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  • Too Late

    With interesting characters, good acting, engaging craftsmanship - this show didn't stand a chance in the era of Honey Boo Boo and Kitchen Nightmares.
  • This was a real guilty pleasure premiere ...

    Oh, dear heavenly days! This show is back on track after the loooooooong hiatus! We were looking forward to this show for almost a year and now the 2nd season premiered and I am like wow, this was amazing, revealing, so much new things in it! Ellen became an alcoholic, her husband doesn´t care about her at all. Her death was unexpected, but brilliant. Leticia is arrested for murdering Dutch, Karen fell in love with Simon and Jeremy has a feeling for Lisa. Well done. I just cannot wait until another Wednesday to see what will happen next! Now it´s really dirty & sexy :)


    PLEASE COME BACK! I got addicted to this show! It's amazing!!! It's so much fun to watch the lives of the Darlings. I don't know why this show was cancelled. You guys need to bring it back, I need to find out what happens!

  • In all the adult soaps this one actually makes sense the title says it all and ABC are a bunch of idiots following the nielson report or whatever who cares about market share the advertisers are insane as well something good and you idiots don't re

    The idiots who brought you nothing finally do something great and cancel it for lack of good common sense. If only it had been a reality show, no budget? Oh thats right reality no budget
    Lack of advertising support? Do your advertising hacks ever ask the public what they want ?
    Dirty Sexy Money was the freshest comedic drama ever presented on Net Work. Of course I must admit some of the plot lines were a liile above the Grade 3 level, so your reviewers probably missed the punch lines sort of like it takes a minimmum of 100 words to write a critique of a great brilliant piece of work.
    my hats off to to the net works and their expertise in selecting our TV fare
  • What the heck??? I love this show! I have been waiting and waiting for the new season and there isn't going to be one???? Shame on who ever canceled it!!! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Donald Sutherland was superb!

    AWESOME! Was one of the best shows on! arrgh why do all the great shows get canceled? Every character was perfect! Donald Sutherland as well as all the others are superb! The story line was brilliant. An hour was too short, I was always left wanting more. I still want more. I would love to see it become a daytime soap opera, no that would be fantastic. Dirty Sexy Money, every day of the week. Everyone in our home loved this show and we range in age from mid 20's to mid 50's. The show always left me on the edge of my seat wanting more!
  • such a great show

    this was such a great show. it had all kinds of plot twists and every episode always left you with some sort of cliffhanger, wanting more. it was so sad that the show ended so ubruptly. the last show didn't even have any real closure. the good thing about the show only having two seasons is that anyone wanting to catch up or watch from the beginning to end of the series, is it won't take much time to do so. this show had a great cast and a great script. i'm sad to see it go :(
  • The title says it all. Don't blink during an episode, or you'll miss something integral to the plot. Sad that stupid ABC cancelled it before it could find its core audience.

    Some said "DSM" was loosely based on the Kennedy clan, but I think there was some Hearst family influence as well -- you know, the publishing dynasty. Heck, there was even a little channeling of Rupert Murdoch thrown in for balance, but what do I know?

    This show moved a mile-a-minute, and if one did not pay attention, or -- God forbid! -- happened to miss an episode, then too bad, so sad, 'cause one missed some plot point. That was a draw of this show: it made us (me) want to tune in for the next episode. I quickly learned to TiVo each show so I could watch it again more carefully. The Darling family was just over-the-top, and I wanted to slap most of them on a regular basis. Poor Nick was definitely torn between family and clients, and didn't his father sound like a real jerk? As time went on, I went from having sympathy for Nick's wife to wanting to push her in front of a bus (no, not really). And I ended up hoping Karen Darling and Nick could make a go of it. The Darlings definitely put the "fun" in dysfunctional!

    But as good as this show was - excellent dialogue, cool scenery, and great actors - it was hit very hard by that jackass Writers' Strike, from which it could no longer recover. By the time production on many shows had cranked up again, viewers had moved on, gotten DVDs from NetFlics or couldn't find their shows anymore. Perhaps the writers had a valid point, but they killed some very good TV shows and hurt a lot of people who were out of work while the studios were dark. We now have tons of idiotic Reality Shows that popped up during The Strike and will not go away. But I digress.

