Dirty Sexy Money

Season 2 Episode 9

The Plan

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2008 on ABC
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Senator Patrick Darling invites Carmelita to his inauguration despite being warned by Tripp and Nick. Chase makes threats against the Darlings. Brian prays to God, while Karen faces an armed intruder.

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  • Best episode ever!

    This episode proves that this season dominates season one in terms of quality. The whole plot was amazingly tense as was Karen's hostage scenes and of course the pivotal final 2 minutes. Chase really is disturbed but I dont understand why they didnt just tell him the (not so) whole truth about Ellen's death. It makes sense in a weird way. Ths season is just improving episode by episode and the whole tone is high quality. When I heard of this show's cancellation I didnt mind that much as it was just one of those shows but when I started watching the second season I got really sad. Its a really understated great series and its a shame people didnt appreciate it or the quality was not as good as it is now in its debut season.moreless
  • Finally, some life being shown from Dirty Sexy Money.

    A gunshot, fighting and just a little bit of sexual tension; this is the Dirty Sexy Money we've been waiting for.

    We got a little bit of an update on the Nola/Simon situation and we had some funny scenes with her and Jeremy discussing their future. But this episode was truly made by its climax at Patrick's inauguration.

    Seeing Nick dive on Chase off the steps was great, but as intense as the scene was the choreography was awful. How could a security guard not stopped him after 30 seconds? But I won't let reality stop me from enjoying this underrated drama in its final stages.

    Brian's speech to God at the church was really moving as well. Glenn Fitzgerald has become one of the best things about this show and here's to him getting work when its run ends.moreless
  • Definitely one of the best episodes so far!!!!

    So much happened like Jeremy learning what is really going on between Nola Lyons and Simon Elder; Andrea getting sicker from the cancer, but in the end actually starting to get better after Brian sorta tells off God; Chase, Ellen's brother, coming back seeking revenge and on his way injuring Karen and I'm pretty sure killing the officer who was bringing him to the mental hospital and maybe even shooting someone at the end. I like how more things are happening between Nola and Jeremy. I really like them as a couple. And it was so funny in the beginning when they were fighting like a couple of 8 year olds. It was a very exciting episode and definitely one of the best so far!!!!!moreless
Eddie Driscol

Eddie Driscol

Cop #1

Guest Star

Mel Fair

Mel Fair

TV reporter

Guest Star

Scott Holroyd

Scott Holroyd

Chase Alexander

Guest Star

Sheryl Lee

Sheryl Lee

Andrea Smithson

Recurring Role

Candis Cayne

Candis Cayne


Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Karen: (throwing out stuff from her closet) Garbage. Garbage. Garbage.
      Nick: Karen?
      Karen: Oh, hey! Speaking of the devil.

    • Nola: If you have New York asses to kiss, we'll fly them to D.C.
      Patrick: This is not about donors. It's about tradition.

    • Nola: God! What is it with you? You try to undercut me at every turn.
      Jeremy: And you never miss a chance to treat me like the hired help.
      Nola: You are an office assistant. You are the hired help!

    • Nick: We agreed that I would go talk to Chase. I would protect him, all of us, from this situation escalating out of control. And you sent in the cops?!
      Tripp: Sent in the cops? Me? If anybody sent in the cops, it would've been Nola.
      Nick: Oh, Nola my ass! There is nothing that goes on in this family that you don't know about, control or otherwise quietly endorse.

    • Karen: Sorry?
      Chase: Yeah, you should be. All you darlings, for perpetuating the lie that money fixes everything. You got all of us everywhere chasing something that'll only make us miserable in the end. And Nick... he's the worst. He ties it all up in a pretty little bow Christmas morning.
      Karen: Well, he's not really that b-- bad.

    • Brian: This is You, being You. I get that. This is what You do. You bring us into this world, You make it incredibly hard to feel at home here, and then right when we finally realize that this is where we wanna be, You force us out. All part of Your wonderful, unknowable plan. Look, she's dying. She thinks she's ready, but here's the thing-- I'm not. And neither is our kid. You want me to pray, I'll pray. Please don't take her. She's got a few more... paper chains to make for a few more Christmas trees, a few more birthday parties to arrange, cupcakes iced for a few more years.

    • Brian: But since you seem to have a direct line, would you give Him a message for me?
      Bishop Bascombe: Anything.
      Brian: The fact that we're all dragged here, through time and space, and then made to suffer and die, really sucks.

    • Bishop Bascombe: Brian, it could be, it could very well be that God is calling you back.
      Brian: He's not, trust me.
      Bishop Bascombe: How do you know?
      Brian: Because I never called him.

    • Tripp: Brian, this is not the time for you to worry about business.
      Brian: Well I think it is. Because if there's one thing that this whole thing with Andrea has taught me about time, it's that there's not enough of it. And this little trip down the corporate ladder is not what I signed up for. I quit.

    • Simon: Do you have any idea what it would mean if I could manufacture a clean, non-toxic biofuel right here on American soil?
      Nola: You win a big stuffed animal?

    • Nola: Thank you for backing me.
      Trip: On those rare occasions when I find you are correct Ms. Lyons you will always find me at your side.
      Nola: How very patronizing.

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