Dirty Sexy Money

Season 2 Episode 8

The Summer House

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2008 on ABC
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Karen believes she will be fifth time lucky with her marriage to Simon Elder but Tripp and Nick have other ideas as they try to stop the wedding. Brian and Andrea bond. Lisa bids to make Nick envious of Jeremy.

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  • Weddings and Businesses do mix...

    I totally didn't see the ending coming. Sure, I know Simon Elder would call off the wedding. Sure, I know Nick & Tripp would do something to avert the wedding. Sure, I know he would exchange his shares for his daughter. Frankly speaking, I'd do it myself if I have children in the future. What I failed to realize was the investors and contractors pulling out after the take over to allow Tripp to buy back his company. Only this time as a partner. Then, life for Nick just turned a lot worse. Not only has he lost his wife, hurt his ex, squeezed out his new chick, now he has to work for the top two contenders who murdered his father. Damn!moreless
  • Simon calls off the wedding in exchange for Darling Enterprises.

    It truly is a shame that Dirty Sexy Money will be leaving the airwaves soon. Storylines are just starting to get interesting with Trip and Simon becoming business partners, the Nola/Patrick/Jeremy work triangle and of course still wanting to know who murdered Dutch George.

    Very few shows have such a strong cast like Dirty Sexy Money does. Blair Underwood, Donald Sutherland, Peter Krause and Lucy Liu give remarkable performances on a weekly basis and with the current economy I doubt you'll see a super group together like this anytime soon.

    This episode felt like Season 1 with the impromptu wedding, the backstabbing, the lying and just the general fun that made me a fan of the program. Shame there won't be too many left to enjoy.moreless
Ken Howard (I)

Ken Howard (I)

Evan Connello

Guest Star

Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter


Guest Star

Scott Alan Smith

Scott Alan Smith

Financial executive

Guest Star

Shawn Michael Patrick

Shawn Michael Patrick


Recurring Role

Sheryl Lee

Sheryl Lee

Andrea Smithson

Recurring Role

Will Shadley

Will Shadley

Brian Smithson Darling, Jr.

Recurring Role

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    • Karen: When I was seven, I loved banana pudding. I did. I loved it. I ate it every day. And then one morning, I woke up and I looked at it. And I realized I hated it. Is our sex life gonna be like that banana pudding?
      Simon: I think my banana pudding has more staying power than you are used to.

    • Lisa: I was just thinking of this time in college when me and my roommate drove all night to go there, and when we finally made it, it had been sold and torn down. There was nothing left. That's how I feel about us right now. You know... we could drive all night and try and get back what we had, but it's gone. It's just... gone.

    • Patrick: (talking to Jeremy) See you in the office, first thing Monday.
      Nola: We'll see about Tuesday.

    • Andrea: I'm dying, Brian. You have to learn how to communicate with him. Even when it's hard, especially when it's hard.

    • Brian: Ever since I met you... I've felt drawn to you, so much that it makes me friggin' hate you sometimes, because I don't like needing anybody. But I do need you. I do. You're the mother of my son. And I want you to be my wife.

    • Lisa: Jeremy, I am here to make my husband jealous, not to get you aroused, got it?

    • Brian: (talking to Brian Jr.) Well that's what you get for eavesdropping, Rumsfeld-- inaccurate information.

    • Brian Jr.: You shouldn't play with fire.
      Brian: Who the hell are you, Smokey the bear?

    • Nola: Does the name Billy Carter mean anything to you? Roger Clinton? Your brother is a piece of baggage you cannot take on this trip to Washington.
      Patrick: He just needs some direction in life.
      Nola: Okay, the only direction he needs is out the door.

    • Patrick: Um, Nola, any suggestions for how to get O'Connell back to the table before we lose another 100,000 jobs to California?
      Nola: Get a new father.

    • Letitia: Three friends of mine have lost their husbands to women like this in the last six months. I will not join the ranks of the deserted. I will not die alone.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Brian: Well that's what you get for eavesdropping, Rumsfeld.

      Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defense, is controversial for allegedly being a proponent of warrantless wire-tapping for intelligence purposes.

    • Nola: Does the name Billy Carter mean anything to you? Roger Clinton?

      Roger Clinton, Jr., half-brother of former US president Bill Clinton has gotten into a few skirmishes with law in the past. Billy Carter, younger brother of former US president Jimmy Carter has been known for his outlandish public behavior. Both personalities have often been the butt of political jokes during their brothers' terms.

    • Brian: Who the hell are you, Smokey the Bear?

      Smokey the Bear, created as the United States Forest Service's mascot in the '40s, has been educating the public on the dangers of forest fires for decades.

    • Lisa: Yes, from my Battle Royale with Karen.

      Battle Royale is a Japanese novel by Koushun Takami. It has been adapted into a film as well as a manga series. In the story, a class of students are left on an isolated island, and placed in The Program, where they have to fight each other to death till only one student remains. The Program is a means used by the government to terrorize citizens, and make organized insurgency impossible by causing paranoia.