Dirty Sexy Money

Season 1 Episode 4

The Chiavennasca

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on ABC
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Tripp sends Nick to a vineyard in Italy to get information about his father's death. Nick decides to bring Lisa along to spend some time with her away from the Darlings but Freddy and Karen are following them everywhere they go. After Leticia admits she was unfaithful to him, Tripp decides to find out if all of his children are really his.moreless

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Erick Avari

Erick Avari

Harold Templeton

Guest Star

Zoey Botnick

Zoey Botnick

Leah Darling

Guest Star

Bianca Chiminello

Bianca Chiminello

Princess Astrid Esterhazy

Guest Star

Andrew Astor

Andrew Astor

Robert Darling

Recurring Role

Daniel Cosgrove

Daniel Cosgrove

Freddy Mason

Recurring Role

Tamara Feldman

Tamara Feldman

Natalie Kimpton

Recurring Role

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    • Lisa: I can't buy shoes that cost as much as car insurance.
      Karen: Lisa, honey, don't be so financially resistant, okay? It's just money.

    • Daisy: The whole family sleeps here now. Charming! I work in a sweat shop.

    • Nick: How are you?
      Lisa: Honestly, I'm up to my ears hanging this new show at the gallery. I'm reading three books, none of which I'm making any headway and I kinda miss my husband.
      Nick: Yeah, me too. He's a great guy.

    • Letitia: Say something. Anything.
      Tripp: You just admitted to me that you have been an adulterous for 40 years. Forgive me if I'm short on words.

    • Juliet: A-ha!
      Jeremy: What?
      Juliet: You were just talking to her.
      Jeremy: Who?
      Juliet: Your secret girlfriend.
      Jeremy: I have no girlfriend
      Juliet: Oh yeah, then who did you spend 600-grand on Bulgari? Justin Timberlake?

    • Sales Person: Aren't those to die for? It's like they're made out of George Clooney.
      Lisa: How much?
      Sales Person: Twelve hundred.
      Lisa: Twelve hundred dollars. Did it come with a kidney?
      Sales Person: No, they come with each other?

    • Lisa: Yeah, I'm sure a lot of thought went into that purchase.
      Nick: What's the problem? She sent you a gift. She does stuff like that.
      Lisa: Oh, Karen Darling sent me a gift.
      Nick: At least you're starting to sound a little paranoid. Sometimes a shoe is just a shoe.
      Lisa: And sometimes it's a bomb.

    • Mei Ling: Bully or no bully, he still has to go to school.
      Brian Jr.: Okay, but I'm gonna get terrorized.

    • Jeremy: Shhh... Someone just came in.
      Natalie: So we'll have a three-way.
      Jeremy: No, no. It could be my sister.
      Natalie: You're about to have sex in a public place and that's what you're worried about? Your sister? That's so incredibly lame.

    • Brian: That's your bully? She's a girl! Come on, get it together man. I'll pick you up after school.

    • Karen: ("chancing upon" Nick and Lisa who were about to eat) Okay, who's stalking who? It's such a puzzle.

    • Juliet: Get her dripping butt out of my house!
      Jeremy: No!
      Juliet: What?
      Jeremy: She's not leaving.
      Juliet: This is utterly mortifying. This is the worst thing that's ever happened.
      Jeremy: Juliet, you're my sister and I love you, but I can't choose sides.
      Juliet: Guess what? You just did.

    • Nick: Lisa, come on. I was 19. I was in Italy. I was drunk on grappa. Everyone proposes when they're 19. It didn't mean anything.
      Lisa: Well, it meant something to her. And it certainly would've meant something if she'd said yes!
      Nick: Lisa, it was a thousand years ago.

    • Margaux: Why did you really enter the Church, Uncle Brian?
      Brian: I didn't see anywhere else in the world I'd fit in. I didn't want to pursue business or politics. I never felt really well-liked so a life of leisure didn't seem appealing. You need friends for that kind of thing. So. I guess I really never felt a part of the human family.

    • Jeremy: Juliet, I love her.
      Juliet: Love?
      Jeremy: Okay, I really like her.
      Juliet: Like?
      Jeremy: I'm moderately interested... why can't you be cool about this?
      Juliet: Because she doesn't care about you. She's only using you to get to me.
      Jeremy: Now I get it. It's about you. Right? Everything's just all about you.
      Juliet: I'm just trying to protect you.
      Jeremy: You don't have to!

    • Brian: What's the matter?
      Brian Jr.: You better be nicer to me or I'll tell Mei Ling Hwa the truth.
      Brian: What is this, blackmail?
      Brian Jr.: You told me to find a weakness.
      Brian: You cunning little turd.

    • Brian: Hi, Chora. Those are nice hair clips. What are those, bumblebees?
      Chora: Hornets.
      Brian: You know God, Chora? He's sort of my boss. (pointing to Brian Jr.) You see that boy over there? God told me you're not being very nice to him. And God is so disappointed. So from now on, he wants the two of you to be friends. Otherwise, you're gonna burn in hell for eternity. And eternity is a very long time. Are we clear?
      (Chora nods)
      Brian: Good girl.

    • Juliet Darling: Weren't my bangs enough!
      Natalie Kimpton: It was a completely different approach to bangs!

    • Tripp Darling: Just tell me one thing... Our children, are they all mine?
      Tish Darling: Yes! Absolutely!
      Tripp Darling: (Sighs) Ooh... God.
      Tish Darling: What?
      Tripp Darling: The thought that you can be so sure... that such attention was paid to such a prolonged continuous insult that you can say absolutely, as if it were a favor you did me fondly. Ahh, my God Tish it's so sordid.

    • Nick George: (Sarcastically) Thanks.
      Karen Darling: I'm sorry.
      Freddy: God you're a bitch sometimes.
      Karen Darling: (Pouting) I know, its a problem.

    • Tripp Darling: (while Brain Jr shakes pepper all over his dinner) Take it easy sailor. You're going to over heat your blood.
      Brian Darling Jr: Sorry.
      Tripp Darling: I haven't seen a child pepper food that vigorously since you were a boy, Brain. Bon Appetit.

    • Jeremy Darling: Alright Jules, I'm telling the truth, I'm, I'm Pluto. I'm cold, distant, and alone.
      Juliet Darling: Alright, well speaking of planets.
      Jeremy Darling: Pluto is not a planet anymore.
      Juliet Darling: It will always be a planet to me.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: March 4, 2008 on Seven
      Denmark: April 5, 2008 on SBS Net
      United Kingdom: April 11, 2008 on Channel 4
      The Netherlands: April 15, 2008 on NET 5
      Sweden: May 1, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Slovakia: July 12, 2009 on JOJ

    • Music From This Episode:
      It Means Nothing by Stereophonics
      Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns
      Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch


    • Brian: Gustav, the world is full of bullies and always will be. You can't live in fear.
      Brian Jr.: What am I supposed to do?
      Brian: What do you think? Fight back! Like "David and Goliath". You find a weakness and you take advantage. There's your bible truth for today.

      This refers to the Bible passage from Samuel 17:1 which accounts the battle between the Philistine giant Goliath and the much smaller Israelite champion David who used a sling and five stones to defeat the behemoth.

    • Brian: What happened to your face?
      Brian Jr.: A boy hit me.
      Brian: Did you hit back?
      Brian Jr.: Jesus says don't hit back.

      Brian Jr. was referring to a Gospel teaching on how to respond to an aggressor without violence ("turning the other cheek"). It can be found in Matthew 5:38-42 of the "New International Version Bible".