Dirty Pair Flash

(ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • 4/25/96
      A felon sprung out of prison transport makes a deal with a crime boss to command and pilot an advanced assault mech, but first he wants to borrow the mech to go after Chief Poporo of the 3WA. Soon afterwards, bombs start going off all over the city and the Chief's life is in danger as the mech raids 3WA Headquarters. Kei and Yuri try to protect him, but what complicates things even more is that the Chief's daughter is at the office for a visit.moreless
    • 4/1/96
      Kei discovers that Yuri is hanging out with a young teenager, and goes over to them to give Yuri a slap on the back, but Yuri's head falls off! It turns out the boy had created a life-size android of his crush, Yuri! Oops! Kei apologizes, but the 3WA wants more than an apology. While the android is being repaired, Yuri is ordered to take the place of her look-alike. Yuri protests until she learns that the boy is part of an extremely wealthy and influential family that even funds the 3WA. This is Yuri's big chance to finally date and marry rich, and the boy's chance to be with the real Yuri! But the boy only cares about his Yuri's ideal traits of being sweet and innocent, and shuns the realistic ones that she and every girl have. Can Yuri win him over without losing herself in the process?moreless
    • 3/1/96
      The 3WA have been tracking a criminal boss but he hardly ever appears except to the winners of a worldwide beach volleyball tournament. Kei and Yuri are assigned to compete and win the tournament, but must undergo extremely rigorous training by one of the 3WA's crazy coaches.
    • Pink Sniper
      Episode 2
      A teenage girl named Monica has been training all her life to carry on her family's deadly assassin heritage. Her first assignment is to go after the Dirty Pair. Kei and Yuri go to a vacation resort to relax but soon find themselves on the guard as bombs, traps, and deadly attacks appear wherever they go.moreless
    • 12/21/95
      Kei is on a plane trip but some enemy fighter plane is after them and it shoots the plane down into the snow covered mountains. Kei manages to save a baby as she bails out in time before the big crash and explosion, but not only does she have to deal with calming down a baby, but also the bad guys who pursue them with intent to kill.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1