Dirty Sexy Money

Season 1 Episode 10

The Nutcracker

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 05, 2007 on ABC
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Nick learns Simon and Karen are secretly together, but refuses to say why it truly bothers him. Karen doesn't attend the family tradition of watching "The Nutcracker" in order to meet a mysterious person. Brian's suspension from the ministry makes him look elsewhere for a job, and Letitia suggests he go to Tripp for guidance. Meanwhile, Juliet has a visitor from the Seychelles, and Carmelita tells Patrick she thinks she's being watched by someone.moreless

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  • good episode

    Brian has been suspended from the church and decides to go to Tripp for advice on what to do next. Brian gets a high-end job in the family business and seems content. Meanwhile, Nick has figured out that Simon and Karen are together and says that it doesn't bother him. I actually think Simon and Karen are cute together, but I really want Nick and Karen to be together. Patrick goes to Carmelita because she/he says that someone is watching her. They put plans in place for her to be watched, but the driver, but she disappears. Overall, this episode had more great character developments and stories.moreless
  • Pretty Average Series Finale.

    Jeremy continues lying to Sofia he goes to see Lisa and plans to continue with the lie he has started of being a struggling artist, he will come to the art gallery to learn from Lisa's contacts. Later he tells hes a Darling and gets Dumped.

    The head reverend Suspends Brian for all his indiscretions, he later asks Tripp if he can come work for him. Karen Continues Seeing Simon, Simon invites her over for a meal with his ex-wife she later approves of her.

    Meanwhile Carmelita goes missing or was that just a plan so she and Paddy can get away together. At the Darling home the Nutcracker opened its doors.

    Right at the end of the Episode Tripp tells Karen not to get emotionally involved with Simon Elder and that things are going as planned. What does he have planned for him?moreless
  • Closing the season with the most average effort of the whole show so far... not cool.

    This episode felt limonade. Yeah, there were some cool parts, but for the most, it was... meh. Nothing really happened as far as the master storyline goes, I called the ending ages ago. Sure it's a bit of a surprise that Tripp is willing to use his daughter to get close to his enemy, therefore adding more to the debate wether he's good or not, but still... I thought it was predictable!

    The Jeremy stuff was just plain silly. I kind of dislike the fact how Lisa is being forced into the plot. I don't like Lisa... she's such an ordinary character. There's nothing going for her. Plus she's annoying with the constant crying about Karen and the Darlings in general. No need for that, at least, not every scene she's in.

    Juliet's storyline was complete filler, and totally random, so she brought a guy from the Sechelles. Big deal :/

    But on the top of all, the most dissatisfying storyline was Patrick's. What the heck was that with Carmelita? It was awfully executed - her getting kidnapped. And Patrick's reaction was just... really crappy and cheesy - "Shes gone..." erm... yes, but not like she walked away on her own. GO FIND HER! But no... all he does is weep in the corner.

    That just makes no sense. Though, the episode had some good parts too. Brian's conversation with Tripp - A+. I love what the writers have done to Brian. He was a huge jerk at the start, but now I think he's one of the best characters on the show. I also liked Karen's and Simon's date, that was too funny. All considered, a very average effort as a regular episode. But due to the strike this turned out to be the finale - mehhhh....... as a finale it just kind of failed, but since the writers were unaware of the danger, i'll give it a generous 7/10.moreless
  • Jeremy is annoying, Tripp is conniving, Karen is deceitful, Juliet is inconsequential, Brian is intriguing, Nick is befuddled and Patrick is just a mess.

    I liked it. With the exception of the Patrick and Juliet story lines, which are just brutal and uninteresting, this episode was just short ofgreat. We already knew that Simon had his own agendas but the surprise in the relationship between Simon and Karen was that Tripp was the mastermind behind their liaisons. This particular story line became more complicated when Nick inadvertently let his feelings for Karen interfere with Tripp's plans too get closer to Simon when he urged Simon to break things off with Karen. Things are getting better and the drama is building along those lines but we are constantly interupted with the snide, immoral and self-serving actions of one Jeremy Darling. His role of being the misunderstood, well intentioned play boy of the show is really starting to wear thin. On a brighter note, Brian seems to have come to terms with Tripp not being his birth father and has been welcomed into the family business. In the end, this episode was revealing only in the way of shedding light on who Tripp has been conspiring with to gain the upperhand on Simon Elder.moreless
  • Review

    Im giving the writers a little room to work with now that the seasons are being cut short due to the strike. The writer of the show did say that this episode could serve as the series finale if need be. In response to that - I dont know what episode he was watching. Nick got a good ending if this were the end but the entire Darling family needs to have some part of their story wrapped up, I feel. I think we all saw Jeremeys storyline ending the way it did. Her leaving him after he told her the truth. Carmelita going missing was a bit weird, another thing that I would like to have answered when the show comes back.

    The scenes between Lisa and Jeremey were solid and the kiss lived up to the hype because Lisa didnt go threw with it in the end. The show seems to have gotten rid of the mystery factor, for me. Juliet Darlins entire plot with this new man is just outright confusing and odd.

