Dirty Sexy Money

Season 1 Episode 5

The Bridge

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on ABC
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Nick finds he has a lot in common with Simon, Tripp's nemesis. In a case of sibling rivalry Jeremy and Juliet decide to try and outdo each other for their separate birthday parties. Brian Jr. wants to tell Brian's wife the truth. Karen tries to get Freddy into a fancy country club.moreless

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  • ok episode

    Well, this has been my least favorite episode so far of the show, but it's still decent. Jeremy and his twin sister argue over their birthday part and then decide to throw two separate parties. In the end, they figure out that they just wanted to be together for their birthday. Tripp decides that giving the twins their 25 million will be postponed because they are wasteful. Meanwhile, Kenny is trying to get into a club. I thought both story lines weren't that interesting. Meeting Simon Elder was interesting and so was the whole argument about the money. Overall, another solid character development episode but not that good of a story.moreless
  • We meet Simon Elder

    Nick Finally meets Simon Elder who turns out to be billionaire he also learns that Tripp and him have had a past. It's the Also the twins 25th Birthday and they are still fighting over the fact that Jeremy is still seeing Natalie, So the pair end up having their parties at different venues.

    Later Juilet finds out that Natalie might not be pregant so she tells her brother, he finds out for himself. Meanwhile Brian Snr comes clean about Gustoff is actually his Real Son Brian Jnr. Karen starts black mailing Patrick into making her boyfriend join his Golf clubmoreless
  • Little action, more character development

    Another solid episode. No real action to speak of, at none with real consequences except Fr. Brian's disception is busted. The other members of the family have their characters and personal situations explored once more. Ive come to face the fact that this series is going to be mostly about demonstrating the world of the Darlings, which is fine by me. But a lack of any real intensity means that it isnt going to pound you with excitement. I expect though that the season end will have a beautifully placed ending with a hook for the next season - maybe even Nick finding out who the killed his father (which will obviously not be the case for the next season).

    Back to this episode, and I do admit that the writers do a good job of sucking you into this makebelieve world. The pace of the episode is a tad below medium, but the eccentricities of the Darling children make a great setup to see them fall. Isnt that what we want?

    The main plotline here are the twins parties and eventual realisation of their excessive spending for nought! Frankly it falls a little flat to be the mainstay of an episode. Nick meets the mysterious C, but we only get an inkling of what happened with Nick's dad.

    Karen Darling is just oozing **** Im really going to loathe that character. The fun the show is having with Pat jr. and the he-she lover is fantastic. never have thought hed have the balls to play such a storyline!

    The complex web of family life develops into a really good platform that Im sure will make successive plotlines take this to the next level.

    For now its a good episode, but better is yet to come.moreless
  • It's the Twins 25th Birthday - party time

    So far this show has been great to watch and continues in the same vain this episode. The twins have been a personal favourite of mine cos they epitomise the rich kid thing that seems so common in the press today. I mean come on you fall out with your best friend because they stole your bangs, that's just ridiculous and childish but then again Juliet is a child.

    As last episode revealed that one of the Darling children was fathered by Dutch (Nick's Dad) then your mind is on that through the episode. Of course it wasn't revealed last episode and frankly won't be for a few I reckon but you can't help but wonder. Tripp's reaction makes you suspect the Twins this episode (although my money is still on Brian the priest) as he seems to react slightly abrasive towards them but at the same time as taking away their 25 million inheritance he lets them have there 2 million dollar parties each.

    The parties themselves were a highlight this episode as one was on the walkway of the Brooklyn bridge and the other a French renaissance powder wig party, (guess which twins party is which?, lol). Completely extravagant and what's betting no one made their own costume for the latter.

    Other things this episode was everybody's favourite priest Brian (not, lol) being put in the s**t by Brian Jr (a.k.a. Gustav) when he reveals to Brian's wife who he really is. That's a great scene as Brian finally gets what is coming to him when she asks for a divorce. It was nice to see him when he moved back in with his parents to take the smaller less comfortable room with the bunk bed just to be with his son though. Finally we feel sympathetic for the character.

    Lastly, Nick gets to know Simon Elder and it transpires that his father Dutch might just have been about to defect to Elder's camp before his plane crashed and he went missing (I still don't think he's dead). This is important to the main ongoing plot but the least interesting thing this week with everything else going on.moreless
  • This is the episode I have been waiting for. I agree, this is the one that has moved this show from an entertaining series about rich people to a drama about humans with issues,flaws, and true emotions.moreless

    I have been sticking with this series waiting for an episode like this one. It was great to see so many things happen which are pivotal to the base plot of the show. Brian having to admit his indiscretion to his his wife and family, and NOT blaming it on Brian Jr. was a big moment. However, it also showed that Brian has not grown up any more than a 7 year old has. He and Brian Jr. are at the same point in their emotional development. The scenes with Nick and his wife showed how working with the Darlings has changed both of them. I am glad the writers chose to go in the direction of Nick getting back to the reasons he agreed to do it in the first place - CHARITY. It seems Simon has something to do with this. Whether it was manipulation or genuine concern remains to be seen

