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When idealistic attorney Nick George's father dies, he ends up taking his father's clients, the Darlings, led by patriarch Tripp. It's not always easy for Nick handling both legal and sometimes illegal matters. Nick George goes through each episode trying to solve and correct the problems of each of the Darling family members. From fighting siblings to a dishonest husband to dealing with Tripp himself; Nick George certainly has his hands full in Dirty Sexy Money. The hour-long pilot was penned by Craig Wright and will be executive produced by Wright, Bryan Singer, and Greg Berlanti. The pilot is produced by ABC Television Studio in association with Berlanti Television.

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  • Samaire Armstrong

    Samaire Armstrong

    Juliet Darling (Season 1)

    William Baldwin

    William Baldwin

    Patrick Darling

    Jill Clayburgh

    Jill Clayburgh

    Letitia Darling

    Glenn Fitzgerald

    Glenn Fitzgerald

    Brian Darling

    Seth Gabel

    Seth Gabel

    Jeremy Darling

    Peter Krause

    Peter Krause

    Nick George

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    • Too Late

      With interesting characters, good acting, engaging craftsmanship - this show didn't stand a chance in the era of Honey Boo Boo and Kitchen Nightmares.
    • This was a real guilty pleasure premiere ...

      Oh, dear heavenly days! This show is back on track after the loooooooong hiatus! We were looking forward to this show for almost a year and now the 2nd season premiered and I am like wow, this was amazing, revealing, so much new things in it! Ellen became an alcoholic, her husband doesn´t care about her at all. Her death was unexpected, but brilliant. Leticia is arrested for murdering Dutch, Karen fell in love with Simon and Jeremy has a feeling for Lisa. Well done. I just cannot wait until another Wednesday to see what will happen next! Now it´s really dirty & sexy :)moreless
    • PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!

      PLEASE COME BACK! I got addicted to this show! It's amazing!!! It's so much fun to watch the lives of the Darlings. I don't know why this show was cancelled. You guys need to bring it back, I need to find out what happens!

    • In all the adult soaps this one actually makes sense the title says it all and ABC are a bunch of idiots following the nielson report or whatever who cares about market share the advertisers are insane as well something good and you idiots don't remoreless

      The idiots who brought you nothing finally do something great and cancel it for lack of good common sense. If only it had been a reality show, no budget? Oh thats right reality no budget

      Lack of advertising support? Do your advertising hacks ever ask the public what they want ?

      Dirty Sexy Money was the freshest comedic drama ever presented on Net Work. Of course I must admit some of the plot lines were a liile above the Grade 3 level, so your reviewers probably missed the punch lines sort of like it takes a minimmum of 100 words to write a critique of a great brilliant piece of work.

      my hats off to to the net works and their expertise in selecting our TV faremoreless
    • What the heck??? I love this show! I have been waiting and waiting for the new season and there isn't going to be one???? Shame on who ever canceled it!!! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Donald Sutherland was superb!moreless

      AWESOME! Was one of the best shows on! arrgh why do all the great shows get canceled? Every character was perfect! Donald Sutherland as well as all the others are superb! The story line was brilliant. An hour was too short, I was always left wanting more. I still want more. I would love to see it become a daytime soap opera, no that would be fantastic. Dirty Sexy Money, every day of the week. Everyone in our home loved this show and we range in age from mid 20's to mid 50's. The show always left me on the edge of my seat wanting more!moreless
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    dysfuntional families, bad parenting, raunchy, outrageous situations, quirky love story