    Even I, loyal viewer of DSM, had trouble picking up where they had left off. I thought Season One was better than Season Two. While it was a fast-paced show to begin with, Season Two seemed almost frantic and a big rushed. ABC did no one a service when they cancelled this show. It could have gone on to becoming even more entertaining, as did "Boston Legal", to name but one example. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!
  • amusing good show...

    I love the show very much, I was sad when the show cancelled and didn't figure out how a good show was cancelled but now I heard the great news that the show will come back in July. The plot and story is great and with great actors, "Dirty Sexy Money" is a great show. The places that story take place are also great, I love NY :)
    I love Tripp and Nick also Karen, I dislike Lisa because of her hair. I think she needs long hair absolutely.
    For me it was a very amusing show, I was watching it with laughing.
    I can't wait to see the new episode.
  • this is one of the most riveting brilliantly cast,absorbing series i have had the privilege to watch. well done to the scriptwriter, cast and crew. the sound and camera work are rich. it would be a great shame if this series had to end :-(

    this is one of the most riveting brilliantly cast,absorbing series i have had the privilege to watch. well done to the scriptwriter, cast and crew. the sound and camera work are rich. it would be a great shame if this series had to end :-( i am from South Africa and my son brought me the series a few days ago, needless to say, i watched all 10 episodes in 2 days. i am now hungry for more and we dont get it here. any suggestions? each character plays their part with finesse.. Donald Sutherland is exceptional in his role as the Patriarch. I would love to own the next episodes.
  • I loved, loved, loved Dirty, Sexy, Money!!!

    How in the world could a show like this be cancelled?? It was hot! The actors played their characters perfectly and kept me coming back for more, more, more. What are the execs thinking?? Seriously...remove some of the reality junk and give gritty shows like this some punch and power to stay for a while? Karen was insatiable; Jeremy just too much; Tripp was a pushover with power; Simon was a sexy pig; Nick...I think he was just confused and wanted to have his cake and to eat it too. I really hope that DSM will find it's way back onto prime time. Maybe a better time slot would allow for a greater viewing audience.
  • love it !

    bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !bring it back !
  • With brilliant writers, story lines and actors why was it cancelled?

    When I first started watching it I didn't know what to expect. I mean I'm a huge fan of Donald Sunderland but the reviews and other advertising didn't portray it that well. But after 2 or 3 episodes it was really into the swing of things and had me engaged as well as probably a lot of you.

    I loved the way it was written and how it progressed throughout the season. Really liked all the cast and once again found myself willing the next episode to come sooner and still surprised at how brilliant it was.

    So the anticipation of the second season was greatly preying on my mind, what new story lines are they going to put in. As the second season kicked of I could tell once again it was in full swing and I felt if there were people who didn't watch it then they were foolish.

    Therefore when I went to watch the continuation of Dirty Sexy Money after the Christmas break I was surprised to not be able to find it anywhere. I really wanted to know the rest of the story and if my suspicions on who killed Nick's father were accurate. So when I finally signed up to TV.com and found out it had been cancelled I was devastated. Fair enough if it didn't have the ratings / viewers cancel it but in the middle of a season.

    So now all I want is the last episodes to be aired it's unfair on the viewers that did watch it not to conclude the season. So 'Bring It Back'
  • Maybe ABC should cancel their programming people and hire some who know what the American public actually enjoy watching. Big mistake cancelling this gem...huge.

    In my humble opinion, ABC is out of it's mind cancelling this top-notch show. It was intriguing, classy, and very well-acted and written. The powers-that-be there better realize that the 'fluff' shows they continue shoving down our throats pale greatly in comparison to quality series like this one was...there are many, many good series on TNT, AMC, etc., etc...I am so very tired of hooking into a series that ABC airs only to have them pull the plug abruptly. Is ABC really that afraid that they may just have a viewing audience who likes an intelligent program????

    Shame, shame, shame on you, ABC.
  • I think it's awful that Dirty Sexy Money was taken off. Out of every thing out there I felt it was great show.I hope tou well reconsinder this fall brining it back. Think about it coming on. It was the best thing on. Had power money like the old dyansty.

