Dirty Sexy Money

Season 2 Episode 2

The Family Lawyer

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on ABC



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    • Lisa: You said you weren't angry anymore.
      Nick: I'm not. It doesn't mean I don't remember that you kissed Jeremy. Forgiveness isn't amnesia.

    • Jeremy: I want to see you tonight. We need to talk about this [our relationship].
      Nola: File that under 'not gonna happen'. It was great while it lasted.

    • Simon: Hey, Nick! Glad I caught you.
      Nick: Hope I can say the same.

    • Nick: (to Brian) ...you're a real pain in the ass. And when it's your job to run a $50-billion global enterprise, that's not such a bad thing to be.

    • Karen: (during Patrick's speech at Ellen's funeral) Does that sound like Ellen to you?
      Brian: I think he's delirious with grief.

    • Karen: If I had known when we were ten years old that letting you see me with my shirt off was going to cost me the company, I never would have done it. But I guess I didn't know you then and I don't know you now Nick.

    • Brian: You ready to take this case?
      Nick: Brian, if you think heading into the courtroom with me, the victim's son, as her lawyer is going to fly -
      Brian: It exonerates her by design.
      Nick: No, it doesn't. It makes it look like we're all in bed together.

    • Jeremy: You're not going to hit me again, are you?
      Nick: You're not going to kiss my wife again, are you?
      Jeremy: No plans.
      Nick: We're cool.

    • Lisa: (while watching Nick on the news) Someone looks cute on tv.
      Nick: You should see me in high-def.

    • Nick: I'm not a Darling.
      Nola: Aren't you? Come on. You're the Darlingest darling of them all.

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  • Allusions

    • Nola: You're the Darlingest darling of them all.

      It is a play on the line, "Snow White is the fairest of them all", as replied by the magic mirror to the Evil Queen's query in the children's fairy tale Snow White.