shark repellent, which is made from the smell of dead sharks. Finally, Mike hangs out with a professional shark spotter off the coast of South Africa who watches the ocean to protect beachgoers.moreless
  • Fuel Tank Cleaner
    Episode 25
    Mike heads to Pennsylvania to work at Wertz Candies, a 75 year old candy store. He then goes to California and works as a tire retreader. Finally, Mike goes to McConnell AFB in Kansas to help repair the fuel tanks of a refueling tanker aircraft.
  • Geoduck Farmer
    Episode 24
    Mike first heads off to California to help tear down a dam so trout on the endangered species list can spawn. He then goes to Pennsylvania to restore a church's pipe organ, a process that takes a total of eight years to complete. Finally, Mike goes to Puget Sound in Washington state to harvest geoduck clams.moreless
  • Skull Cleaner
    Episode 23
    Mike first goes to Sacramento, CA to help repair railroad tracks. He then heads to Louisiana to learn how to make "boudin" (Cajun sausage). Mike then cuts and fries pig skins to make "cracklin" (pork rinds). Finally, Mike goes to Oklahoma and joins a skull cleaning business to learn how to clean skulls and bones using beetles.moreless
  • 6/27/06
    Mike first heads off to Las Vegas to work at an old fashioned printing press making lithographs of himself for the official Dirty Jobs poster. He then goes to Lincoln, CA and helps make large scale terra cotta building sculpture pieces from recycled terra cotta sewer pipes. Finally, Mike visits a garbage processing plant in San Francisco where food and assorted scraps are passed through a rolling cylinder and "digested" to make a methane gas energy supply.moreless
  • 6/20/06
    Mike first goes to a Pennsylvania coal processing plant and learns how to make coke, a carbonized coal used to make iron which in turn is used to make steel. He then goes to Washington state to an oyster shucking plant and works alongside a very dirty girl. Finally, Mike goes to Pasadena, CA to dismantle floats from the Tournament of Roses Parade.moreless
  • 6/13/06
    It's a glitzy Las Vegas premiere as Mike visits the Lance Burton Theater to clean up the pens for Lance's show doves and geese. Mike then gets really dirty by visiting a pig farmer and helping him process and transport yesterday's buffet leftovers to feed the pigs.
  • Termite Controller
    Episode 19
    Mike goes to Texas to help build a road by stepping into the shoes of a concrete spreader. He then heads off to Louisiana and reunites with the Vexcon exterminators to rid a local church of termites. Finally, Mike helps chips away at the back of concrete trucks.
  • Plumber
    Episode 18
    Mike begins the show by heading off to Oklahoma to track down his old catfish noodling friend for some plumbing lessons. He then goes to Louisiana and works at a mud factory where they blend custom made mud used for drilling oil and gas wells. Finally, Mike puts that special mud to use and learns the art of oil well drilling with some roughneckers.moreless
  • Mushroom Farmer
    Episode 17
    Mike first heads off to California and finds out just how dirty mushroom farming can be by first making compost, then planting and picking mushrooms. He then goes to Los Angeles to clean out storm drains filled with litter. Finally, Mike finds out just how shower drains are made at the Lincoln Foundry in Erie, PA.moreless
  • Viewer's Choice
    Episode 16
    Mike answers questions from viewers and shows some of the many outtakes and deleted scenes from the show. Mike also does a new dirty job and goes to a dairy farm in Pennsylvania to milk some cows, feed a newborn calf, collect fresh cow poo for study, and do some of the daily maintenance on the feed mill. Mike ends the show by singing his own version of the Dirty Jobs theme song.moreless
  • Alligator Farmer
    Episode 15
    Mike heads off to Louisiana to be a sugar cane farmer and learns the difficult process in making sugar. He then trains as a firefighter in Fremont, CA by burning down an abandoned home. Finally, Mike returns to Louisiana to visit an alligator farm. He learns that some are returned to the wild and others are used for their meat and skin.moreless
  • Turkey Farmer
    Episode 14
    Mike first heads off to Texas and learns what it takes to be a turkey farmer. He then goes to the Colorado Rockies and works as a potato farmer. Finally, Mike gets neck deep in poo as he goes to San Francisco's Westside Pumping Station to replace a lift pump that helps process raw sewage.moreless
  • Avian Vomitologist
    Episode 13