    With Dirty Sexy money I felt it was right on top with some of the old soaps. Like Dallas, Dyansty and the others that was on. First we had the writers that messed things up. Was into Cane with Jimmy Swit and they took that off. And now this. Shame on you. I hope you reconsinder that it comes back on. Please. Watched it the last night it was on after holidays you did not bring it back just left it hangin. Shame on you people. So stupid I would say.We both looked forwrad to it coming on each week.
  • It was the best and hottest show on TV. You need to bring it back. I don't know what you people were thinking. You get us into it and then drop it. Why? Bring it back and keep it going. Please!!!

    Great Actors and great story line. You know you seat and dream for money like that but I wouldn't won't my father to control me if that was the case. I have friends that this is a similar situation and it is like watching their lives. Their dad controls them and their purse strings. This show is so real in a way. I also want you to bring back Jeremy's twin sister, she was a hoot even though she was dingy. You need to show Nick running the company and the siblings having a cow and Karen acting like she is falling for Nick to try to get some control of the company but see other people on side by sneaking around (as revenge) but still be in love with him. Make it twisted. Please bring it back.
  • Not sure what the executives at ABC were thinking! Great storyline and the casting couldn't be more perfect. So network executives at FX, Dirty Sexy Money would be a perfect addition to the FOX family.

    This show is everything I could possibly want in a show to sit down to at night with a drink kicking back to relax. Well written sitcom dealing with drama, comedy, money, power, sex, elegance, and excitement. Each character brought something to the show, not one stood out more than the other, which is extremely difficult to do with a large cast. Especially a cast with several seasoned actors is not an easy task. Bottom line if ABC can't appreciate this gem let the executives at FX pick-up this jewel. FX don't fall asleep at the wheel, this sitcom would be perfect it already has an existing edgy storyline.
  • save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money

    bring back dirty sexy money it's the best tv show from ABC ever. well escept for Lost, but seriously why did you stop maing these because people think the second season is disappointing. its unacceptable. how can possibly they cancel this tv show? it's such a bummer ! abc I swear you suck! bring it back!!!! why did you cancel TV SHOW in where people might actually like it. save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money save dirty sexy money
  • Geeeees ABC have no idea

    Geeeees ABC have no idea seems to be the rage all these tv stations canning good to great shows and repalcing them with rubbish utter rubbish seriously this show normally I never watch, but once I saw one episode of Dirty Sexy Money I found it a very interesting show that wasn't boring and it really made want to see the next episode, I have to see more bring it back and give it a real go and get rid of all those crappppppppppy reality shows yawn what a bore. . . . . . . . . . :)
  • This is one of those shows that it was really sad to see leave. Dirty Sexy Money was a really interesting show that wasn't boring and it really made families funnier but it never left the truth. I loved how they described the Darling family and the way...

    ...they treated each other. I loved the twins because they were hilarious even though Juliet wasn't in the second season. All of the Darling siblings are interesting and funny. I like how they are all messed up in their own way and the fact that all of them make it through life by using their money. It opens our life to see that those rich families we always criticize are never what they seem to be. We don't know who they are or what happens in their life. I think Dirty Sexy Money is a combination of Brothers and Sisters and The O.C. I am so sad to see this show leave and it I hope that in the future a show like Dirty Sexy Money can succeed.
  • I really really liked this show. Canceling it would be a huge mistake. Actors are interesting. Great break from the forensic cops shows, the survivor shows, and the doctor shows.

    I really really liked this show. Canceling it would be a huge mistake. Actors are interesting. Great break from the forensic cops shows, the survivor shows, and the doctor shows. I am getting really tired of watching the same kind of show over and over and over again. Dirty Sexy Money was original and fresh, and not a cookie cutter version of some other show.

    TV is really getting boring, and that is why people are starting to watch movies on line, and hook up with services like Net Flix. Television is a very powerful media, and I dont understand why better things are not accomplished with it.
  • DSM bring it back

    You've got to bring it back!! This was a weekly obsession for me and my husband1!! We would have a drink with "The Darlings" every Wednesday!!! This is the only show that we have ever both loved. We're normally in different rooms watching different shows. It reminds me of the show's my parents used to talk about like "Dallas and Knots Landing" Please bring it back! The characters were a wonderful blend of innocent,dirty,bad,suspicious, etc. We were just beginning to have DSM parties with other couples, it's like a Sex And The City for couples. It truly was an awesome show, it would be a shame to not bring it back.
  • I am really going to miss my adult soap opera. Please somebody bring it back.

