Dirty Sexy Money

Season 1 Episode 3

The Italian Banker

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on ABC

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  • good episode

    Patrick is being forced to break up with his girl/man/whatever friend while a sex tape is on the loose. When Nick went in to get the million dollars and the banker was like "I do this all the time for the Darlings..." Wow, they had a lot of money. How did they get rich again? Was that explained yet...anyways, we learn that the other billionaire bought the sex tape and then gave it to Nick...interesting twist. I can't wait to see what comes with that. Patrick finally figured that he should love who he wants to instead of obeying his father. Overall, another solid episode of Dirty Sexy Money.
  • Intresting...

    At the start of the episode Nick recives a package, it looks like that one of the member of the Darling have been caught in sex-tape scandal Nick tries to get the to the bottom of this; he presumes it's Patrick's.

    Patrick is forced to break off his affair with Carmelita, him to go into a deep depression. Brian tells his wife that his son is a Swedish orphan.

    The Sex tape belonged to Karen who did it with the Cab Driver; the anonymous caller wants a huge some of cash for it Nick tries to sort it out but someone else comes in with a bigger offer.

    Meanwhile Jeremy tries to keep his affair with Natalie a secret as his sister does not like her one bit; the pair clash at the party and Juliet finds out.

    Patrick continues his affair with the Carmelita. The Police find nothing in the Documents that he gave them that suggest Elder had anything to do with his fathers death.
  • More expected

    While this episode displays more of the Darlings quirkiness it doesnt do the previous episodes the justice Id hoped for. Though nothing really happens in this episode, the character development is plain for all to see.

    Id like to have seen something more important happen than what actually did. The only points of interest to the viewer is that Fr. Brian is shown that even though being a man of the cloth he retains his fathers ability to deal. Patrick Jr is addicted to his transexual partner and it will be difficult to give her up. The affair between Jeremy and Natalie is about the only story line that proves that the some Darlings do have positive traits (in my view). That is that he gives his girlfriend up when forced to make a choice between her and his twin sibling. The dialogue is of a high standard as is the acting and direction, but the storylines need to pick up fast as character development should really be placed with storylines of interest.

    The main plot is pretty inconsequential, just more of the sort of problems the Darlings generate for poor old Nick.

    Needs to get busy, but is still quality viewing.
  • Good, but not great.

    This episode was a tad slower than the previous 2 installments, and that kind of ruined the episode. It was still good, but the fact the slowness of the pacing made it somewhat dull at times, simply because there's no master storyline of the show. The investigation is okay, but as I said before: it's just an excuse to Tripp and Nick have more scenes. Actually, the siblings' development was the very best part of this episode for me. Surprisingly well handled! I also grown to like Brian which is surprising. Overall, enjoyable episode but really dragged especially near the end, and there was no real punch, though I was expecting it.
  • Nick settles into his role. The Twins are the feature point for much of the ep. No dramatic twists.

    I liked the way this episode really started growing the twins' characters and their relationship. Jeremy came over as a jerk in earlier eps but now he seems more human (well, in a Darling context anyway). Juliet's character got stronger this ep as well. Revealing her virginity to Nick was quite a touching scene and made her more likeable. And any episode with cute wrestling girls has to rate at least a 7!!

    But Fr Brian keeps getting the best lines. When questioned on the sex tape "How can you live with yourself?!" Haha! That whole scene was well edited and very funny.
  • i really liked this episode. but it was kind of the same. not bad. but no amazingness.

    i really liked this episode. but it was kind of the same. not bad. but no amazingness.

    things were kind of the same. karen was kind of a whore making a sex tape and all. J & J were cute. i loved their cute lil moment in the end. patrick is a mess but i loved how he stayed with carmelitta (i think it was) that was cute. brian was soo bad wit his son and im not sure about nick. he is just the same as in the first episode. still i find it entrataining but i hope it improves :) ill sure be tuning in next week
  • Review

    I thought the beginning of the episode started off really well, but once the show passed the 21 minute mark the rest of the time felt very slow paced and filler like. I loved the beginning, it was very comical and still was able to bring relevant drama to the show as well. I thought the "Italian Banker" was obviously the funniest part of the episode, as well as when Nick was asking all the members of the family if it was them who made the tape in the first place. The two girls fighting was a decent scene, but nothing really became of it when the brothe turns right back around and makes up with the girl. Overall, the beginning of the epsiode was a 10/10, but the remainder was simply average, lowering my ratin to a 8.8 for the episode as a whole.
  • A blackmailer has a sex tape of one of the Darlings.

    Let me just start out by saying that this was another amazing episode of Dirty Sexy Money, and this is definitely my favorite episode of the show so far. This whole episode was so funny. My favorite part of the episode is definitely when Nick was talking to each of the Darling siblings and trying to figure out whose sex tape it was. Brian and Karen were both really funny during that sequence, but Karen was especially funny during that part when she kept talking about the mix tape that Nick made her when they were twelve. Karen was absolutely hilarious during the whole episode though. She really stole the show in this episode. I also loved the cat fight scene between Juliet and her nemesis. That scene was very funny. I also loved Jeremy in this episode too. All in all, this was another great episode of Dirty Sexy Money.
  • A Patrick prepares to launch his Senate Campaign, a sex tape featuring a Darling is about to be leaked. Nick learns more about his father's murder. Juliet makes a scene at the party with rival Natalie.

    I feel like we knew this episode was coming.

    The biggest highlight was Jeremy and Brian's reaction to Nick's inquiries. Oh yeah and the fact that Juliet is a virgin, good for her, though I feel like this is a response to many of the celebrilites revealing how many people they have slept with in their lives. Then her fight with Natalie and Jeremy' consollation to both, I like Jeremy because he thinks the stupidest things are cool.

    Did anyone else think it was weird that Patrick has 30 pairs of underwear with the faces on his favorite Yankee players on them. As huge Yankee fan, if I decided to purchase Yankee underwear I would not want to have their faces on it, you know down there and all. Though Patrick is much more kinkier than I am.

    I think I was shocked to realize it was Karen on tape, and that it was with her future husband's caddy.

    Though the end where that kid showed up with the tape and told Nick that it was not his boss he should be worrying about but his own boss (Tripp).

    Is anyone wondering why they called Nick's dad Dutch?