    It was great to see the twins renew their relationship. They need one another as it appears it will be difficult for them to trust anyone else. I am not certain Jeremy's desire to get a job can last. BUT, the sincere manner in which Tripp tells him he is proud was amazing. It would be nice to see one of the Darlings grow up. At this point I believe that Karen is a filler character. It seems that she is there merely to put Nick's marriage in jeopardy. She is obviously not interested in her own fiance. I certainly hope the writers close that chapter quickly.moreless
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Evan Arnold

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Lisa Arturo

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Sam Ayers

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Daniel Cosgrove

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Tamara Feldman

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In this episode, Nick's ringtone for Juliet Darling is "It's My Party (And I'll Cry If I Want To)". Ironically, Juliet ends up crying at her party.

    • All the Darling children inherit 25 million dollars as soon as they turn 25. Patrick bought a summer house in Maine. Karen invested her money while Brian traveled the world for three years.

    • In the beginning of this episode where they supposedly show scenes from previous episodes, Natalie tells Jeremy "I'm pregnant". In the actual episode where they show that scene, her actual line to Jeremy was "You're pregnant".

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Karen: (to Brian Jr.) You're the luckiest orphan in the world. You know.
      (notices her parents looking at her) What? Is orphan not PC anymore? What should I say instead?
      Brian: He is not an orphan.
      Karen: Hum?
      Letitia: Your brother Brian is his father.
      Karen: Oh? Really? (to Brian Jr.) Sorry.

    • Simon Elder: You know, I've been, I've been following your career from a distance for many years now.
      Nick: Yeah?
      Simon Elder: Yeah, and I've always felt that we're cut from the same cloth, you and me.
      Nick: In what way exactly?
      Simon Elder: We're both trying to take the advantages we've been given in life and share them with those less-fortunate. That sound like you?
      Nick: Yeah, on a good day.
      Simon Elder: That sounds like me too on a good day.

    • Karen: Sweetie, I don't think, I don't think Daddy wants you to take the plane again. Jet fuel doesn't grow on trees.

    • Brian: (reading from a book) "Honesty. Of all the sins that hurt God's feelings, lying is the worst of all. In big ways and small ways, lying eats away at the heart God gave us and leaves us empty and sad. If we're gonna be happy and go to heaven, we have to tell the truth." Well, I don't think we have to tell the truth all the time. I think there are important exceptions. (holding the book up) But these are good thoughts. These are definitely good thoughts.

    • Lisa: What are you doing tomorrow?
      Nick: Lisa, it's just another day of me implementing my immense knowledge of American jurisprudence instead of doing my charitable work.
      Lisa: Meaning?
      Nick: I'm settling a dispute between the twins about who can and can't come to their 25th birthday party.
      Lisa: Natalie Kimpton?
      Nick: Natalie Kimpton.

    • (after the twins decided to have separate parties)
      Nick: You know what, this could work out. I'll split the million dollar budget.
      Jeremy: Are you crazy?
      Juliet: We can't split the money. I can't throw a party for 500-grand.
      Jeremy: Neither can I. At least not a good one. Nick, it's economies of scale.
      Nick: Do you even know what that means?
      Jeremy: No but you know what I think I mean. And that's what matters.
      Juliet & Jeremy: We need two million.

    • Letitia: You haven't told Nick anything, have you?
      Tripp: About what? About the DNA report? No.
      Letitia: Are you planning to?
      Tripp: I have no intention of so doing.

    • Patrick: Well, to be honest, Freddy isn't exactly the average member.
      Karen: Never thought you had much of a taste for the average member.
      Patrick: What does that mean?
      Karen: Your special friend. The one with the low voice and the eye liner.
      Patrick: What are you talking about?
      Karen: Don't worry, Pat. I would never tell. Give Ellen my best.

    • (after Jeremy lays down his birthday party plan to Nick)
      Nick: Well, that sounds very reasonable. I applaud your restraint.
      Jeremy: What can I say? Love changes a man and brings him down to earth.

    • Nick: You know, Jeremy, are you and Natalie already talking about starting a family?
      Jeremy: We're talking about what to name the munchkin, dude.
      Nick: She's pregnant?
      Jeremy: Don't you tell Dad. I don't want him paying her off like he always does. I like this one.

    • Brian: I didn't want to hurt you. I'm sorry. I really am. I'm sorry. Please just give me another chance. Please.
      Mei Ling: You made your choices. Now, I'm making mine. I want a divorce.

    • (challenging Nick's suggestion with regards to the twins' birthday party preparations)
      Tripp: Won't work Nick. It's too late. Let them have their fun tomorrow night. And then when the smoke clears, they'll have time to reflect upon their choices and reflect. Regret.

