Dirty Sexy Money

Season 2 Episode 10

The Organ Donor

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2008 on ABC
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The Darlings deal with the aftermath of Chase's shooting spree at Patrick's inauguration.

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  • Carmelita dies, Jeremy pretends to have amnesia and more.

    Well, I've been writing for weeks now how disappointing it is that Dirty Sexy Money could not find an audience amidst an amazing ensemble and an entertaining premise. The already lackluster Wednesday night just suffered a huge blow with the loss of this show.

    The one thing I sought to know was who killed Dutch George. I think we all wanted to know that, but it was not to be. Trip's final conversation entailed, in my mind, that it was either Simon or possibly a new character, the same one who payed for the new Church organ. The show had so much potential, but with the economy the way it is great shows are canceled every season. Dirty Sexy Money is just another casualty, but at least we were able to enjoy TV's most underrated drama while we could.moreless
Darcy Rose Byrnes

Darcy Rose Byrnes

Kiki George

Guest Star

Scott Holroyd

Scott Holroyd

Chase Alexander

Guest Star

Ty Treadway

Ty Treadway

Pete Bradley

Guest Star

Sheryl Lee

Sheryl Lee

Andrea Smithson

Recurring Role

Candis Cayne

Candis Cayne


Recurring Role

Roxana Brusso

Roxana Brusso


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Jillian, Chase's eldest daughter, was giving her testimony in the court, there's no indication she was sworn in, hence she could lie on the stand.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Nick: In our case, I think that a 50-50 custody arrangement is appropriate.
      Lisa: You work for a guy who you used to be pretty convinced killed your father. Your definition of what's appropriate doesn't count much.

    • Tripp: Nick, what's the matter?
      Nick: You can't just push and push and push for whatever you want in this world without taking other people into account, especially children.

    • Karen: Maybe I could look after...
      Nick: Kiki.
      Karen: Kiki for you if you want.
      Nick: Um, well, actually, the point is for me to spend time with my daughter, Karen, not toss her into your capable, manicured hands.

    • Bishop Bascombe: Brian is a man of enormous faith whose many gifts, especially the generosity he inspires, are going to be of great benefit to us all. And so... let us thank him for his return to the Church as our counselor. Our guide...
      Brian: Our bank.
      Bishop Bascombe: Our reverend. To Brian Darling -- welcome.

    • (talking about the donor of the Church's organ)
      Nick: So if Tripp didn't do it, who did?
      Brian: You thinking what I'm thinking?
      Nick: He's dead, Brian. Our father's dead.
      Brian: Hey, Nick, this whole friggin' building is dedicated to the idea that everyone thought some guy was dead and then he wasn't. I'm just saying, it wouldn't be the first time.

    • Karen: Sometimes... things can change and not be... you know, awful.
      Kiki: You're nicer than mom says.
      Karen: Not really.

    • Brian: (to Andrea) Everybody else in the world just wants me for my money. You're the only one who wants me for who I am. And I'm sorry that that just makes me... a little bit uncomfortable sometimes.

    • (talking about the case about Chase' living will)
      Simon: What the hell happened?
      Nola: No idea. Nick short-circuited like a space heater and a railroad flat.

    • Karen: I swear they rerun that thing more than the Beverly Hillbillies, I want to disappear.
      Nick: Well that's why I chose this place 'cause it's always empty.
      Karen: Yeah, I can taste why.

    • Patrick: I'm thinking of Jackie O, what she said after JFK's assassination.
      Pete Bradley: 'Now he is a legend, when he would have preferred to be a man.'
      Patrick: That's right. Now Carmelita is a legend, when she would have preferred to be a woman.

    • Brian: (to Andrea about the pastor ceremony at the church) It's just gonna be a lot of bad coffee and Jesus.

    • Letitia: (about learning again because of Jeremy's amnesia) Jeremy wasn't the fastest learner the first time around.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      The Netherlands: March 2, 2009 on NET 5
      Finland: May 4, 2009 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: October 27, 2009 on JOJ


    • Karen: I swear they rerun those things more than The Beverly Hillbillies...

      The Beverly Hillbillies is an American television series about a hillbilly family transplanted to Beverly Hills, California after finding oil on their land. The series aired from 1962 to 1971.