    Overall, I would like to see this show come back and when it does I would like to see it come back with a story that knows where it wants to go. Peter Krause is a big enough actor that Im going to watch the show no matter what, but it needs to be improved.moreless
Alex Nesic

Alex Nesic


Guest Star

Robert Pine

Robert Pine

The Bishop

Guest Star

Jonathan Schmock

Jonathan Schmock

Art Gallery Owner

Guest Star

Candis Cayne

Candis Cayne


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Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz

Kiki George

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Shawn Michael Patrick

Shawn Michael Patrick

Clark the Chauffeur

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (18)

    • Sofia: I can't wait for you to paint me. It's been two weeks.
      Jeremy: You can't rush the masters, Sofia.
      Sofia: I know. You have your process.
      Jeremy: It's not a process. It's a way of life.

    • Jeremy: My inspiration can't just be turned on. It needs time to build. To gather. And then it explodes onto the canvas.

    • Nick: (on the phone) Is everything alright?
      Simon: (on the phone) I'll tell you when you get here. It's a delicate matter.
      Nick: (on the phone) I'll see you then.
      Karen: (waking up in Simon's bed) Bye Nick. What's so delicate?
      Simon: You.

    • Brian: What are you doing here?
      Tripp: I came to tell you...
      Brian: What? That nothing's changed? It's a lie. That I'm still your son? Lie. That you still love me? That was never true. Maybe it's the one thing that won't change.

    • Head Reverend: The state board has decided to suspend you for six months, during which time you are expected to undergo counseling for sexual addiction and attend a series of workshops.
      Brian: Who doesn't love workshops?

    • Karen: Mom, what are we gonna do about that? If I woke up tomorrow and know that I didn't really belong here, I would kill myself.
      Tripp: Just because Brian is not my biological son does not mean that he doesn't belong.
      Letitia: He's still your brother. Stop it. (Brian enters room) Hello dear.

    • Brian: Everything's falling apart. I've lost my wife, my daughters, my one-time mistress, my son. I found out my father's not my father and now I've lost my job. I mean what's next leprosy?

    • Letitia: You can't deny you have a way articulating the questions people have about God and faith.
      Brian: Because those are the questions I've got. In spades. The truth is, I've never really felt the presence of the Lord the way other people say that they do.
      Letitia: Never? I find that hard to believe.
      Brian: Sure. I get weepy at Christmas. The crucifixion kinda gets to me. But that's not the same as actually having faith.

    • (Jeremy and Lisa enter the art gallery)
      Jeremy: That is one big sponge.
      Lisa: Yeah, it just arrived from Berlin.
      Jeremy: What do you clean with it? Like big art?

    • Lisa: I'm very uncomfortable with this.
      Jeremy: I have just the thing that can make you feel much less uncomfortable. How about a little smokey?
      Lisa: No! This is my workplace.
      Jeremy: Which is closed. And we need to chillax. I need to draw. You need to pose.
      Lisa: You're bad. And this is a bad idea.
      Jeremy: I know.

    • Carmelita: I could make you some cookies.
      Clark: Oh, that's sweet ma'am but sugar and stakeouts, that's where the cops go wrong. Steamed rice and hard-boiled eggs, it's good for the brain. I can actually see in the dark.

    • Lisa: That's my point. You know what, you should try being yourself with Sofia. You need to be honest and let things unfold naturally, organically.
      Jeremy: You think so?
      Lisa: I do. Lying will slowly your insides, Jeremy. Once she sees who you are, who you are, she'll be able to love you for what you are. Tell her the truth. It may surprise you.

    • Jeremy: If you were mine, I'd be a couch potato.
      Lisa: Jeremy?
      Jeremy: Hmm.
      Lisa: You're sitting on my lap.
      Jeremy: I know. It feels nice. (leans over to kiss Lisa)
      Lisa: Jeremy, don't do that again, OK?

    • Lisa: I'm sure if someone did smoke pot here, the sponge, the smell wouldn't be absorbed permanently, ma'am.
      Art Gallery Customer: It's a sponge. Absorbing is what they do.

    • Brian: Well, last night I did some thinking.
      Tripp: And?
      Brian: I wasn't able to come to any conclusion. Every time I imagine leaving the church, I got so anxious I realized I had to go back. Every time I imagined staying I felt so trapped I realized I had to leave.
      Tripp: Now, that sounds like a hard way to spend an evening.
      Brian: It's a hard way to spend a life.

    • Jeremy: Sofia now that you know who I am, you could love me for what I am, right?
      Sofia: I trusted you.
      Jeremy: I know. I know. I'm so sorry.
      Sofia: No, I'm sorry. You think if you told me the truth, it's gonna be OK? It's not the way to treat people. I don't care who you are, how much money you have. Bye, Jeremy Babeson or whatever.

    • Art Gallery Owner: Well, you just killed a hundred and fifty thousand dollar sale.
      Lisa: I'm sorry.
      Art Gallery Owner: No, you're not. You're fired!

    • Karen Darling: (on the drink Simon gave her) Mmm... That's perfection. You really know how to treat a girl.
      Simon Elder: Most people want the same things. Sugar. Salt. Attention.
      (Simon kisses Karen)
      Karen Darling: You are the best kisser!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Tripp: Let every adverse force converge. We have Mr. Elder exactly where we want him.

      The line spoken by Tripp Darling comes from the 1st stanza of a Louis MacNiece poem called "Thalassa".