Dirty Sexy Money

Season 1 Episode 8

The Country House

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2007 on ABC
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Thanksgiving has arrived and Nick George wants to spend the day with his wife and daughter, but Tripp has another idea. Tripp wants Nick to set up a meeting with Simon Elder so Tripp and Simon can talk face-to-face once and for all. Meanwhile, Letitia helps Karen try to get closer to Nick. Brian fights to keep his ex-girlfriend, Andrea, from taking his son away from him while Jeremy goes on a first date with Sofia.


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  • good episode

    It's Thanksgiving and Nick wants to spend time with his family. Of course, Tripp wants him to do something else that would take him away from his family. They go to the country house and Lisa comes along. They invite Simon Elder over to talk . . In the end, we find out that Simon's parents were screwed by Tripp's parents. It's like family bickering... Meanwhile, Karen's mom is trying to get Karen and Nick together, sneaky sneaky! Overall, I didn't really think the story in this episode was interesting. I liked learning more about the characters and their past though.moreless
  • Much better episode.

    Tripp organizes a sit down with his Son, Paddy and Simon Elder at Thanksgiving with Nick being there after the dinner a few truth's comes out Tripp reveals Simon's family secrets and Simon gets upset.

    Patrick then lashes out at his father in disgust and walks out of the room. Elsewhere Ellen demands that Paddy bring Carmelita right away so they can discuss how this is gonna work out.

    Brian Snr misses his son, Nick is on the case as they disuss legal options in regards to thier son. Jeremy lies to Sofia about his real Second name coz he wasnt her to know that his a Darling, she agrees to go a date with him.moreless
  • Review

    I liked the episode a lot. There was a lot going on and I thought everyone had an important role in the epsiode. The highlight of the episode was obviously the sitdown between Simon Elder and Tripp Darling where we learned the hatred between the two individuals. It really makes you look at Tripp and Simon a new way now. You almost feel for Simon and see Tripp as the bad guy now. We have all had a Nick George being the good guy and Tripp being the guy we really couldnt make a distinction about. Then when this whole thing with Simon Elder came up we all viewed Tripp as the good guy here, even though he isn't what it seems. Patrick Darlings storyline is okay, but its kind of getting old. I like the storyline with Jermey, but I dont know what happened to Juliet in this episode. Jermeys relationship seems doomed to fail with everything that has happend so far. It seems like he has told too many lies in order for him to be good at this point. Brains storyline is devoloping and looks to be coming to a conclusion soon. With only a couple of episodes left until a possible season/series/i dont even know finale...things seem to be picking up. I just hope the writers can pull it all together.moreless
Jocelin Donahue

Jocelin Donahue

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Van Epperson

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Christopher Forsyth


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Candis Cayne


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Andrew Astor

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Sheryl Lee

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    • Nick: (referring to Simon Elder) You expect him to leave the city the day before Thanksgiving and go sixty miles up the Hudson River Valley for a sit-down?
      Tripp: You handed him the deed to Darling Plaza to gain influence with him, right?
      Nick: Yeah.
      Tripp: So, use your influence. Cash it in.
      Nick: Right, I'm on it.

    • Ellen: When would be a good time for her?
      Patrick: What is it you wanna talk about?
      Ellen: Just make it happen. If you want to stay married to me, quit stalling, and make it happen.
      Patrick: I understand...
      Ellen: Today!

    • Karen: Something was off last night though. It wasn't the same.
      Jeremy: Mmm... Do Tell.
      Karen: Well, usually, when Giorgio and I have meaningless post-divorce sex, it feels a little less meaningless. Like we're somehow...
      Jeremy: ...planets whose orbits intersect every ten years?
      Karen: No, just hornier.

    • Nick George: She just wants to talk.
      Carmelita: I can't do it. I can't face her. I'm sorry. Tell Patrick no.
      Nick George: Carmelita, just put yourself in Ellen's shoes. Just for a second. She's not asking Patrick to end the affair. She's not asking you to vanish. She just wants to talk. Who knows, maybe the three of you can somehow, I don't know, complete each other.
      Carmelita: You really think that's possible.
      Nick George: Well, I think that life is very creative and surprising and sometimes we find solutions when we thought there were any.
      Carmelita: Patrick is so lucky to have someone like you in his life. (takes a deep breath) I'll do it.
      Nick George: Good.

    • Simon Elder: Okay, so you're being straight with me about this little sit-down? You promise me I'm not going to be walking into some sort of classic Tripp Darling ambush.
      Nick George: I... I promise.
      Simon Elder: Yeah, okay, I'll go. Actually, I think it could be beneficial.
      Nick George: Good.
      Simon Elder: It's not everyday two men like us sit down, break bread together. It should be interesting.
      Nick George: Done.

    • (after the terms have been laid down by Andrea's lawyer)
      Brian: Are you out of your freaking mind?
      Andrea: I know what's best for my child.
      Brian: Says the tramp who slept with me last week to get him back.

    • Brian: Two million.
      Andrea: Are you trying to buy my son?
      Brian: I'm trying to buy our son.
      Nick: Nobody is buying anybody.
      Mitchell: This is ridiculous. We're leaving.
      Brian: Three million. We both know it's all about the money with you anyway.
      Andrea: Now, I remember why it didn't work with us. You're not a human being.

    • Jeremy: Listen, Sofia...
      Sofia: The answer is yes.
      Jeremy: To what?
      Sofia: I will go out with you. And I don't even know your last name.
      Jeremy: Well, I don't even know your last name.
      Sofia: I'm Sofia Montoya and you're Jeremy...?
      Jeremy: I'm cool with just Jeremy, babe. Listen, Jeremy Babeson.

