Dirty Rotten Cheater

Ion Television (ended 2003)


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  • Too much going on in this game, and the cheater is obvious, I watched the first game which left me wondering what it is all about and thought I would watch it today with some family to see if it got any better....it didn't!!

    This is a very bland, uninteresting and sometimes even confusing gameshow, I was so looking forward to this programme as I love gameshows and Brian connelly and was dissappointed on both counts, the show is rubbish and Brian Connelly is wasted on it. I watched it on the first day and couldn't beleive how bad it was and then watched it today with family to see if it got any better, but unfortunately it didn't, we all spotted the cheater far too early in the show and got bored with the format, I will definately not be watching this show again!