    Mike first travels to Colorado to help out at a marble quarry. He then goes to California to collect owl vomit which is sold to school children for research projects. Finally, Mike travels to Texas to palpate cows, a process used to figure out if a cow is pregnant. He also gets a little too familiar with a bull.moreless
  • Super Dirty
    Super Dirty
    Episode 12
    Mike Rowe revisits some of the absolute worst dirty jobs ever from the comfort of his San Francisco apartment. Mike talks about some of the behind the scenes from when he was a disaster cleanup worker, a septic tank technician, a sewer inspector, a sludge recycler, a fish gutter, and finally a charcoal factory worker.moreless
  • Dirtiest Tools & Machines
    Mike Rowe takes a look at some of the tools and machines which make doing dirty jobs a little easier. Mike talks about some of the behind the scenes machine action from when he was a house mover, a tire recycler, a demolition worker, a scrap metal recycler, a golf ball recycler, and finally a hot tar roofer.moreless
  • Creepy Critters
    Creepy Critters
    Episode 10
    Mike Rowe steps into the world of creepy critters and gets up close and personal with some small creatures. Mike talks about some of the behind the scenes moments from when he was an exterminator, a crab picker, a bee keeper, a bee exterminator, a worm farmer, and finally a bat biologist.moreless
  • Dirtiest Water Jobs
    Mike Rowe revisits some his murkiest, muddiest, most miserable moments on the water. Mike looks at some old clips and talks about some of the behind the scenes stories from when he was a shark catcher, a golf ball diver, an oyster harvester, a crawfish catcher, a catfish noodler, and finally a shrimper.moreless
  • Dirtiest Animals
    Episode 8
    Mike Rowe revisits some his previous jobs involving animals and talks about some of the behind the scenes action. Mike looks at clips from when he was a pig farmer, a chick sexer, a pet groomer, a horse breeder, and finally an ostrich farmer.
  • Chimney Sweeper
    Episode 7
    Mike first goes to the Chimney Safety Institute of America in Plainfield, IN and learns how to be a certified chimney sweeper. He then goes to Ontario, Canada to salvage underwater logs, which are then used to make furniture. Finally, Mike visits a scrap metal recycler in St. Louis, MO and learns how to separate different metals and operate some big machines.moreless
  • Micro-Algae Man
    Episode 6
    Mike begins by traveling to Palo Alto, CA to learn how to be a pet groomer. He then goes to Hawaii to turn happy green algae into unhappy red algae to be used as antioxidant gelcaps for human consumption. Finally, Mike goes to Missouri to learn how to be a charcoal factory worker.moreless
  • Bio-Diesel Man
    Episode 5
    Mike goes to Washington state and helps build a house out of cob, which is basically a combination of sand, clay, and straw. He then heads to California and works alongside Dave the bee man to get rid of some bees infesting a church. Finally, Mike goes back to Washington and helps clean out the old oil from a deep fryer at a Mexican restaurant. The oil is then recycled into bio-diesel fuel.moreless
  • Shrimper
    Episode 4
    Mike goes to South Carolina and learns about shrimping. He also helps study the shrimp population in order to find out when it's time to open the shrimping season. He then goes to the swamps of Louisiana to catch some crawfish. Finally, Mike goes to Washington state to clean up an illegal tire dump and recycle some tires.moreless
  • Cheese Maker
    Episode 3
    Mike visits the San Francisco Zoo and learns what it's like to be a zookeeper. He then goes to a haunted cheese factory in Vermont and learns the art of patience. Finally, Mike learns how to be a volcano ash mud bath mixer (spa technician) in Calistoga, CA and takes a mud bath after a very dirty day. That's not all - Mike also journeys to a live volcano in Hawaii and gets up close and personal with some very hot lava.moreless
  • Ostrich Farmer
    Episode 2
    Mike visits a coffee plantation in Hawaii and learns about the long process in how to make coffee from picking the beans to roasting them. He then goes to Sausalito, CA to be a marine mammal rescuer and help rehabilitate injured seals. Finally, Mike learns about ostrich farming from daily upkeep to collecting their eggs.moreless
  • Hot Tar Roofer
    Episode 1
    Mike first heads off to Pasadena, California and discovers the difficult step by step process in patching up a roof. Then he goes to New Jersey and helps move a 60 ton, 225 year old house.