    I really want my show back.
    I love the Darlings. Leticia, Tripp, Patrick, Jeremy,
    Brian, and the rest of them. I really am going to miss my show on Wednesday's. I also am going to miss Boston Legal, and Eli Stone. I know that economic times are rough but goodness sakes please do not take our shows away. This really makes for no entertainment. And I hope all who read this please email abc.com and let them know your thoughts on great shows like Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone, and Boston Legal. What else is next? Grey's Anatomy and Life on Mars? Please bring all great shows back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Save Dirty, Sexy, Money

    I will be so devastated if Dirty Sexy Money gets canceled. I was watching William Baldwin on the Today show and he said that we should all go to the boards and let the people at ABC know how we feel: DON'T CANCEL THE SHOW! It's too good. You guys already took away My So-Called Life when I was a teen... why must you take away DSM now?

    But I will say thank you to the fact that there's a Malbec song in tonight's episode. They're one of my favorite bands and should be yours. Get "Irene Song". It's so good.

    Anyway... do not cancel the show!
  • Simon forces Tripp to sign over his company. Nick's marriage is further from reconcile. Patrick's makes decisions that he thinks are his own.Jeremy manage to secure his place on Patrick's team, at least for another week. Brian gets married, Karen didn't.

    From day one, this show was marvelously clever. Tripp has been a mastermind and this episode, we see more of this plan unfold. Like a game of chess, there are many pieces on the board but all of them are just a part of the King's strategy. Simon is the Black King. I really hope this series do not get cancelled as we still to find out who killed Nick's father and who is involved. I like this episode as it reveals how Tripp seemed to let Simon take everything but in true, he is the one infiltrating into his world. What trip lost to Simon, he will win it all back and more. This is the kind of writing that keeps us thinking, guessing and hoping. So here's to hoping ABC give this show a fair chance to succeed away from the writer's strike and preempted scheduling.
  • The show focuses on a rich family w/ more than it's share of dis-function. The kids are beyond spoiled & the family feels they have their own set of rules when it comes to the law & getting what they want. When I grow up, I want to be a Darling!

    Absolutely Top 10 when it comes to entertainment! I usually don't watch too many shows w/ actors anymore. I feel that our intellect has been compromised too many times w/ recent shows. They have become too commericalized & I get sick of it. Every now & then a show comes along that makes you long for the next week. To me, this is one of those shows. One definate plus IMO is that it grabs your interest before they even show the credits of the show. They do it a way that you never even realize that you're watching the credits. A+++ when it comes to today's Comedy Drama!
  • finally

    Yeah, finally! Finally it's the day when one of my little dream will become real, because today is the first episode of second season I wait for it soooo long. This is one of the TV shows that I love because it is different from others, not because of hot actors and stupid story, which repeats over and over again. For me this TV show is something fresh. But again it's the story about rich and famous - about their spending problems, personal problems, money & friends problems (which is pretty common for young, popular and wealthy, because it is hard to guess if they have the real friends or friends who want to get only the fame).
    Yup, I told you once and I can repeat - I love this one!
  • Wonderful, surprising and eye catching experience. Can't stop watching it!

    Wow! This show exceeded any expectations I had! It has wonderful actors, very credible. I love Peter Krause from his days at Six Feet Under, and I have to say this is so much better (even though he had a lot more sex appeal last time.

    Donald Sutherland is doing a spectacular job, on one hand - I love his character, but on the other, I just *know* he's up to something underneath all that calm.

    My biggest surprise was Glenn Fitzgerald, who I didn't like at first, but as the show unfolded I found myself more and more into his character.

    Zoe McLellan is doing an amazing job, she's a great actress and I hope she'll get credit for it one day!

    Can't wait for season II !
  • Absolutely amazing show. Didn't miss an episode. :) Original and funny if difficult to follow at times but definately recommend this.

    I agree with other posts that the show did get better as the series ran on. The interesting and wide range of personalities of the characters in the show added to the great story line and twists makes this one of my favourites. I remember thinking at the beginning after watching the first few episodes that I was never going to be able to follow everything with all of the different characters but it was great once I'd worked out who was who. I don't know about everyone else but I loved the thought of being that rich - especially when the twins spent $250000 on their birthday each - and then moaned that it wasn't enough. haha. The show gave me an insite into what the world is like for people with that high standard of living which made it interesting; and the end of each episode has something special to keep you hooked and impatiently waiting until the upcoming week. :)
  • A show whose reach far exceeds its grasp, but somehow is managing to hang on to life. Satisfyingly enough, the first season got progressively (if slowly) better. It will either break out or break down in its next year.