    • Karen: What are you so afraid of?
      Patrick: I'm not afraid of anything, Karen. I just don't want you to hurt Ellen's feelings by sharing information that would hurt her feelings.
      Karen: You sound confused. Honey, I'm just going to lunch with my favorite sister-in-law. The idea that I would ever want to hurt Ellen's feelings... What would that get me? Really? What?
      Patrick: You screw up my marriage then you screw up my campaign. You screw up my campaign and you'll have Dad to deal with.
      Karen: If you don't get Freddy into the club, you'll have Dad to deal with. As far as your campaign goes, I like New York the way it is.

    • Brian: You're gonna hear from Mei Ling Hwa's attorney. She's filing for divorce.
      Nick: She found out about Brian Jr.?
      Brian: Yes.
      Nick: How'd that happen?
      Brian: God's Holy Word.

    • Brian: I want you to be ruthless to her lawyers. I want you to make it clear that she is not gonna get anything more than she was promised in the prenup. Not an extra cent. I want you to make sure that I am gonna fight for the children and win. And I want you to make sure that she knows that I am going to crush her.
      Nick: Okay, note to self. Crush her.

    • Brian: I made a mess of everything. What the hell is going to happen to me?
      Nick: Brian. Brian, everything is going to be okay. Every marriage has its rough edges.
      Brian: Oh, what do you know, Mr.Perfect?
      Nick: Hey, Brian, do me a favor. Don't insult me when you're asking for my help.

    • Nick: Jeremy, are you listening to me? Natalie is using tampons. She's not pregnant.
      Jeremy: Juliet is lying. She's lying to hurt me to get back at Nat.
      Nick: Jeremy, I know Natalie and Juliet have their differences but I also know that your sister loves you.
      Jeremy: She loves herself.
      Nick: She loves you too. And I don't think she'd make something like this up.

    • Astrid: Hey, Juliet, wait up. What's the matter?
      Juliet: Everything. Everything in the entire little lowly lying world.
      Astrid: Where are you going?
      Juliet: Confronting my brother.
      Astrid: Come on. Everyone is here for you.
      Juliet: Let them eat cake.

    • Simon Elder: (trying to convince Nick to work for him) There's lots of ways to lose your life, Nick. All at once or one day at a time.

    • Letitia: You know it's an odd feeling having all the children back in the building under the same roof.
      Brian: Yeah, we're a regular little house.
      Letitia: In a way, it's as if we're all getting another chance.

    • Tripp: (to Nick) You know, we should not just delay the payout of that trust. We should terminate the damn thing.
      Jeremy: You're delaying my trust?
      Tripp: No, I'm revoking it entirely.
      Nick: Let's not be hasty.
      Jeremy: You know what, I don't care. You go ahead and postpone it. You give it away. I don't freakin' care as long as I get out from under you! I wish that I could be someone you loved, Dad. I wish that but I can't! I can't. I can just be me. I know that's not good enough for you.

    • Juliet: You and Natalie together was like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.
      Jeremy: And she's the orange juice.
      Juliet: Uh-hmm. Can you imagine her mothering a child. What an unbearable thought.

    • Jeremy: You ever think things will be better if we weren't so incredibly loaded?
      Juliet: You mean you wish we were poor?
      Jeremy: Not starting with flies in our faces. Just a little more normal.
      Juliet: Well, I think you can be as normal as you wanna be. But I think you are pretty spectacular and you can do spectacular things.

    • Lisa: (looking at the paintings Nick gave her) How much were they?
      Nick: Who cares? You liked them and I love you.
      Lisa: I love you too. (kisses Nick) Thank you.

    • Tripp: So what is it that you want? The rocket? A Hubble telescope?
      Jeremy: I want a job.
      Tripp: A job?
      Jeremy: Yeah, I've been thinking lately and I should get a job, right?
      Tripp: Young man, you have just made me truly proud.

    • Charity Organization Worker: Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this money can change our organization.
      Nick: Actually, I do. But I am giving it to you, anyway.

    • Mei Ling Hwa: What's the matter?
      Brian Darling Jr: I need to tell you something...
      Mei Ling Hwa: Well, whatever it is you can tell me.
      Brian Darling Jr: I don't want to go to hell.
      Mei Ling Hwa: I don't think there are very many children in hell Gustav.
      Brian Darling Jr: Yeah... about that... My name's not Gustav.
      Mei Ling Hwa: No? What is it?
      Brian Darling Jr: Brian... Brian Jr.
      Mei Ling Hwa: Is my husband your daddy?
      Brian Darling Jr: (nods)

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: March 10, 2008 on Network 7
      Denmark: April 12, 2008 on SBS Net
      United Kingdom: April 15, 2008 on E4
      The Netherlands: April 22, 2008 on NET 5
      Sweden: May 8, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Slovakia: July 19, 2009 on JOJ

    • Music: "All By Myself" by Jeremy Darling (during his birthday on the bridge)


    • Juliet: Let them eat cake.

      This is a misattributed reference to queen Marie Antoinette's response when she was initially confronted by the poverty of the French people. The actual quote was originally attributed to Maria Theresa of Spain, the wife of Louis XIV.