Dirty Sexy Money

Season 2 Episode 2

The Family Lawyer

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on ABC
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One week has passed since the events following Nick's birthday party. Further information is revealed about Nola Jones. Leticia's trial commences, as well as Ellen's memorial service. Tripp asks Nick to make a decision as to who should be appointed co-chair (and successor) to Darling Enterprises, which causes all of the Darlings to make their case to Nick.moreless

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  • Review

    Not as powerful as the first epsiode, but this show certainly has a lot going for it. Solid hour of drama is propelled by Peter Krause having amazing chemistry with all of the actors on screen. Loved that Lucy Lui wasn't working with Simon Elder, whose motives are still unclear to everyone at this point. As I was saying - Lui working with someone else against the Darling family was a plot twist that I enjoyed. I think by the end of this season we will have the answer to who killed Dutch George. That just seems to be the big mystery of the season and I think that we will get our answer by seaosns end. Nick is getting sucked into the Darling life and I really feel like Lisa and him are going to take some time apart in an upcoming epsiode so that everything that has transpired will be put into perspective for him. Overall, very solid hour of television.moreless
  • good episode

    Nick has to pick the successor of Darling Enterprises and he ends up choosing Brian. I think Brian was the obvious choice because he's the best for that type of job. However, Tripp decides to name Nick as the successor... I wasn't expecting that at all. It should be interesting to see how all of the family reacts to that... I'm sure they'll be pissed. Anyways, Letitia's case is still going on and Patrick had to give a eulogy at Ellen's funeral. His eulogy was actually very sweet - even though he was talking about Carmelita. Overall, another solid episode and continuation of the story.moreless
  • Nick decides to defend Leticia.

    Dirty Sexy Money continues a decent second season but this is not the show we witnessed last year. There's just something about it. It seems like too much emphasis is put on the elements of the title; the sex, which ABC loves to have strongly throughout all its shows, and the money with the Vice Chair position, the lavish parties etc. To me last season that was just a metaphor for the true inhibitions of the characters, but now its simply their only definition.

    Before I get too James Joyce on you guys I will still say that this was a good episode. I wanted to see what happened after the door shut and as always Simon Elder's plots are entertaining to watch. I didn't really care for Lucy Liu here but as long as her character is kept to a minimum she should not disrupt the series too much.moreless
  • Please see review text for corrected episode summary.

    CORRECTED EPISODE DESCRIPTION: The newscasts report and speculate on the fiery demise of the Darlings' Valhalla estate, as well as a Darling's death in the fire. At the same time, the family must also deal with funeral arrangements and the aftermath of the arrest of an unforeseen suspect in the murder of Dutch George. Brian recommends to Tripp that, in order to restore confidence in Darling Enterprises, a successor be named – a role Simon feels that Karen deserves. Meanwhile, a smitten Jeremy learns Nola Lyons' true profession, Nick and Lisa discuss having another child, and recording artist Kenny G performs.

    REVIEW: Another solid DSM episode. Nola Lyons' character is finally exposed, and there definately seems to be a history between her and Nick. Of course, Nick's new task to identify the heir-apparent to Darling Enterprises pits all of the Darling children against each other, and Nick is left with the unenviable task of deciding the most worthy.

    It does seem surprising that the writers haven't explored Nick's reaction to Letitia's arrest - after all, his father was the murder victim, and Nick seems to be completely unfazed by the arrest of a suspect in the murder, up to the point of even participating in her arraignment. Given the Darlings' (and particularly Letitia's) history of lying and concealment of the truth, accepting her innocence at face value seems a lot to ask...moreless
Kenny G

Kenny G


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Tisha Terrasini Banker

Tisha Terrasini Banker

Press No. 1

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John Burke

John Burke


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Andrew Astor

Andrew Astor

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Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne

Margaux Darling

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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lisa: You said you weren't angry anymore.
      Nick: I'm not. It doesn't mean I don't remember that you kissed Jeremy. Forgiveness isn't amnesia.

    • Jeremy: I want to see you tonight. We need to talk about this [our relationship].
      Nola: File that under 'not gonna happen'. It was great while it lasted.

    • Simon: Hey, Nick! Glad I caught you.
      Nick: Hope I can say the same.

    • Nick: (to Brian) ...you're a real pain in the ass. And when it's your job to run a $50-billion global enterprise, that's not such a bad thing to be.

    • Karen: (during Patrick's speech at Ellen's funeral) Does that sound like Ellen to you?
      Brian: I think he's delirious with grief.

    • Karen: If I had known when we were ten years old that letting you see me with my shirt off was going to cost me the company, I never would have done it. But I guess I didn't know you then and I don't know you now Nick.

    • Brian: You ready to take this case?
      Nick: Brian, if you think heading into the courtroom with me, the victim's son, as her lawyer is going to fly -
      Brian: It exonerates her by design.
      Nick: No, it doesn't. It makes it look like we're all in bed together.

    • Jeremy: You're not going to hit me again, are you?
      Nick: You're not going to kiss my wife again, are you?
      Jeremy: No plans.
      Nick: We're cool.

    • Lisa: (while watching Nick on the news) Someone looks cute on tv.
      Nick: You should see me in high-def.

    • Nick: I'm not a Darling.
      Nola: Aren't you? Come on. You're the Darlingest darling of them all.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Nola: You're the Darlingest darling of them all.

      It is a play on the line, "Snow White is the fairest of them all", as replied by the magic mirror to the Evil Queen's query in the children's fairy tale Snow White.