    It's nice to be pleasantly surprised (if only a little bit) by a mainstream, crowd-pleasing, studio-friendly show. After the first episode, I was convinced that I'd lose interest before episode four. But I watched the whole season through, and am reserving final judgement until season two. One thing's for sure: it's trying way too hard to be a sexy, hip, billionaire teddy-boy version of The West Wing. A big ensemble cast with a couple of screen veterans, power-dealing breakfasts and social commentary (poorly executed, in the case of DSM) does not a Sorkin make. So they may as well give up on that and focus on what is going right.

    Or, rather, on what four of the many characters are doing right. That's right folks - somehow, Dirty Sexy Money made it to a second season on the backs of four actors: Peter Krause and the ever-watchable Donald Sutherland, supported by Zoe McLellan (PK's onscreen wife) and Seth Gabel (one of the Sutherland 'children'). All four transcend the writing and their co-stars (some of whom desperately need to go) and account for everything good about the show. Oh, and the chauffeur's quite good too.

    Seriously, though, practically everything else is totally bland. With the exception of the occasional excellent guest star and the intriguing concept and plot hook (Krause, aka Nick George, is a problem-solving lawyer! he looks after an insanely rich family and its self-obssessed kids! but who killed his father? was it Donny? and who was daddy really working for?), it's nothing special. Music, direction, even script - all mediocre, at best quite entertaining. But somehow, Sutherland manages to keep the audience in a continuous state of suspended ambivalence with regards to his character. 'Tripp' Darling, multi-billionaire, father of five, megalomaniac and philanthropist - he's a bad guy, but Sutherland makes him so damned nice, week after week!

    How does that work? Who knows. The Fantastic Four valiantly battle their way through the shallow waters of mediocrity and make us believe in them. Yes, and even like them. And enjoy watching them play. This show is a salutory example to all the writers, directors and producers out there who think that they can take on the likes of West Wing, Studio 60, Sopranos and Firefly. Big casts, sweeping ideas and complex plot and character interactions are not for those of lesser talent. And, let's be honest, DSM is run by lesser talents.

    I kept watching, though, so it's not all bad. I have a horrible feeling about series two, however. There is a lot of work to do, and if the production team can't pull something out of the bag, it'll be curtains as far as its chance of ever being 'a decent show' goes. Having four good characters and a plot that can't take much more stretching is not a stable foundation for a show only ten episodes in. Without a huge revision (like recasting, for example!) or an earth-shatteringly good idea (or three), DSM will be out of steam in another ten episodes. And by that, I mean that there isn't much story left in the old dog.

    What can I possibly mean? Surely you can just keep writing and writing indefinitely? Yeah, they could kill Tripp off in the shower and then bring him back, plenty of mileage left, eh? No. Don't be silly. Good stories have a point. A story for the sake of airtime is not a story - it's a soap opera. As it stands, we're set up for either: a) a big showdown in eight episodes, or, b) three more years of Lost-like flogging of a very dead horse. And if you can't take that kind of opinion, well then I suggest you comfort yourself with an all-night Dynasty marathon. That'll make you feel better, and forget all about the nasty man and his unreasonable demands for a real story.

    Dirty Sexy Money could be really good. It could win awards. It could be remembered for more than two years, and it's DVDs could fetch more than 99p on eBay. I hope it does, and then I'll happily eat my words. What are the chances? Watch this space...
  • Intresting show...

    It's been said that money is the root of all evil. That saying may be true. Growing up, Nick George had lived his life in the shadow of the powerful Darling family. Now Nick has a seemingly perfect life and a successful career as a lawyer, but his life changes when his father dies in suspicious circumstances. Upon his death, the wealthy Darling family ask Nick to take over his father's job as the Darling family lawyer and offer him a huge salary to do so. However, the money, prestige, and notoriety Nick is gaining pulls him into the world of the Darlings, which is more than meets the eye.

    Seen 3 episodes so far, nothing special yet might just stay with it for a bit.
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