    • Carmelita: Ellen, I've heard a lot about you.
      Ellen: I wish I could say the same. Unfortunately, I've been kept completely in the dark.
      Carmelita: I have too... in a sense.

    • Brian Darling: Family is the only thing that matters to me. As the arbitrator in this case, I'm sure you can appreciate that. And that's why as a father and a minister that I should share custody with Brian Jr. and she should not be able to whisk him away to freakin' Brazil.
      Arbitrator: Thank you, Reverend Darling, for your forthrightness.

    • Mitchell: Is it true that you forced Brian Jr. to lie to your wife and pretend that he was a Swedish orphan whose parents died in a car accident?
      Brian: No.
      Mitchell: No?
      Brian: It was a bullet train accident, not a car. Get your facts straight.

    • Jeremy: So where do people like you go out?
      Clark: People like me?
      Jeremy: Yeah, you know, like poor people. Where do you eat when you go out?
      Clark: You know, Jeremy, I actually make a pretty decent living working for your family.
      Jeremy: I've seen you eating your packed lunch and I don't know what's going on with the whole silent movie star moustache, but it seems pretty poverty-related.
      Clark: You're right, Jeremy. I can't actually afford a beard.

    • Jeremy Darling: Clark, damn! You're like the fountain of middle class romance information.
      Clark: I've been called that before.

    • Simon: I'm all for sport-hunting and responsible wildlife management. But actually, I don't eat meat.
      Karen: Oh, but that's all the yummy stuff. Do you eat anything yummy?
      Patrick: Down, girl.
      Karen: Shut up.

    • (people singing "Happy Birthday" and a waitress bringing a cake)
      Sofia Montoya: That was so embarrassing. My birthday's in March.
      Jeremy Darling: It was the only way I could get a table. Just, you know, pretend.
      Sofia Montoya: I'm having a great time tonight.
      Jeremy Darling: Me too.

    • Andrea: Brian, that first day that I met you at church. You sat and talked to me for hours about faith and solace.
      Brian: Yes, what about it?
      Andrea: So you are the one who taught me to bring my problems in life to God. Have you thought about doing that?

    • Simon: I've simply offered myself to Patrick as an adviser and a friend during this time of transition.
      Tripp: So you're not using him as a pawn to enact revenge against me, huh?
      Simon: I think that Patrick's pedigree combined with his passion for social justice is gonna make him a very effective senator. I'm excited to be on his team, that's all.
      Patrick: Dad, try not to make a fool of yourself, okay?

    • Nick George: What is this all about, Tripp?
      Tripp Darling: It's about the chilling heartlessness of a man determined to tear asunder the long-standing family ties in the course of his vendetta. (to Simon) You want to tell 'em why you want to destroy my family or shall I?

    • Simon: You told me this wasn't an ambush.
      Nick: I didn't do anything...
      Simon: You should stop lying to me. I will not be played.
      Nick: No one is playing you.
      Simon: If that fossil wants a war, that's exactly what he'll get. That's what you'll both get.

    • Brian Darling: (praying in his bed) Dear God, I don't ask you for much 'cause I know I don't deserve much. But please help the arbitrator to understand that I love my son. And please give her the good sense...
      Brian's Employee: I think this is yours.
      Arbitrator: No, it fell out off your...
      Brian's Employee: From Reverend Darling.
      Brian Darling: ...to accept my generous donation. Thank you. Amen.

    • Jeremy Darling: Sofia, this is my dad.
      Sofia Montoya: (offering her hand) [Spanish greeting]
      Clark: Babesons don't shake. Babesons hug.

    • Tripp: (as he watches Darling Plaza being demolished, by order of Simon Elder) There is nothing that that man is not capable of doing.

    • Nick: (answering his phone) I was hoping it would be you.
      Lisa: Hi.
      Nick: Happy Thanksgiving.
      Lisa: Such as it is. I'm sorry I left Nick but sometimes it is really hard to deal with this whole situation.
      Nick: Look, I'll quit. Why don't I quit?
      Lisa: I don't want you to quit but I feel you're slipping away like things are spiraling out of control for both of us.

    • (on the phone)
      Lisa: I love you, Nick. I'm really... I'm trying. You know that, right?
      Nick: Yeah, I know. I'm trying to, Lis. We'll get through this.
      Lisa: I know we will.
      Nick: Alright. I love you.
      Lisa: I love you too.

    • Karen Darling: Why are you wearing cologne?
      Jeremy Darling: There's this girl who parks at the garage who won't go out with me. She thinks I'm like just a valet.
      Karen Darling: Oh! So you're gonna knock her unconscious with your cologne and what shanghai her? Just tell her you're Jeremy Darling.
      Jeremy Darling: No! Natalie pretended to be pregnant just to get my money. I want this girl to like me for me.
      Karen Darling: Honey that's not gonna happen. You're a Darling! As soon as she finds out, it never going to be the same. Trust me.
      Jeremy Darling: Guess she can never find out then.

    • Lisa: Five days without Nick George. Won't the Darling dynasty crumble in the dust without you?
      Nick: It just might. But it would be very expensive dust.

    • Karen Darling: What's the matter with you?
      Brian Darling Sr.: (Depressed) I miss my son.
      Karen Darling: Brian Jr. left? Where did he go?
      Brian Darling Sr.:His mother came and took him away a week ago, Karen. I'm fighting for custody.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: April 14, 2008 on Network 7
      United Kingdom: May 9, 2008 on Channel 4
      The Netherlands: May 13, 2008 on NET 5
      Sweden: May 29, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Slovakia: July 26, 2009 on JOJ

    • Even though she is credited, Samaire Armstrong (Juliet Darling) does not appear in this episode.