Dirty Money

Weekdays 12:30 PM on Sky1 Premiered Apr 01, 2002 Between Seasons


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Dirty Money

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Dirty Money is a weekday gameshow hosted by Big Brother's Marcus Bently. The rules are easy, the game is dirty. Six contestants each start with £500 but they want to turn that into £3000. To do this they must steal money from the other players. Each round questions are asked and the players must buzz in. If they answer a question correctly they can steal £50 from another player however if they answer the question incorrectly they must give £50 to another player. At the end of each round the contestant with the lowest amount of money is eliminated and they must give their money to another player. This is continued until there are two players left and at the end of the final round the player that has the highest amount has the chance to win the £3000 prize. In order to win the money the player must answer 6 questions correctly in 75 seconds. If they fail to do this they must give the £3000 that should of been theirs to one of the other contestants