Dirty Pair

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Dirty Pair

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In the mid-22nd century, humankind has expanded over many different worlds across the galaxies. Kei and Yuri are two young women that represent the 3WA (World Welfare and Works Association) as Trouble Consultants, whose duties are a mix of a bounty hunter, police detective, and secret agent. Originally given the codename of Lovely Angels, the duo are soon known by another title, the Dirty Pair, because they seem to do more collateral damage in their missions than anyone else. This series is known for being one of the early "girls with guns" anime series from the 1980s along with others such as Bubblegum Crisis. The TV series won the Animage Grand Prix award in 1985, and has since spawned several graphic novels, specials, OAV's, remake and a feature movie. Season Breakdown This guide covers two series: 1. Dirty Pair TV series 2. Original Dirty Pair Dirty Pair TV Series Number of Episodes: 24 regular + 2 bonus episodes (With Love from the Lovely Angels) Originally broadcast: 7-15-1985 to 12-26-1985 on Japan's Nippon TV network. Director: Norio Kashima and Toshifumi Takizawa US release: NONE Opening Song: "Ru-Ru-Ru-Russian Roulette" by Meiko Nakahara Closing Song: "Uchuu Ren'ai" by Meiko Nakahava Original Dirty Pair Also known as: Dirty Pair OAV Number of Episodes: 10 Originally released: 1987 - 1988 Director: Masayoshi Tanidabe US release: ADV Films and Streamline Enterprises Opening Song: "By Yourself" by Keiko Mai / Tsuneiku Waizumi Closing Song: "Summer Time From Autumn" by Keiko Mai / Akiya Nakazaki Movies and Specials Affair of Nolandia, 1985, special, 55 minutes MOVIETOME LINK Director: Masaharu Okuwaki Project Eden, 1987, feature movie, 80 minutes MOVIETOME LINK Director: Koichi Mashimo Flight 005 Conspiracy, 1990, special, 55 minutes Director: Toshifumi Takizawa Video information Vol. 1: Girls with Guns (Original Dirty Pair ep 1-5) Vol. 2: Damsels in Destruction (Original Dirty Pair ep 6-10) Vol. 3: Project Eden Vol. 4: Flight 005 Conspiracy Vol. 5: Affair of Nolandia Related Series Dirty Pair Flash, released in the mid 1990s, is a remake of the series with different character designs.moreless